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Visibility & The Witch Wound

Visibility & The Witch Wound – Transcript

Hello, Radiant One and as always a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s episode.

In today’s episode, I’m going to be diving deep into a topic that is something that very often comes up during either my 1-on-1 sessions with people or actually also during the journey work that I do, my programs or healing journeys.

It is the topic of – well, the thing is that it can seem as a fear of visibility but one of the things that I’ve discovered through my work with people is that it actually is deeply connected to what is commonly referred to as “the witch wound.”

Now I’m not an expert on the witch wound so I can only speak from my experience and what I see and how its connection to visibility or to fear in this lifetime shows up. So through this episode, it is my hope that you will find yourself and hopefully also be empowered or inspired to take action and perhaps a different way than you have in the past. But we’ll see. We’ll get there.

Fear of speaking truth

So first of all, like I said, in my sessions, what I’ve discovered very often is that when we have a fear or standing out or not so much standing out but a fear of speaking our truth or like standing out, becoming visible, of course there is from a biological perspective there is the sense of we as “human beings” are designed to be in groups.

So if you do something that – or at least if your ego or your mind has an idea that what you’re doing is stepping outside of that group, that can mean “literal death” or it used to mean literal death.

So biologically we’re designed to stay within our norms.

We’re not supposed to step outside of the confines or the norms of that group because that could eventually lead to death. That’s the one thing in terms of biology.

Healer for many lifetimes

However, in terms of the more spiritual side – yes, I guess the right word is the spiritual side, is that you being here in this lifetime, you having been called to be of service in the world – that to me says that you are someone who’s been a healer for many, many lifetimes.

You’ve gone through lifetimes of being a healer or shaman or witch or a midwife or a medicine woman or all of these different titles that we give healers throughout lifetimes and you having had that.

Because it’s within your soul imprint.

It’s within your soul code or DNA or whatever you want to call it.

It’s within you to come into the world to be of service, to support the world in its healing, in its awakening, in its transformation, in its ascension, whatever that looks like.

For me, as you know, in this lifetime, that looks as being a spiritual business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneurs, and it also looks like having a podcast where I talk about things that in previous lifetimes we weren’t able to speak as openly or as freely about it as we are today.

Killed for being of service, for being visible, speaking your truth

So you’re someone who’s had those lifetimes, multiple – probably multiple, multiple lifetimes – and through that you also have the experience of being killed for your knowledge.

You have the experience of being mutilated, of being tortured, of being crucified, of being burned, of basically having your life ended in very, very horrendous ways for simply speaking your truth, for performing your craft, for being who you are and who you came to be or are in truth.

Size doesn’t matter

So those experiences are still with you. When I talk about the witch wound and visibility, if you have an experience of being held back – and I want to make sure that you understand that whether you have a million followers or whether you have two followers be it on Instagram or Facebook or on your newsletter or on your blog if you have two readers or like 2 million readers, the witch wound doesn’t really differ.

The witch wound will – unless you take action steps in order to heal it and unless you are conscious about it and are able to go with the flow in terms of when it shows up – I’ll share a story with you in just a moment about that – then it doesn’t really matter. It can come up for you until the moment where you are able to shower yourself with love and add love to it and make sure that once those fears come up that they’re actually being healed or cleared or whatever you want to call it.

3 Ways it can show up

1. “Valid excuses”

The way that I’ve found that they can show up – there are different ways. It can show up either as what I like to call “seemingly valid excuses.”

There’s a seemingly valid excuse for you to not promote your services or a there’s a seemingly valid excuse for you – maybe your website’s not done or your services page is not fully complete or you don’t have your newsletter subscription up or you don’t what content to post or – there can be a million “valid” reasons for you not to be putting yourself out there, for you not to show up, for you not to be visible, and for you not to promote your services or products, whatever it is.

That’s one of the ways that I see that this witch wound is connected to our visibility, to our soulful selling, to our promotion.

2. Seemingly real fear

The second way that it can show up is actually in a real fear.

Whenever you think about doing any of those things – promoting yourself, showing up, being visible in any way, shape, or form whether that is doing a workshop, whether it is speaking in front of people, whether it is posting a story on Instagram, whether it is sending a newsletter, doing a blog post, doing a video, whatever that – you can actually have a real fear that hits you so you can have those senses, those feelings of fear, and not understanding that there is no tiger in the room. I’m not about to be killed. Why is this showing up for me?

So there can be real fear.

3. Resistance

And then you can have resistance and that can come up as irritation or it can come up as frustration.

There can be – it may not be fully fledged fear but it’s like there’s just that icky-ness or something that is off. Like I said, this can actually be however far you are in your journey.

