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The Sway; Accessing The Origin in Your Energy


Stand with your feet hips width apart and with “loose” knees, meaning not locked or bending into a squat.

You hands must be hanging down by your sides.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to land in the position.

Then ask a yes or no question out aloud. You will typically sway forward for yes, backwards for no.

Start with simple questions you definitely know the answers to.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Make it as easy for you as possible.

"Maria Saraphina has the real knowledge and the knowledge, wisdom and know how about business about how to do things, how to get things done, how to plan, the strategy, and then she's also got the other side the spiritual energetic nurturing really supportive other side which is such a lovely when they blend together it’s just as perfect.

That’s why I would recommend Maria Saraphina to anyone who needs a strategy but also wants and also wants to have someone who is in touch with how things work from an energetic point of view as well."
Client Love, Julia Magnay. Family Enrichment Hub, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Julia Magnay
Co-Founder, The Family Enrichment Hub

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The Options


Starting @ $5000

Tailormade packages with a combination of  VIP Immersions, 1:1 sessions and accountability and support between sessions. Video and audio recordings available after each session. 


Starting @ $1495

Deep diving “one-and-done” 4-5 hr session with a 7 day AMA follow-up opportunity after. Video and audio recordings available afterwards. 


Starting @ $1111

A fluid, voice note based coaching service giving you an experienced coach in pocket when and where you need it.

Maria was the perfect guide during my second (!) major career change. After working over a decade in healthcare, I felt confident that chapter was coming to a close but lacked clarity around what was to come next.

I could feel myself grasping at career directions out of desperation but couldn’t land on anything that felt right.

Maria Saraphina really helped me take a step back, identify, and clear, what was muddying the process. She introduced me to new tools that I will continue to use and helped me lay the much needed groundwork to align naturally with my heart’s authentic expression.

It’s hard to imagine having the patience, self-kindness, and trust that I experienced during this challenging process had I worked with any other business coach.

Maria Saraphina is kind as she is organized, gentle and she is practical. deeply insightful and totally authentic. Thank you Maria Saraphina for helping me find the bravery to truly follow my heart into a much more aligned career!
Client Love, Christina Cecconi, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment, Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Christina Cecconi