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Why Detailing Your Course To The Tiniest Detail Is Bad Idea w. Maria Saraphina



Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome in to today’s episode. Once again, we are going to be diving in to something that is near and dear to my heart. It is part of the reason why I am who I am and why I do what I do.

It’s about making sure that you take action on what is stirring within your heart, within your soul, what you are called to do, what you came here to do because for me, I see so many soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneurs who have gone through the transformation through their awakening.

They get very caught up in their divine feminine essence of gnosis, of wisdom, of knowledge but don’t ever really – or many at least struggle in the beginning with activating their divine masculine essence of action, of foundation, of building, of expansion, of creation.

You’ve Abandoned The Old Paradigm

I’ve said this – if you’ve listened to the episode, I’ve said this before, to me that’s because of the way that we have viewed how – the old way of doing, the old paradigm, the old way of doing, of pushing, of forcing, of coercing all of the trades of what I call the shadow masculine – we’re not wanting to do from that space.
We’re not wanting to use fear-based tactics in our marketing. Because that is something that sits so awful or not well with us, we can get caught up in not doing at all for a very long time until we find our way.

Mission – Activating Your Divine Masculine Essence

For me, like I said, part of my mission in this lifetime is to support the activation, the ignition of your divine masculine and to support you in creating what I call the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and the divine masculine so that you and your business become that holy grail, that sacred container, that through which your offerings, your services, your gnosis, your wisdom. Through you, that flows.

So today I want to talk to you about why – it’s one of the things that I see it over again in my sessions and that is whether you are someone who’s just starting out and is about to offer your first course or program or service or whether you’re someone who’s been in business for a long while but maybe have not been in business in this way where it’s fully aligned with who you are.

What trips You Up

Maybe you’ve been used to having an offline business doing work for your clients but you’ve never put a program or a course or something like that into the world. I see this tripping up people so I thought I would bring it to you as well so hopefully you can be inspired or empowered by it and bring forth that which you’re here to birth, as I like to say.
My working title for this episode is “Why Detailing Your Course or Your Program to the Tiniest Detail is a Bad Idea” and often also I see it as a way that ego or fear within you actually sets up a barrier or a way for you to “self-sabotage” and a way for your perfectionism to just run amok and get away with you.
When I say program or course, it can be a membership club or a webinar series or it can be many, many different ways. I’m hoping that you will listen to the frequency and the vibration of what is underneath and not be caught up in “Oh, I don’t have a program” or “I don’t have a membership club” or “I don’t have a workshop series.”

Open Your Heart And Listen

But I want you to listen with an open mind and open heart and see where this may be potentially coming up for you. I get the sense that even though for me it’s about program, courses, and all that, I get the sense that there is a deeper message as well that I don’t necessarily know of in this very moment.
So again my invitation for you is to allow yourself to listen with an open mind and an open heart. To give you two examples: I had and have a client who – most of my clients, what they do is that they come into my community and my space and 1:1 services when they are ready for their next expansion, their next level of growth, their next – I don’t want to say upgrade because I don’t necessarily upgrade but the next up-leveling of themselves and their businesses.
That’s when they come into my space and I support them with that through the expansion of their services, their offerings, the strategy, the marketing, and all of that through the coaching that I do with them.

A Beautiful Example

I had a client and still have a client who was wanting to bring forth – she’s a graphic designer, an amazing, amazing graphic designer. She is wanting to bring her skills and her services to more people.
Because when you sit with your graphic design, you can work 1:1 with people. She wanted to bring that into a structure or format that resembled a membership club. So she wanted to outline and give them a membership club.
Which was a brilliant idea. I loved it and we kind of structured it out. We got it set up and then it was for her to kind of fill it. Now one of the things that I’ve found with soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneurs is that very often, we also have a perfectionist gene.

Perfectionist Gene

Like there is just something within us and I don’t know if it’s because of past lives or experiences or whether it is because we have been persecuted for our craft in the past that we have this need for things to be perfect and not to give someone an opportunity to put a finger on it.
But at the same time, that drags us down because we can get so lost in the details, so lost in always tweaking it, getting it to better, better, better that it becomes an endless spiral that is not uplifting but is actually doing you a disservice of pulling you down.

Enough Content?

So she had outlined – an anecdote I want to say is that most of the time, one of the things that I hear from my clients is that, “But, oh, can I really do it? Do I have enough content?” or can I do an 8-week course or a 12-week program, a monthly membership.
I almost always laugh my ass off, very lovingly and very caringly, because I know that you can – and that’s speaking to you as well – that you can easily pull out 12 topics that are near and dear to your heart and start teaching those.
That’s whether it’s a program or a service. That’s whether it’s a newsletter or a series of blog posts, whether it is social media, whether it is whatever. You have within you 8, 10, 12, and a million more. Because once you open up to that source, more will come.
I often find that when I record these spiritual business episodes going in, I’ll have an idea, about two to three, but as I sit here and start recording, more and more and more just comes through. Because once you start opening up, you just become the recipient of all that wisdom and knowledge and gnosis and information that is ready to be born through you.
So like I said, I very often laugh my ass off when my clients say, “I don’t know what to …”. Like mm-hm, is that really true? Then luckily they always laugh at the end as well because they’re like, “Oops, I think you’re right.”