Me personally, I am just about to dive into a – by the time you will get this, this will have started – but I’m about to dive into an Instagram takeover. I will be taking over one of my dear, dear clients’ Elegant Alchemy’s Instagram Stories for 42 or 72 hours and she is a beautiful radiant light and she shares and shines so beautifully. She has an account of more than I can’t remember 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Me personally, I have about 800 so even though I’m showing up here, I’m showing up on YouTube, and doing everything that I can to be visible and promoting myself and so forth.

Since this opportunity has come up for me, it’s been so interesting to watch myself look at “oh, but I don’t know exactly what graphics to use and I don’t know exactly what to write” and I’ve been asking about people – I’ve been all about trying to figure out – and it wasn’t ‘til I realized, “Okay, hold on. What’s really going on?”

Like I said, I have been sharing videos and Stories and everything for at least about a year or two years so I’m in the habit of it. But that still comes up for me and so it may also come up for you.

Love is The Way

As you have heard me say before and as you will hear me say until the cows come home that love is the way, that the way that you actually – there’s no way around it.

Yes, I could choose not to show up but why on earth wouldn’t I want to show up for people who are here to be of service, people who are here to add more love to their life, and who would want what I have to offer?

Flipping Self-sabotage and perfectionism

This is a great opportunity so as I’ve said before, love is the way and also one of the words that have come up for me is compassion and baby steps.

Whenever I encounter these fears or resistances, I like to start small simply because of the way that I am, small is never “good enough”.

It has to be big or I should probably say that in the past it used to have to be big.

So that was simply a self-sabotage. It was a self-sabotage because if I couldn’t make it perfect or it couldn’t be big or bold, then I simply couldn’t do it and thus was able to hold myself back from doing what I actually love, being of service and teaching, and being in sessions with people.

Compassion, Baby Steps & Acknowledgement

So compassion and then baby steps. I allow myself to take the smallest step possible because I know that once I take that step, I am then able to take my next step and then I’m able to take my next step.

Also, of course, acknowledgement – acknowledging myself throughout this and being really the most loving, kind, and caring person I can be toward myself.

What You can Do

So if you’re someone who’s recognized yourself in terms of the witch wound, first of all know that – and I’ve shared this before. I’m not sure where I’ve shared it so I’ll just go ahead and share it briefly and that is – oh, sorry, it’s because I’ve shared it within my Mastery Through Love The 7 Initiations.

There’s about a week left to sign up for Mastery Through Love The 7 Initiations. if that’s what you want to be part of. This is where you could work with this. This is where we shower you with love, dissolve the fears, and expand the love.

Is the fear real or imagined?

The thing is, there’s a difference between fear – not difference but there is – if you’re in a room with a tiger, if you’re about to get killed or hurt or maimed in any shape or form, that’s not the time to sit down and start meditating about what you can do to get out of the situation.

That’s when you leave.

You leave the situation. You stop the bleeding; you leave the situation.

However, if the fear that you’re experiencing is “not real,” then the fear is there to tell you something, that something’s deeper.

That could be, and most likely because this is what I see basically in everyone and if you’re listening to this, that means that you’ve been called in to hear this.

I would say that you most likely have been a healer in many different ways for many, many lifetimes meaning that you’ve also experienced different horrendous deaths through many, many lifetimes and that can actually affect your visibility in this lifetime.

auspicious time

Again, we live in a very auspicious time where you can show up and not be killed or hurt or maimed for your beliefs, even though that still resides within you.

So like I said, love is the way and so it’s about compassion and it’s about taking baby steps and also like I said, if this is something that you would like to work on, you can either join the Mastery Through Love The 7 Initiations. in which we expand love, dissolve fear, and we do it in 6 areas that are very common to the spiritual entrepreneur, or you can come along and you can join me in 1-on-1 sessions.

I do have openings so that’s also possible. You can go ahead and apply for your free discovery session here if that’s what tickles your soul.

Tell me in the comments below…

Now I would love to hear from you. Please share your experience with the witch wound and what revelation you’ve had through listening to this episode.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & Energy Alignment Method® Mentor


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  1. Love this Mariaestela! Thank you. I’ve been experiencing a lot of these triggers of late- especially irritation and refusing to do it if it can’t be perfect or big- but didn’t align them with the witches wound. Intuitively, I’ve been discerning the Fear and then giving myself permission to walk away or take a baby step forward. Continuing to step into the flow of healing and freedom from this.

    1. Wonderful Kailey! You’re so welcome – glad that it served you. I see it often in the clients I work with, and also the deep relief that comes from knowing and understanding, so it was time to share.

      xo, M

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