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Sacred Conversation w. Spiritual CEO Erick Thürmer



MASTERY w. Maria Saraphina | Guest Spiritual CEO Erick Thürmer.

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In this Sacred Conversation I am joined by the radiant soul that is Erick Thürmer, 4th. generation CEO of Thürmer Tool a Danish Manufactoring Company more than 125 years old.

You’ll hear Erick share and us talk about:

  • What re-ignited Erick’s spiritual journey.
  • Spiritual awakening and growth through saying yes to life experiences.
  • Erick’s journey with numerology and clairvoyance.
  • Quantum computing and artificial intelligence.
  • The importance of ego and making mistakes, emphasizing forgiveness and apologizing.
  • Erick’s struggles to understand the new reality he finds himself immersed in.
  • Alignment with heart, truth, and soul as key to manifestation, rather than external desires.
  • The importance of grounding and anchoring oneself after a spiritual awakening or journeying with ayahuasca – to incorporate and embody the experience rather than letting go of it.
  • Being invited to join a disruption council with top society members, including the Prime Minister.
  • The journey from feeling like a loser to becoming a successful public speaker, despite struggling with unhealthy habits.
  • How using spirituality in daily life and corporate life, including numerology, astrology, and clarifying plans, helps Erick navigate challenges and make decisions.
  • Experience of becoming the lead candidate for the Conservative Party in northern Zealand, despite having no prior knowledge of politics.
  • Struggles with anxiety, burnout, turning to drinking to cope with political work and going sober.
  • Self-discovery and growth through spiritual work, with insights on how Erick incorporated anecdotes and challenged belief systems in his company.
  • How the world is changing rapidly and that in order for businesses to survive they must align with these changes to make a positive impact.
  • The assembling and crumbling of old structures, and the building of a new world with heart.
  • How discernment is crucial for spiritual growth, as some individuals may try to control or manipulate through disconnecting you from inner sources.
  • -and so much more…


Erick shares his journey is all of its messy glory – open your heart and let yourself be inspired.

Enjoy Radiant One. In the comments let me know what you what your biggest takeaway is…

Big hug and loads of love.

xo, Maria Saraphina

TEACHER | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel

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More about Erick Thürmer…

Erick is 4th. generation CEO of the family owned business Thürmer Tools.

He understands that for organizations to thrive in an exponential world, one in which the speed, scale and (zero) cost of disruptive innovations are transforming society as we know it, companies need to take great risks and challenge status quo in order to survive.

Acting, on this belief Erik Thürmer disrupted his great grandfather ́s +125-year old tool-business into a successful, modernized, purpose-driven 3D business.

Through a series of radical actions, one of which included firing his entire board of directors, Erick transformed his archaic family business, into a universal company that scales learning over efficiency, collaboration over competition, speed over scale, and purpose over product.

Leveraging digital Thürmer Tools moved from the industrial outskirts of Copenhagen to outer space and took the production from China and back home to Denmark.

The company has been awarded leading digital company in Denmark and granted €1.6 million to develop the 3D business based on a 3D patent valued in €27 million by The Confederation of Danish Industry.

Thürmer Tools is also part of the 2020 European Horizon Framework Programme.

Additionally to being a change agent, Erick is an alumnus of Singularity University, exploring the development and application of new technologies in order to solve global challenges purposely.

Moreover, being a distinguished member of “The Disruption Council: A partnership for Denmark’s Future”, Erick have established himself as a political debater and frequent columnist on the implementation and adaption of emerging technology and general digitalisation in Denmark.

With 20+ years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Erick Thürmer is specialized in traditional, international trade, new development industries and exponential technologies.

Bridging the gap between digitalization, business & humanity – past, present & future – Erick has been dubbed Mr. Disruption, rock star CEO, advocate for SME ́s and purpose-driven digitalisation specialist.


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