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Hello hello Radiant One and a very warm welcome to the introductory episode of MASTERY. It is finally here after such a long while!

I feel like I’ve been cocooning forever and even when the when MASTERY made itself known to me when it became clear that that was the name of this expression this show in this podcast for me in this world it still took a while for me to even know when it was supposed to be born.

If all goes well this first episode will air on December 1 2023. Crossing my fingers let’s see if it all works out.

First of all, if you don’t know me, Hello, my name is Maria Saraphina. I’m a Spiritual Business Coach and Strategist, Energy Worker, Catalyst, Facilitator and Radical Love Rebel among other things. I have been in business for more than a decade and I have clients spanning the globe.

MASTERY is my new show and podcast to share everything that comes up for me during sessions. It is my space for having deeply sacred conversations with brilliant human beings or spiritual beings having a human experience in this world. And I suppose, bear with me, because I’m probably going to ramble throughout this episode because it’s the first I have been doing in a very long time.

The Spiritual Business and The Magdalene Voices

You may know me from my other podcasts. I’ve had The Spiritual Business podcast. I have The Magdalene Voices and I for a short, brief period of time also had The Golden Frequency before I truly went into a cocooning phase where nothing was really meant to be pouring through me.

What I want to share with you in this episode is really what you can expect from this so that you know whether this is something for you or not.

My Truth. Discernment is Key

As always my my big thing is, I share my truth and my truth is not necessarily your truth.

Discernment is crucial and key in this world.

Take what serves you and leave the rest.

But like I said, I wanted to share with you what you can expect so you have an idea of all the goodness that is going to come.

So first of all, there’s going to be solo episodes like the one that I’m doing right now there’s going to be solo episodes covering topics, challenges, insights, personal shares, from my, from my work that I see the commonalities that I see, and also from my journey with mastery.

Sacred Conversations

Then there’s going to be sacred conversations where I have sacred conversations with spiritual entrepreneurs, people who are embracing their spirituality and also have a sort of a spiritual business.

I want them to share their journey so that you can see how that’s one of the things in the world it’s so easy to see all the glitz and the glamour but I really want to peel back the layers so that you can see that transformation and expansion and growth is usually messy and it’s not pretty.

Even though it brings deep joy and satisfaction. I want to bring that about and I’ve got some beautiful people lined up for that.

Then I am going to also be having Sacred Conversations with people in corporate. This is something that I am super excited about. Because as a Spiritual Business Coach, I am in the business of weaving the worlds of spirituality, with practicality and strategy with spirituality and magic with miracles and the mundane.

Weaving the worlds

I see how when we weave the worlds and how we when we merge those things. How it just creates these Win Win Win situations that not only are for you, for those you work with, for your clients, for your company, for your business for but also that ripples out and creates an impact on the world energetically as well.

So I’m going to be having Sacred Conversations with people in corporate who have embraced their spirituality, but who do not have a spiritual business or where their work is not necessarily spiritual in nature.

To show you what is possible. To share their journeys. To inspire like I said, empower and uplift you.

So if you’re on YouTube watching this, you will see me looking at my notes.

The Ignition Point of MASTERY

So one of the things that I share is I want to share the ignition point of MASTERY when it truly came together. Because I think that there is power in sharing that so that you know how this came about.

So I feel like I’ve been cocooning for probably four to five years. I have been just doing my work in the background. I have not been as outspoken or expressive as I have been in the past and for very good reasons. I’ve had my own stuff to deal with my own stuff to work with. And continue to because that’s one of the things that’s so important to highlight…

As you move through this journey called life, there will be transformations, there will be cycles, and not all of it is pretty. I really just want to peel back the layers so that we know that when we go through that it’s perfectly normal and natural, it’s part of life.

No Rose Petals

I am someone who maybe naively when I first started more than probably 15 years ago with my journey. With love as the way, as my way journey. I thought that because I had chosen love the heavens would open, angels would descend, paths would be cleared and rose petals would be strewn because I had chosen love.

What I have found instead is that when you choose love as your way as I have consistently for the past, like I said probably 15 years, potentially more, everything and all things that are out of resonance with love will be brought to your attention.

So that you are able to transform it to transmute it and that goes both within that means you know mentally, emotionally and physically, all of that as well as externally in the work that I do, how I show up, how I communicate, my website, all of that has been shifted.

That then leads me to MASTERY because I was, as I said, I’ve been contemplating for a while that there was something that was wanting to come through me a new expression and I didn’t know what it was.

