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Why Divine Clarity Is Nothing Without Inspired Action…

Why Divine Clarity Is Nothing Without Inspired Action – Transcript

So, Radiant One, welcome to today’s deep dive, today’s topic, which is why divine clarity is nothing without inspired action.

First of all, I want to say that to me divine clarity is in the realm of the divine feminine. It is the realm of being, of gnosis, of wisdom, of knowledge, of intuition. That’s the realm of clarity. That’s where the clarity comes from. That is like I say the realm of the divine feminine.

Inspired action is then in the realm of the divine masculine. The divine masculine is the ruler or the realm of doing.

It’s the realm of action, of building, of expansion, of creation.

Divine Union and Sacred Marriage

It is when you marry the two that you have “Hallelujah!”, you have when miracles occur and when flow is abundant and things just seem to happen.

It is when you marry or couple the inspiration, the gnosis, the knowledge of your divine feminine with the action, with the building, with the doing of your divine masculine.

It’s when you combine those two really that – the only way I can describe it is “hallelujah!” because it’s those moments where you’re just in flow, when things are just moving and – yeah, just yum.

I think I’ve said enough about that. I think that maybe in that just first part, you can hear why divine clarity is nothing without inspired action.

You’re a Magdalene Rising

But I will go into it. First of all, I want to say that most of the people – or not most, but actually all of the people that I work with are what I call Magdalenes.

They’ve made the journey from their minds into their hearts AKA they’ve activated, they’ve engaged, they’ve reawoken their divine feminine essence and they come from that space and want to be from that space and serve from that space of love.

That awakening and that journey of awakening or reawakening her, of re-getting to know her is a journey of often dark nights of the soul, of rude awakenings, of liberation from – liberating yourself from limiting beliefs and old paradigms and fear-based mindsets and so forth. So I hope it’s also very clear that to me that journey is one of courage. It’s one of power.

Lightwork is not for those faint-at-heart

It’s one that very often when people talk about spirituality is all love and light and it is a lot of love and light. But it’s not love and light without fear and darkness.

It’s not without going through that that you will bring the light or be the light and become the light and is the light that you already are.

Because it’s as you unveil yourself and unravel that that you begin to see that from a different place and a different perspective.

Two Distinct Avenues in Spiritual Entrepreneurs

So the people that I see in my practice, those are the people that I work with in terms of their businesses. However, they’re connected to their divine feminine essence. They’re connected to their gnosis but they are two distinct avenues that I see that they lead into. Because we’ve been – and I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll also link to some other posts about this so if you want to dive deeper into this, I have more on this topic.

If you find that you’re constantly stressing, running around like a headless chicken – read this article.

If you find that you’re procrastinating, never doing what you truly want – read this article.

Conditioned by a patriarchal society

You know, we’ve been conditioned in a patriarchal society to believe that the way of doing is what we’re seeing in the world right now, is the world of dominance, of abuse, of force, of coercion, of manipulation.

You and I both know that once you’ve awoken to that divine feminine, that’s not the way and you don’t want to be doing from that space.

So I see two things happening…

Either you become so aligned with your divine feminine essence and know that you don’t want to do from that normal worldview way of doing that you stop doing anything or you run around like a headless chicken doing, doing, doing, knowing that your divine feminine is beckoning, calling you, asking you, wanting you to serve but you don’t know how to do from a space of love and service because it’s not what you’ve been brought up with and it’s not what you’re taught.

And frankly it’s not very common in the world.

I began first talking about this I think 5 years ago and luckily I now see it more and more in the world because the more that that expands, the better the world really becomes.

I want to share two different client stories with you and I want you to listen in and see if you recognize yourself in one of these two, to kind of inspire you to your next step.

Full heart but procrastinating and overwhelmed…

First of all, many moons ago, I had a client who was very aligned with her divine feminine essence. She was receiving a million downloads.

There was a ton of things that she wanted to put out in the world but she was part afraid of not choosing the right thing and that kind of held her back and then she was also overwhelmed with all of these million ideas because what do you choose? Which one do you go with when they all seem so amazing and fantastic?

So that overwhelm kept her back and brought her to a point where she was frustrated and irritated and seeing everyone else and their grandmothers have success but she was still stuck in not knowing which path to take.

So what we did with her when I began working with her – first of all, I had her list out – and this is the process that I go through with basically every one of my clients and it’s a process that I have put into a downloadable guide called “Divine Clarity and Inspired Action.” You can go ahead and download that. It’s totally free and that can help you with that part as well as the inspired action. But more about that later.

Pour out everything

So what we did was I had her list out everything that was on her heart basically, every idea that he had and I think there was about 10 or 12 things that had come up for her.


I then had her kind of list a few paragraphs of each and then what we did in one of the first sessions was we prioritized them. We said, “Okay, which one of these is tugging your heartstrings the most?” Then we went through each of them.

This can be a painful process because if you’re wanting to birth 10 babies, all of these 10 babies are your babies. So of course you’re wanting to birth them but we also know that you can’t birth 10 babies at once.

So there’s got to be some prioritizing. So we prioritized her ideas and got it in order.


Then I supported her with accountability. I supported her with organization and structure and in terms of getting these ideas into the world. (If you want personalised support, apply for your free discovery session here.)

Divine Masculine begging to be put into action

I don’t think I’ve ever had another client who was so prolific in her creation once we got that started. It was basically just her divine masculine essence was just begging to be used and begging to be put into action.

