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If there’s anything I’ve learned through the years, it’s that we always, always, always have a choice – even when it doesn’t immediately appear to be the case.

MZG-What do you do when everything collapses-


When we have the experience of not having a choice, it’s most often because we perceive the choice to be one of choosing between the plague or cholera.

Life is one long transformation, the development of your highest potential.

Transformation is, as I’m sure you’ve probably already experienced, not always pretty on the outside. It does not show up nicely wrapped with a bow.

You usually don’t change course from one day to the next. Usually it starts with just a little gravel in your shoe. It bothers a bit, but you can live with it if you just ignore it, but over time, that gravel will dig itself through your skin and create a blister.

Question is; what do you do, when everything collapses?

When “all of a sudden you’ve had enough”, when nothing seems to be going your way? When you can no longer ignore your way out of it? When everything seems to one hard challenge after the next? When all you seemingly wanna do is throw in the towel and quit?

Do you choose fear or love?

That is letting one thought grab onto the next until you break down crying, thinking the whole world is against you?


Are you capable of taking a step back, curiously considering things from the outside without judging them to be either negative or positive?

Your choice very much depends on IF you’ve trained, WHAT you’ve trained, and to which degree you’ve trained.

Now, if the thought of “This should happen on its own” appears, then consider for a moment if you believe that to be true if you decided to complete a marathon?

Would you sign up for a marathon and then go sit down your couch eating chips until the day of the race, or would you find your way down to the nearest store that sold running shoes, buy a pair and then find a great programme preparing (training) you or maybe join a club?

I think we both know the answer to that, right?

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world.

The things that used to make things collapse for me, are not necessarily the things that make things collapse for you, which is why it’s so important for you to surround yourself with people on your transformational journey who can support you.

Who can see you for the light you truly are.

It’s all about training. Training you in choosing Love.

How do you train love? How do you let it grow to a point where it automatically becomes your way of life?

You can start today, right this very moment if you want to implement Love as a mindset, a conscious choice, the place you live from.

Start with awareness.

Pull out your phone and spend the next five minutes setting 5 daily alarms for the next week.

Choose a soft alarm, so you don’t go into shock when it rings.

When the alarm goes off, gently become aware of your current focus.

Do not change anything, or judge it as either good or bad, simply become aware of your focus – is it fear or love?

Over the course of the week while doing this, you’ll start to notice a difference in your mood. You might be annoyed or irritated, or you might experience more happiness because the exercise itself is a way of showing yourself love.

If you someone on your side, to guide/coach/mentor and counsel you all the way my 1:1 program is for you.

Much Love & Light,

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