Outline It

However, like I said, I had this – she did the outline for her membership club, for those 12 months, what was going to go in it and what was going to be the outline of it. Then – which is a great idea – and we moved into the marketing and the promotion of it and how we were going to do that and she was going to do that and all that.
Then what happened was she then decided – and I’m pretty sure this happened without me – she then decided that, “Oh, by the way, she needed to have all the content, all of the files, all of the worksheets, all of the guides, all of the blah, blah, blah ready for all 12 months.
This was a decision that she made without me between sessions and she came to a session and was deeply stressed, deeply upset, frustrated and all that. And I was like, “What happened?” and then she told me.
I’m like, “Why on earth would you do that?” I don’t ask why but it was like what happened? We had – I coached her on it. I mentored her on it and we had a chat about it and she did realize that that was actually a part of her self-sabotage.

Setting the barre so high you can’t pass it

Because by way of setting the barrier or the parameter so high, she was nearly having to “kill herself” to get that done which is not what we want to do when we’re soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneurs. We do things from a space of love. We do them with ease and in flow.
Not to say there are not challenges. Not to say that there is not going to be fears or limiting beliefs or self-sabotage you have to move through, the dissolving fear through the expansion of love. That’s what we’re here to do.

Allow The Flow

But we don’t push. We don’t force. We don’t coerce. We don’t ignore. We don’t suppress. This is a key and crucial piece that I want you to remember is that right now, you don’t know what you don’t know, meaning once you start that thing, you have no idea what feedback you’re going to get, what insights you’re going to gain, what lessons you’re going to learn throughout and if you detail everything and if you record everything, then you will either have to re-record.
You will have to tweak it underway or you may even want to “throw it out.”
Now that’s not to say – I’m not one of those people who say just stick a headline up and see if it someone buys it; then you can create the course. That’s not what I ascribe to. What I am saying is that I do want you to outline it. I do want you to specify it. I do want you to describe. I do want you to promote. I do want you to sell it. I do want you to deliver it.

Adjust, Tweak, Improve, Expand

Then I want you to adjust, to tweak, to improve, and to expand from that space. But I also want you to give yourself space to do that. If you have already spent day and night, pushing, forcing, coercing yourself to delivering and having everything ready so it’s good to go, there’s no room for that.
This is probably meant for “the first time” you deliver it. But I also hope that you will take this approach the second time or the third time that you approach or deliver it. Because when you come from that space of being willing to surrender into the unknown, then you can actually receive the messages. You can hear. You can do those tweaks.

Another Example

To give you another example, I had a client or have a client who was going to do a workshop series and the participants are going to have like a manual. She was going to give them a manual. This is the first time that she’s done it in this form. She’s worked 1:1 with clients for many years but this was the first time she was doing it in a group setting.
Again, this perfectionism came up. Oh, I’m going to give them the full manual and I’m also saying – so there’s a difference of course between a membership club where they’re every month being given the different topics or classes and all that and then of course a workshop series.
But she was going to deliver them the full manual.
If you’re someone who is moving into that space of teaching groups, giving them their manual first up might not necessarily be the best idea because our brains – some of us will want to jump – someone like me will want to jump through everything and our minds will be blown by all the content that we won’t even stay in the space of what was the first lesson.

Bitesize Content Works Better

So it’s better to give them – and that’s the suggestion I gave her was give them the folder, give them the binder for these things, then give them module 1, have everything in that and then tweak it. Because everything that you learn through module 1, you can then tweak into module 2.
You can add if there’s something that you can see that now needs to be taken out or added. You can then do that and you can tweak and you will have the feedback from the students as well.
I mean, I can’t believe the amount of times this amazing client came back to me and said, “Oh my God, that was such a good suggestion.” I can’t count them on my hands or my toes because this has been an expanding, moving forward journey.
Again, she has not sold them something that she’s not delivering. She’s delivering what she sold them. However, she’s allowing herself to open herself up to pulling the strings because she has so many strings that she’s able to play and to mold it into what is it that this group of clients needs.
And I’m pretty sure that by the time she’s through these I think it’s 6 or 8 weeks, she will then have a completely different output than she would have had had she delivered from the beginning and had it been set in stone and rigid.

Personal Experience

Sure, she could’ve given them extra updates but allowing yourself to be in that space of creation throughout, to mold around, to surrender. I remember I did this with my very first thing, my program “Heart and Soul Business Mastery” that I delivered.
That was the first thing I did. I recorded the content throughout the weeks and then, yes, that then stayed the same for a few more but it was only through the surrender and the allowing myself to be open to whatever could be pulled through that it became the amazing course that it became. Of course, in cooperation with the amazing people who were in that program.

Let It Be Born Through You

So like I said, right now you don’t know what you don’t know. To me, it’s way more important that you allow it to be born through you than for it to be perfect. I can guarantee you that – because it’s also to me, I see how it’s been an expanding journey that, yes, now it is perfect. Most of the things that I deliver are “perfect” in the moment that I deliver them.
That does not necessarily mean that they cannot be expanded, tweaked, upgraded, adjusted, improved at all. But when you allow for yourself to deliver “perfection” in that moment, you also allow yourself to receive the infinite love that you are and you connect yourself with that which you are. There is such a deep satisfaction, a deep joy, in that.
Rather than get caught up in all the details of – because right now, you don’t know what you don’t know. So I’m hoping with this episode to have inspired you to apply this to everything, whether it be whatever it is that you are starting, whatever it is.
If it’s a website, if it’s a newsletter, a podcast show. Whether it is writing for someone else. Whatever it is, allow yourself to be in that space of surrender and possibility and “perfection” and know that as you grow and as you expand, so too will your experience, your wisdom, and your knowledge and you can then twist, tweak, improve.

I hope that this has served you. I would love to hear what has been your biggest revelation either about the way that you’ve done things or the way that you are now going to do things?

That is what I have for you today. I love you. Take care. .

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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