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Shine from the heart


“If you wanna be seen, you gotta go stand in the light…”

Those were the wise words from a friend not too long ago. We were having a conversation about following your heart, even though it sometimes doesn’t immediately makes sense to you (and thus often also not to your immediate surroundings) but also about saying it out aloud, not hiding, but speaking up.

Putting yourself out there, with all of your imperfections.

Do you know that fear, that heartbeat and plethora of thoughts following?

I do.

My very first promotional video

The reason for our conversation, was the below video.

My very first video.

Not only did I make the video, I also did something I wouldn’t have done a year ago… heck maybe not even 3 months ago!

I shared it.

On Facebook
On LinkedIn
On Google+

and even told you about it on my Instagram account.


Because I know that when we decide to live a life based in love, miracles happen. So this video is not about me. It’s about you. About how moving from fear to love can give you the most profound, solid and amazing life. I see it on a daily basis.

Mental resistance

Here’s the thing… it’s completely irrelevant whether you’re the tallest, prettiest, sharpest, most knowledgeable, wisest, smartest, most outgoing, thinnest, most talented or whatever mental images your Ego has set up for you.

WHEN you go stand in the light, speak up and let yourself be heard, you inspire. When you say aloud what you carry in your heart, when you head your call, you inspire.

It’s in no way coincidental that you’ve gotten that one special idea that you have. It’s in no way strange or odd that you want to create what you want to create.

You were born to.

If it wasn’t for you, you wouldn’t be sensing it like a calling from deep within. Like a universal echo. Like a prayer for you to return home, take the leap and start screaming it from mountaintops.

Let Love guide you

If you’re in a situation where you feel the fear galloping, the heart hammering and your throat starting to close up, where it’s maybe almost impossible to even breathe and your body seems to have a life of its own, then remember this… everything starts with a thought.

Change your mindset by focusing on the love that’s gotten you to where you are, where you are now. Repeat to yourself “I am love” until you sense the peace come over you.

You might need to repeat it over and over again, until you sense it. Don’t give up. Your core and essence can never vanish, no matter how much or for how long you’ve ignored your source, that inner voice, it’s still there, accessible to you the moment you wish to reconnect.

We need to see you

I don’t know what it is you’re about to do, but I know what you are.

100% pure undiluted love.

When you are, speak and create from that field, you cast a wider net than you’ll ever know.

You’ll touch people you might never meet.

You will spread the light and the love, allowing others to do the same.

It completely irrelevant whether it’s as a consultant in your work, as a personal trainer, coach, mentor, photographer, designer, therapist or what ever it is that you do.

If you want me to guide you on your journey, apply here.

There’s no bigger reward…

…in my work, than when my clients “come out”. When I sense their core growing bigger and stronger. I hear it in their voices. I feel it in their energy, going from flaky to solid. I see it on their websites and in their social media, where their message becomes more clear and pure, more visible. And the sadness, the apologies for stepping out of the “norm” slowly but surely disappear while they step out fully and completely into their calling.

Needless to say #gratitude is part of everyday life in my line of work.

Let me hear you…

In the comments below, tell me what it is you wish to spread. What’s your calling? And then consider what you can do, today, to go stand out there, in the light.

I look very much forward to seeing your light.

Oh, and let me tell you – that first video is not going to be my last ;o)


Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, (ACIM) Student & Teacher

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