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Trust before courage

Lately I’ve been met by the belief that living from the heart out, following your call, being me fully and completely, speaking my truth, about what I know and believe is about courage…

That I in some way or another am special or unique.

We’re the same

Let me start by clarifying that I’m not. You and me are made of the exact same material. If you hear a voice, sense a call or feel that there’s something you need to do – it’s because there is. You’re the one who’s supposed to deliver it into this world.

When you experience someone being courageous, inspiring, authentic or passionate you’re really seeing a reflection of everything you contain yourself.

Me, having stepped unto my path and thus, by some are being perceived as courageous, is not about courage but about trust.

About me making a conscious decision about wanting to live my life fully and with the deepest trust in knowing that everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING (including that fist my ex gave me straight in the face 8 years ago) happens for the best and for the highest development of all involved.

Everything happens for a reason – also the things we seemingly classify as “bad”.

Space of Happiness, Joy & Love

– and when you’re living there, in that space of joy, happiness and love, then the world looks very, very, very different than it did during the most dark period of my life. The one I now refer to as my “black period”, where I awoke every morning with dark circles beneath my eyes, where sadness followed me around like a dark cloud, where I worked, ate and slept and besides that did nothing but cry and cry and cry. Where my sister and dad suddenly stood outside my door one day fearing that I was about to end this life.

When you’ve made that decision – to trust something that’s so way bigger than you, then your world changes, all of your life changes.

That does not mean that I don’t experience resistance or adversity, it only means that every time I choose to see it with love.

I don’t have to meddle around with it, investigating or consider. I can choose to let it go and return to love instantly.

But I do understand the assumption, the idea that it’s about courage. It’s only one of the Ego’s many clever, conniving methods in keeping you from stepping into the light, taking the first step in trust. It lets you believe that there’s juuuuuust that one thing you’re missing, when in reality you’re already everything you need.

It wasn’t too long ago that I stood there, believing it was about courage. Some times it seems like lightyears ago. So many things have been moved around and pulled out by the roots, alone in the last year.

Let me hear you…

If you want to share your take on trust, do so in the comments below.


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