So that once she had gone through the process, had set up her systems – I think there was different products – there was both products and then there were services, like personal services and then online products that people could buy or sign up for.

Prolific creation machine

Once she had that in place, she became this prolific machine of just creation, creation, creation.

She was going in – checking in, joining with her divine feminine, and then just adding the action from her divine masculine, just creation, creation, creation. It was just a beautiful thing to see that, again, when you marry those two.

You’re not a Lazy Duck

So that’s the one. I call sometimes the lazy duck, not to demean you or to pull you down but it is where your divine feminine essence is so active but your divine masculine essence is so inactive that you become “lazy.”

You and I both know that there is not a lazy one in your body.

You’re a magnificent, beautiful being in this world and you’re here for the service of others.

You’re here to bring through only what you can bring through.

So if you have the idea of being lazy, trust me, it’s just an ego – I call it a mind fuck from the ego because you’re not lazy. I know that. You know that or at least parts of you know that. But like I said there’s an article on that. Click here for it.

Now another client that I have and like I said these are usually – I’m picking these because these are so very – and these are real people. And again when I share client stories, I do so with the express permission from my clients. But these are very – I don’t want to say framework-y but they’re very common. This is what I see usually in my practice so they’re very – it’s applicable to a lot of people that I see.

Running around like a headless chicken

The second client story that I want to share with you is again someone who was deeply connected and is deeply connected to her divine feminine essence.

However, she was so far overactive in her masculine – and not her divine masculine but in what I call the shadow masculine and that’s the realm of the force, the abuse, the stress, the coercion, the dominance, the never thinking that you can take a moment off because you have to do, do, do all the time.

That’s where to me it becomes a headless chicken.

It’s trying to do everything that the “experts” are telling you to do without ever stopping for a moment to check in with yourself and to check in with your feminine intuition and your divine feminine and see if this feels like the right stuff for you.

Doing with no satisfaction

So she was doing, doing, doing and again she also had a million and one ideas. However, she was spreading herself so thin that nothing was ever being brought to completion.

She was never allowing herself to reap the fruits of her labor.

She was always having a million projects at once so it was running from one thing to the other. She got up early in the morning to work before her son got up. Once her son was off, she did the work. Once her son was back and he was fed and put into bed, she would work again. She would stress herself out. She was overworked.

So what we did in her case was we implemented – and again this is in the “Divine Clarity and Inspired Action” guide that is totally free and if you don’t have it, I highly recommend that you go ahead and download it and use it.

Scaling back

We scaled back basically which when you’re someone who is in that mode can be extremely difficult to do. It took a while for her. I want to admit it took a while for her before she surrendered into the idea of having “just” 3 priorities per day and 3 priorities per week.

That meaning that you don’t necessarily only do 3 things but that once you’ve done those 3 things that you have prioritized, you acknowledge yourself for what you’ve done. You pat yourself on the back. You really accept the joy and the satisfaction that comes from actually completing your projects and accomplishing.

Reaping the fruits of your labor

The “funny thing” with her was and is that when she finally surrendered, she thought that she would be giving up everything that she ever wanted to do and what she instead experienced was with every project that was brought to completion and finished and put into the world.

She was able to reap the fruits of her labor AKA it was bringing her the money that she had been working for and it was bringing the joy and the satisfaction and the service to those people that she was bringing this product and service to. That’s number one.

Doing less got more done

Secondly, she would get a lot more done, like a lot, lot more and also do it from a space of satisfaction.

If you’re someone who’s running around like a headless chicken, never feeling satisfied or liberated or accomplished, that’s not right.

Why did you come into business?

Ask yourself, did you come into business for that? Is that why you abandoned your career or your job or is that why you’re trying to expand? Because you may be working part-time somewhere. Is that why you’re trying to build your business? Is that to overwork yourself or work yourself to the ground?

My suggestion is that it’s not but that’s completely up to you of course.

Expanding and outsourcing

Finally, what it also allowed her to do and that’s the place where she is at right now is that as she expanded and completed those different projects, she could also begin to see, “Who do I need in my business?” and she’s begun to outsource more.

She has the products and services in place. They’re bringing her in the money. She’s able to hire out the tasks that she either doesn’t want to do or can’t do or is drained by and is able to bring on board amazing people who can support her with that and thus continue the expansion in love.

Through You this world will change

One of my favorite quotes from “A Course in Miracles” reads, “It is through you this world will change.” So if you’ve listened or watched this far, I know that there is something in this that brought you here, something that is between us, and so I just want to leave you with go ahead and download “Divine Clarity and Inspired Action” if you haven’t already. If you have downloaded it, go ahead and use it.

Tried and tested

It’s a process that is tried and tested. It works and pull out your calendar and add those 3 things that you’re going to be doing either today and if today’s tonight then 3 things that you’re going to be doing tomorrow and then the next day and the next day and the next day.

So that’s what I’m going to leave you with today.

Love is The Way

I know this was like a full-on surge because it’s something that is such – it’s so important to me because I see so, so many soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneurs who are frustrated out of their minds with not being able to add action or they are exhausted from overworking themselves and working themselves to the ground. There is, I want to tell you that there is another way and that way is love.

Let me hear from you

So I hope that this served you. I love you. If you have a question whatsoever about anything that I’ve said, go ahead and post it in the comments.

That is what I have for you today. I love you. Take care.

xo, Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Coach


Clarity is Key But Nothing Without Action…

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