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How true denial can propel you forward

Have you ever had something you just wanted to go away and so you tried ignoring with all of your might only to have the very thing you’re trying to avoid blow up in your face leaving you to deal with all of the pieces and mess?

Ignoring never works.

It is the same as suppression and will only allow whatever you’re choosing not to acknowledge or look at to be fuelled and grow in the shadows, chaining you down, consciously or unconsciously.

What you can do, and what does work is to deny whatever it is, an affect on you. While choosing not to ignore it, but rather acknowledge it, you can at the same time deny it any hold over you.

This goes, whether it be internal or external circumstances.


We are constantly creating barriers for ourselves and while they may appear real they are all created within your mind. Most of them unconscious until the moment you decide that you’ve had enough and begin to unravel them. The moment you embark on your awakening journey allowing love to become the driver of your life.

I hope it’s obvious that I am not talking about moments where you find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun or when your life and health in other ways are at risk.

There are times in our lives where you may find yourself in situations or circumstances that appear to be less than ideal. Where you may seem to be forced into a reality you do not want, and while you cannot decide what happens to you, you do however always have the option of choosing how you allow that situation or circumstance to affect you.

If you choose to ignore it, most likely you will begin to resist and revolt, feeling restrained and tied down. If instead you choose to accept what is but deny it any effect over you, you are able to move through it with peace of mind.

“Let all things be exactly as they are.”

– A Course in Miracles

As simple and as easy as it sounds, this is no small feat.

To give you a personal example…

Whether I write emails or articles for you, the ego of my lower mind is my companion. Right there with me, creating worry and concern about my writing being good enough or anything at all, second guessing everything I do write or think, creating fear of ridicule and my personal safety.

What I have learned is not to ignore those voices, but to let them be, knowing they can only ever affect me if I allow them to. I deny them the ability to affect my work and my purpose. Allow them to be or not to be whatever they want. In that, I consciously and unconsciously choose love and thus allow for miracles. Miracles that propel me forward.

Because in denying what I know not to be true, in denying what may seem to be real you allow for love to flourish, to be and to lead. Not using your energy and power on ignoring it, you instead pour love into allowing that which you want to flourish.

You thus expand in love rather than project in fear and as you do so, the ego voice of the lower mind will be silenced more and more allowing for the voice of your soul to speak through you.

Practice Practice Practice

My ability to do this came through experience and practice and was based in a calling. For the longest time I had been called to begin sending out what at the time had no name, but today are called Divine Love Notes. Beautiful messages of love, reminding us of what we truly are. Completely free and you yourself can choose their frequency.

At first I had to show up every day and move through the voices in my head, but with persistence and consistency I was given a divine gift. A divine gift of going on a trip to the US where I wasn’t allowed to work for three weeks because of visa requirements.

I had to learn the art of true denial, because the ego voice was running rampant and I had very clear deadline. Everything had to be scheduled before I left.
At first what I would do, whenever ego appeared was to simply get up and go for a long walk. Clearing my head. Because I had long since made the choice only to create out of love. Then I would come back, sit down and write with a clear mind.

Thinking back I am amazed at how it happened and what it taught me. It was a beautiful Divine lesson.

After that trip the notes were no longer a daily task, instead they began arriving in bulks of weeks and today I easily move into that divine space of peace and silence allowing them to stream forward.

As I write this and reflect I realise that it never once occurred to me that I could simply have paused the sending of the notes for those 3 weeks. I know these notes come through me, but they are as much for me as they are for you. Everyday I am excited to read the divine love note with its beautiful message.

True denial

True denial is when you deny what is not true. The ego of our lower minds will, like a small child in the midst of a tantrum, throw everything at you in order to keep you from proceeding with whatever it is your heart is calling you to. It may not have the appearance of someone throwing a fit, it may also be very subtle and cunning. Coming up with clever ways as to why you shouldn’t proceed. Ways that seem very valid, but where the bottom line is you not expanding in love.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with the ego. Its viciousness lies rooted in the fear that you will remember what you truly are. In order to stay alive and in control it must keep you from remembering that and so it will do everything in its imagined power to do so. It is however a lost cause.

“You cannot sell your soul, but you can sell your awareness of it.”

– A Course in Miracles

You are the most beautiful, magnificent being. Created in light by love and for love. That cannot be denied because it is the truth. Like a sonar pinging, the call for you to awaken, to rise and to soar is constant within you. Within you and without you, because you have no beginning and no end.

You may think yourself limited to your body, but you reach further and wider than is humanly possible to comprehend. Working with yourself you may catch glimpses of this infinity and eternity.


True denial propels you forward because it is an allowing of the expansion of love rather than a contraction in fear. Contractions are part of a birth and so they are natural and useful. However if you, during birth, keep contracting no baby will be born. It will wither in the womb and most likely kill you in the process too. In order to give it life, you must allow for the expansion to take place, allow for that which is to come through you to be born.

This propels, not only you, but also those for whomever what you are birthing is for, forward. It is the eternal continuation of expansion. Of love.

“A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.”

– A Course in Miracles

So, in closing I invite you to reflect upon this…

What are you ignoring that you should be denying the effects of instead so that you may allow for the birth and creation of that which is to come through you?

Tell me in the comments below.

With Love & Blessings,
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pps. In my upcoming Mastery through Love program you will actively be working with true denial.

In the comments below, tell me:

What are you ignoring that you should be denying the effects of instead so that you may allow for the birth and creation of that which is to come through you?

2 Responses

  1. I seem to be ignoring that I am both partially dependent on in a maligning or dispowering way and also in aligning with their alignment-vision- or lack thereof, I am hurting my own life, i.e., opportunities for alignment and vision and work and unity and service.

    I allow thoughts and patterns not my own, contradicting my developing intuition, evidence says I want something from them, or, I don’t trust enough in my own int.

    Here’s a contraction moment. I can see that now in the light, a contraction moment, ultimately leading to my birth or creative alignment.

    1. Beautiful insight and awareness Matthew. Give yourself permission to be your full divine self and deny those thoughts and patterns a hold over you. They may be there, and while they are you may still choose to follow your intuition. You are, as you mention, in a contracting moment birthing your creative alignment.

      Love is the Way.

      Blessings & Love,


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