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What is a Magdalene?

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The energy of the Divine Feminine Essence is sweeping across the globe and uniting in Sacred Marriage with her Divine Masculine Essence She is paving another way than the dark path we human beings have been following for millennia. Together these Divine Essences carry the seeds for a world transformed.

↠↠ I call it the Magdalene Rising ↞↞

Millions of souls are waking up in darkness remembering who they truly are. Realising that there is another way than the one the shadow aspects of ourselves have been following for decades and centuries. A way out of darkness and into the light.

A Way of Love, Unity, Truth and Justice.

Begun eons ago, it’s effects are truly kicking in now and we are blessed to be living in these auspicious times.

However, having been brought up in a patriarchal society dominated by the Shadow Masculine Aspects of pushing, forcing, pressure and coercing, in my experience many of the souldriven, heart based entrepreneurs meant to support this Rise struggle with the true creation, action, building and doing of the Divine Masculine Essence.

Knowing that the old way of doing things is wrong and off but unequipped to embrace, embody, implement and express the new leaving you feeling frustrated and irritated by being unable to bring into this world, what you are here to give life to.

The answer is Love and Balance.

Loads and loads and loads of love coupled with accountability, consistency and being seen for who you truly are while you create, build and do.

Balance of your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine thus performing the Sacred Marriage, expressing your souls divine purpose.


To me, a Magdalene is someone who has awoken to the Divine Feminine call to rise within and soon realises that this call is also a call for her Divine Masculine to rise as well. Creating Sacred Union within as without.

Someone who does things differently. Someone who is deeply connected with her Divine Feminine qualities and uses her Divine Masculine qualities to express them.

She is someone who can no longer sit silently by and watch as the world seems to tear itself apart. She is deeply invested in her people.

A Magdalene is someone who works constantly on balancing her Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities within herself and within the world. She stands out and do not do things the traditional way.

She does not cover shit up with honey. She has walked in darkness and lives to tell. She is kind, caring and compassionate, she is a leader. She is Wonder Woman.

Souldriven, Heart Based Entrepreneur

As a souldriven, heart based entrepreneur a Magdalene is someone who has chosen Love as her way of being and doing. She has made the journey from her mind to her heart and is leading with, in, from and based in Love, in all areas of her life, whether it be private life, personal life, work or business.

She is at her core a healer. A Radiant Being who came into this dimension to help in the ascension of all. Her work and business is a reflection of that, what ever form and expression it has in this dimension.

She has chosen to come here to help uplift the world and through both her being and doing transmute fear to love, darkness to light, sickness to health, poverty to abundance.

Creating within herself and her work, the Sacred Marriage – the Embodiement of the Being of her Divine Feminine and the Doing of her Divine Masculine, not shying away from her Shadow Aspects but embracing them, seeing instead these dark shadows as just as powerful portals to her deeper wisdom, knowledge and understanding as her light. Clearing within herself the Sacred Space required for her to expand fully into her innate power and thus allowing others to do the same.

She is, in other words, a master.

Someone who has lived many lifetimes, serving humanity and the betterment for all. Blending the seen with the unseen. The world of ether and spirit with the world of physical and matter.

She walks between the realms knowing how to see with her inner eye, hear with her inner ear.

Historically Speaking

Our most recent, and probably most known Magdalene is Mary The Magdalene. The Master Teacher who taught alongside her husband and partner Yeshua.

She was, however, not the only one. There were many Magdalenes within the circle of Yeshua. These Magdalenes all form part of The Magdalene Consciousness freely accessible to all, as is Mary, for those who seek her out.

Many falsely believe that Mary got her name from her birthplace, Magdala and believe this to be the reason for her title. However the town Taricheae, we today know as Magdala, was not named Magdala much much later, and so, it is some, and my personal belief that the town was named after it’s perhaps most known citizen, not the other way around.


The word Magdalene derives from the Hebrew word Magdala meaning “tower” or “exalted”. Someone who is raised above. Enabling her to see and be seen far and wide. A Master and teacher serving those ready to see and hear.

As a title it was given to those initiated in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, to the priestesses of Isis.

Soulfully Speaking

As Catherine Ann Clemett shared in our Sacred Conversation on The Magdalene Voices, The Magdalenes are a group of consciousness, The Magdalene Consciousness, a soul group that come into any world that is ready to birth a new paradigm. They are the midwives of change, transformation and tremendous shifts.

Your personal expression

Your expression, being a Magdalene Rising is unique to you.

Only you have lived your life, had your experiences, gained your wisdom, your knowledge and your skills and you are the melting pot, the vessel through which love will express itself.

You are The One.

Many expressions

I am hoping to show you that there are in fact many many ways to express your inner Light, to be the Magdalene you are in our day and age – and that only you can know how exactly the embodiement and expression of your Divine Self is to show up, for you.


Few of us come into this world enlightened beings as there would be no lessons for us to learn if we did.

So for now, you being a Magdalene may simply be an inner knowing. A small sliver of Light that you sense and follow. Know that this is not of your imagination. What you are sensing is the Light to which we all belong, the Love from which we all were born as an expansion.

As you move through life you are continually given the challenges, the obstacles, the opportunites and the pathways needed in order for you to unveil yourself a little further, move yourself a little closer to your truth. To heal those seemingly broken pieces, to find your silver linings and see that nothing ever was or ever will be in vain.

You are a a masterpiece. Whole and complete. Strong and empowered.

While this may not be your current reality it is however your inheritance. Nothing you can do or say will ever change that you are, at your core an expansion of the love that created you.

I invite you to embrace your inheritance wholeheartedly. You did not come here to play small but to soar. You came here to be the Light you are, so that you may re-ignite that Light in those who are ready to awaken.

You are The One.

If you want to explore your Magdalene connection deeper, download my Magdalene Blueprint here. also, check out my spiritual business mentoring services for Magdalenes Rising here and The Magdalene Rising Mastermind here.

I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

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