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What To Do When You’re Starting Over w. Maria Saraphina



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Hello Radiant One, and a very warm welcome into this episode where we’re going to be diving into what to do when you’re starting over…

I wanna start by saying that I was so excited about this episode that I woke really, really… My cat woke me up and I couldn’t fall back asleep and I had just had to get up. I’ve been so excited to to shoot this episode because I know that it’s something that’s that’s coming up for a lot of people in a lot of different ways. And so I wanted to give you my take on this.

Like I said, we’re diving into what to do when you’re starting over. And I’m going to be sharing both practical things, but also, you know, internal things that you can do or I don’t want to say should be doing, but that will be valuable for you to be implementing and using.

Different Backgrounds

So, first of all, I want to define what starting over means. And so for those that I work with or those in my circles, there are like two different levels. Number one is that you may have had like a corporate career. Maybe you’re a really successful realtor who’s realizing that you want to be, you know, a yoga teacher or a spiritual business coach or an Akashic record reader or or something that has to do with the holistic realm. Maybe you’re a nurse and you’re wanting to create a holistic health program. You’ve seen throughout your years of working as a nurse, you’ve seen all of these different ways that Western medicine is not implementing, perhaps Eastern Medicine or doesn’t have a holistic perspective on things. So you wanted to create a program that is about health. Maybe you are a logistical manager or a shipping manager who has been in the administration for years. You’ve you’ve had contacts all over the world and you’re wanting to go into being an acupuncturist or a massage therapist, again in a holistic way. Or it could be that you are either of those things. Maybe you are a spiritual business coach who’s gone from doing one on one services and one on one sessions and you wanting to expand into doing group programs more and more. Hello. That’s currently where I’m at. And I think that’s partly why this episode is coming up, first of all, because it’s to share it with myself, but also to share it with you and because I see it over and over and over again. And the clients that I work with, you may also be the yoga teacher. You’ve come to yoga teacher, and now you’re wanting to expand. Maybe you’re wanting to build a teacher program. Maybe you’re wanting to create an app or write a book or start a podcast or something else that’s coming through you. You may also you may also be having had in-person sessions or clients. You’ve been seeing people in in in person and now you’re wanting to move and take that online. Maybe you want to take your knowledge and your wisdom and you want to create an online program or you want to do a combination of those things. So when I say starting over, that’s what I mean.

Nothing to do with age

And just to be clear, it has nothing to do with age. You can be 23 and starting over. You can be 53 and starting over, you can be 73 and starting over. There’s no it hasn’t it doesn’t have to do with age. It has to do with really the feeling of where you’re at. You’ve gone through a period of time and now something else is asking to be born through you. There’s something new that’s coming through you and you’re wanting you’re wanting to bring that to life. And so it seems as though your quote unquote, starting over. And the things that I’m going to be sharing are not in any particular order, although I think that maybe the first one or two are like sequential, but the rest is really like a mix of things. So just know that.

Love is The Way

And and the first thing that you want to do when you’re starting over is to remember that love is the way. If you’ve had a revelation or a download, an insight that you know, that you’ve been on the corporate path and you’re wanting to move into a more holistic or spiritual business that usually comes when your divine feminine essence has risen. You’ve had that connection, that reconnection to source. And there’s something that’s asking to be born through you, and it’s growing bigger and bigger and it literally won’t go away. And you may be really frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be coming out. I’m going to share about that in the in one of the next one and one of the next tips. But maybe it’s not. So you get frustrated. But I want you to remember as much as possible that love is the way. And there is a reason why you had this idea or this download or this notion. That is because it is supposed to be coming through you. And and as you expand the love that you are, the love within you, more and more ideas, more and more things will be coming through you, because that is the nature of love. It’s expansive, it’s growing. It’s it ripples out. So that is so that’s the first one. And I also want to say really love yourself up. Starting on this path of starting over can be really, really vulnerable.

And so shower yourself with love. Acknowledge yourself for for being willing to even look at this idea, to be willing to move forward with this. Not everyone will do it. And so it’s important that you remind yourself of that love.

Beginners Mindset

The next thing to do when you’re starting over is have a beginners mindset. A beginners mindset is so important for you to have, because while you may have been really successful in another area, to give an example, I was really successful in my former career as a key account manager for a huge financial acquirer. And so starting my business, I was truth be told, I’ve been really surprised many times of the many, many challenges and what I now know to be the what I call The 7 Initiations, I’ll share about them in another tip further along this video or podcast. But I’ve been really surprised that, you know, I could give presentations, I could make negotiations, I could sign contracts. I had no problem selling selling everyone and their grandmothers but myself, like my own services. When I came to that in my business, that was that was an interesting journey for me. And again, I’ll share more about that later on. Then with the beginners mindset. Remember whenever you’re… And it’s it’s so because we’re so you’re probably really powerful, really strong. You’re a born to lead. You’ve done amazing things in your life and in your business probably as well or in your work. And so when we’re starting something new, it’s easy for us to be like, oh, I should know this. I should know this. I should… and completely forget. That is literally like starting to ride a bike and I share that you should “should” I encourage you to? Speak to yourself, as you would if it was a friend or a child. Very rarely do we speak to ourselves in the way that we would or do we speak to friends in the way that we speak to ourselves, especially internally. And so having that understanding of, oh, I am I am new at this. There is a reason why I don’t know this and some of the things that you have done in your past. I was going to say past life, but in your previous career or your previous work or job may be applicable to the new and it’s about finding those structures and foundations that work for you. But maybe they don’t. And so it’s about acknowledging yourself for where you’re at and understanding. Oh, I’m I’m a beginner. This is something new, which is a great place to be, because being a beginner means that there is so much for you to learn and to expand and grow into. So that’s the beginner’s mindset.