One day I was sitting in meditation, and I heard the words “are you owning your mastery?” and it was and you may probably have already had that experience. It was like the energy, my Kundalini, like from the very root of my core all the way up through my spine and it was like it was like a jolt.

Holy guacamole.

Are you owning your own mastery?

And truth be told for me at that time? It was like probably not like fully like to the point where it really could be and that is really like to say no I wasn’t owning my mastery and allowing myself to look at that to see like Holy guacamole here you are with more than a decade of experience with I don’t know, however many clients under your belt with their very growth and expansion being visible in the world.

Gentle Slap from The Universe

Just you know from them being expressive about it from them sharing it from you and you’re still not owning your own mastery?! So it was sort of like, it was like a gentle slap from the Universe. Love from God saying hello, wake up it’s time.

And if you’re here if you’re listening to MASTERY, I am pretty sure that there is a part of you that could be owning your own mastery as well and in even deeper ways. And one of the things I want to share about MASTERY because we live in a world of duality and polarity and so everything seems to be put into this like it’s either or.

Both and…

You can own your mastery, you can be proud but then you also become arrogant and you know, insensitive and all these things and that’s just simply not true.

For me. I see that I can be both very, very proud of the work that I do. Of who I am. Of who I have become because I have worked so hard for it over the past almost 20 years. And I can own my mastery and I can also recognize that I am only just about halfway through my life and there’s so much more for me to learn. There’s so much more for me. Many more veils for me to lift many more things for me to see, to release, to transform, to transmute.

So I can be both the master and the student at the same time.

So that is something that is so so important for me to highlight.

And that’s part of what I want to do with MASTERY is I want to ignite the mastery in you because when we do that, when we own how good we are. How much we have accomplished and how much of the work that we have done, as well as how much there is still to do. Then we become the masters of our own lives. Of our own way in this world, and that is whether you are a stay at home mom, soccer mom, whether you are a CEO of a company, whether you are a student at school.

Whoever you might be owning your mastery there will even just by… you can see it if you’re watching this on YouTube or on my website, you can see that there’s a strengthening of the spine and I hope that you’re feeling that as well.

So that is what I want to do with MASTERY. I want to have you see that in yourself and I don’t care if you’re 17 or if you’re 77. There is mastery in you right now. And you ignite that mastery you transform energetically. You become different and energetically, that energy is then shared with the world.

Because everything is energy.

Let the inspiration ripple

And the more you owe your mastery, the more others can be inspired by that and own it in themselves as well.

So, as you will see, throughout these episodes, I will go on rambles because that’s what I do when I go into this space of recording, of sharing.

I want to repeat what I said. I speak my truth and my truth might not be yours, take what serves you and leave the rest.

Love is The Way

I think maybe I should share a couple of principles for my life, my work, my everything. And that is my core principle is that Love is The Way. That’s my core principle. It’s been my core principle probably since 2008. I want to say somewhere around then.

I also shared how I thought that the heavens would open all that.

What I have found over the years is that love being the way for some has been made into that everything is just glitter and rosy and butterflies and unicorns and rainbows all of which I love.

But what I have found is that when we choose love as our way, all of that, like I said, all of that which is out of resonance with love will be shown to you. All of that which is out of resonance with love will present you with an opportunity to shift it.

That is not to say to suppress it or ignore it.

Feel the feelings

That is to have a look at it. To whatever the feelings, feel the feelings that are coming up here the thoughts that are coming up for you and then begin to dissolve and begin to release them begin to work through them so that you can experience the deep satisfaction that is on the other side.

The freedom and the elation that is on the other side when you let go of all of that which is out of resonance with love.

That’s at least my experience.

I’m just checking to see if there’s anything else that wants to come through because I had a lot of notes for this episode.


Yeah, you’ll probably hear me talk about God and just know that when I talk about God, I talk about God as love and love is energy and so I don’t talk about any specific religion or any specific faith. Love to me is energy and everything is energy.

I think that is what I had to share with you. So MASTERY has now been kicked off.

If you have a topic that you would like for me to cover, please feel free to reach out. You can do that on my website. Go to MariaSaraphina.com/contact and I’d love to hear from you. Or if you have a suggestion for a guest that you think should be in Sacred Conversation with me here.

Other than that, I am just going to say thank you so much for your time. I am looking forward to sharing so much more with you in the coming episodes.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Strategist | Radical Love Rebel

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