Patience (Lord have mercy LOL)

The next thing is that when you’re when you’re starting over, it’s I can hardly speak this because being an Aries this is a lifelong lesson for me, but it’s patience. It is that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that when you’re starting something new, you’re doing it as a marathon, not a sprint. You’re building something that’s going to be sustainable in your business, not something that’s just going to be a quick fix. Well, I guess that’s what I assume. I don’t think that you would be here if that was the case or by now you would have left if you’d heard me talk this way. So the the remember that you’re creating or building something that’s sustainable, something that is long term, something that is and and and that takes step by step by step by step. It takes patience. And it takes and I understand that we have with the world I mean, luckily it’s shifting. We’ve been taught to believe that everything happens overnight and there are quick fixes and things like that can just change everything in an instant. And that’s not simply true. Yes, they’re brilliant tools. Also shift your energy, which I’ll also be talking about later on this episode but to be putting something into the world that you’re going to be sharing with the world, you want to make sure that it is through your heart, from your heart, and that it is sustainable, that it is foundational and also don’t get caught up in the oh, it’s got to be perfect because perfection is the mother of all.

Perfectionism (oh boy!)

So that’s the next thing. Perfectionism. Stay out of perfectionism. And how do you know that perfectionism and showing up when you’re starting something new, if you’re spending way too much time nit picking and writing things and researching and doing not saying that you don’t do your research, not saying that you don’t take your time writing things, but there’s a difference between having a creation time and then allowing it to fly and put it into the world and then consistently being in that. I’m going to research more. I’m going to research more. I need to learn more. I need to have this education. I need to have that accreditation. I need to do this before. It’s all of these… I have to or should do this before I can X, Y and C. And so perfection stay don’t stay out of it. But but. Be on the lookout for whether or not it’s tripping you up, so I like to say, is this serving you? Does it uplift you or does it tear you down? And if the research you’re doing and if the the the it seems like these detour sometimes that you would go on, if they’re taking you off path and they’re making you more irritated and frustrated, be on the lookout for that. It’s like it’s like a dissonance within you. It’s like something is like rubbing up against you in the wrong way. And that’s very often perfectionism who’s stuck their head in and said hello. And again, there’s nothing wrong with perfectionism. It’s also part of what makes you really good at what you do and who you are. It’s what ensures that what you put out is is of high quality and high standard, but don’t trip over it.

Time Management

So and then a very practical thing is make time, take time, time management. If you have a if you’re running a successful business or even if you’re you know, you’re you’re you’re having maybe you have a 9-5 job, maybe you’re doing a part time, maybe you’re having something on the side as well. Whatever it is, the new thing that you like to think that you’re starting over with, the thing that’s wanting to come through, you will not happen unless you make time for it. You have to make sure that you carve out you can carve out time for it. I’ve had people write books using 15 minutes every morning to just sit down and write, create programs or services, taking that time to to whether it is to hours here or in 15 minutes here or whatever it is, make sure that you actually schedule that time, schedule that in, because that will that will then quote unquote, become legal for you to oh, this is my time, especially if you have a business that has to do with the teams and you have employees and they wanted you like they need you or they have questions for you, if you make sure that they know that this time is scheduled off, people will respect that. And if they don’t, is that’s a whole nother story. It’s about boundaries. So, so, so making sure that you you make time to make that happen. So that thing that is coming through you or you’re starting over can actually actually come through you. There is another thing that I was thinking about, but I can’t remember that right now in terms of making time. Never mind.

The 7 Initiations

Then I have mentioned The 7 Initiations. So these are seven initiations are challenges that I’ve seen over my own journey as well as that I have with my clients is there are these challenges. I call them initiations because as we work through them, they become they become like powerful pillars that we stand upon. We become it’s like we become stronger and stronger and we expand more and more. And I just want to share them with you really briefly. The and there are no particular order, again, although the first couple of ones are usually sequential. But the first one is has to do with your mission and your visionThat is the realm of the divine feminine. That is when you’re when your ideas and your noses and your wisdom starts popping in, it’s when you begin to. Feel the juices within you and there’s something that’s asking to be born through you, the next one is has to do with inspired and aligned actionThat’s the realm of the divine masculine. Usually there is healing to be done both within the divine feminine and the divine masculine realm, being based on millennia of patriarchy, based on. Yeah, abuse and violence and things that have been out of alignment out of residence. There’s really nothing wrong with it. It’s just a matter of as you begin your path as a souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneur and you’re starting over, then these are usually areas where healing is, I don’t want to say required, but very often shows up. That’s what I see. T Then there is the marketing, promotion and social mediawhich is I like to call speaking your truth. And like I said before, having come from a corporate career, being able to share this with everybody, I was really interesting in the beginning of my journey how I felt myself. My throat chakra was blocked. I felt that I was unable to speak my truth. I was scared of sharing my wisdom and my medicine and what I knew with the world, which is also connected to what some called the witch’s wound or the healer’s wound. So there’s healing in that area to really seem to have happened in that area. There is your clients and your customers, which has to do with boundaries and created sacred containers, where very often I see how you can either go very corporate and be like you have a heart centered, you know, souldriven, heartbased spiritual business. And you can be very corporate and your contracts can be almost ununderstandable. They can be old paradigm or they can be based on new paradigm with the same kind of container, with the same kind of structure, but still be served in a way that it’s understandable and comes from the heart. It’s also about boundaries, about saying yes or saying no and knowing what to do when it comes to that. Then the next one has to do with selling and services, and that is to make sure that all your products and your services are aligned with and resonate with what is that who you are? Very often we’re being told, oh, you need to create a program or you need to do one on one. Very, very often. I sometimes I meet people where they think they need to start out doing one on one’s before they can do group work or the other way round. People think that they need to do group work before they can do one on one. It’s so interesting to see all of these. I don’t know if I would call them limiting beliefs, but it’s like it’s so interesting to see all these perceptions that we have that we build around why it is that we can’t, you know, sell or serve in the way that we want to sell and serve. So this is an invitation to you to to see, like, are there things in your business where you’re like, oh, that sounds like is there something you want to let go of it? There’s something you want to bring in that you’re not doing because you have a perception that says, oh, I have to do this or I have to have had X amount of clients before I can do this, or I can I have to have, you know, made X amount of money before I can do this, which is very interesting. Then the final area is the area of money, wealth and abundance, which is such a juicy, magnificent topic when it comes to souldriven, heartbased, spiritual businesses. No longer do we need to be sitting on a rock and in, you know, threadbare clothes and not making any money. But there is a lot of things to be usually released or aligned when it comes to that. So those were The 7 Initiations. I’ll be speaking more about them in upcoming episode where I’ll dive more into them because they’re so juicy and vibrant to me and they’re so powerful. Once you understand how to really our line in each of these areas, things, well, things will flow way easier.

Release & Align

The the final tip that I have for you in terms of what to do when you’re starting over is what I call release and align. You may know that I am a I use a method called The Energy Alignment Method®, and I’m an accredited Energy Alignment Method® Mentor as well, meaning that I am not meaning that but I have a daily practice where I release. It’s a five step step process. It’s very simple process. And I don’t want to necessarily say easy because it’s not always easy. The simplest things I remember this when I started… When I became a student of A Course in Miracles is that, A Course in Miracles is very, very simple. But it is not easy is not what I found in. The beginning, but once you begin to understand and how it works, it can it becomes very it actually becomes so resonant that it’s like it’s like a tuning fork. It’s like, oh, and what I want to say with. So there are many ways that you can say, well, I don’t know that to be true. But the thing I want to share is that everything is energy. And that’s you’ve probably heard that, meaning that whenever you’re starting over starting something new, there will be energy for you to shift and release. There’s three states of energy. I’m not going to go deeply into it. What I have done is I’ve created a free download for you.

So if you’re wanting to know how to release and align, meaning how to shift and transform your energy, transmute it from one state to another, creating more flow, moving from a stuck and stagnant place into a place of flow, you can go ahead and you can download that free guide that I’ve created.

There’s a video and there is there’s going to be video with me walking through it. There’s going to be flow sheet so you can see what to do and know what to do. Find it here MARIASARAPHINA.COM/EAM So you can go ahead and download it, because as you move through this, as you’re starting over, there will be limiting beliefs. There will be you may be self sabotaging, there may be upper limits. There may be things that are emotions that are coming up, things that you may not may not understand. And so in gives you a really beautiful, powerful symbol tool to quickly assess what’s going on, release it and then align to that which you do want, which is so, so powerful. And I love it.

Quick List

So those are the things that so those are the things that I wanted to share with you in terms of what to do when you’re starting over. I just want to quickly list them.

  • So Love is The Way.
  • Have a beginner’s mind set.
  • Patience, a.k.a. Rome, wasn’t built in a day.
  • Make time. Make sure you have time management, schedule time.
  • The 7 Initiations
  • Release and align.
  • And I know that there’s one thing else that I’ve forgotten now, but it’s been in the video (PERFECTIONISM!).

So now it’s your turn. I would love to hear from you. What is the number one thing that you find has been tripping you up when it comes to starting over possibly again? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

That is what I have for you. This was worth getting up early. I hope that it served you well and sending loads of love wherever in the world you might be.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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