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There is another way…

There is another way…

I cannot begin to tell you how often I hear my clients sighing a heavy sigh of relief when they realise that what not only I have been saying, but more importantly they’ve been sensing all along is true…

That there IS another way.

A way of “doing” in total sync with the Universe. A way of love, of patience, of kindness, a way with a deep soulful connection to who you are in what you do.

A way where you drop your pretences of what the world is supposed to be. Hustling, bustling, pushing and pressuring your way through life and business. Where you work in close cooperation with the Divine force that drives you from within.

The force that know all things.

Choosing to lead with love doesn’t mean that you don’t do the work – nor does it mean that you don’t work long, or even hard. 

What it does mean is that you’re unrelenting in your commitment, your dedication and your passion. It means that you connect and reconnect over and over again to the power within you.

That whenever a voice within rears its ugly head are start screaming things at you like “They’ll soon find out you’re nothing but a fraud” or “This is not good enough” or “You’ll never make it” then you don’t yell back.

Resistance will only fuel it.

Instead you welcome them in, with grace and love. You listen knowing they’re not true. Knowing that part of you is probably scared shitless and that IT’S OK.

Let the voice rage for a moment, be gentle with yourself and then change your focus to the things you want more of in your life. Change your focus to love.

Because that is what you are. Love.

Replace the voice and acknowledge yourself with loving thoughts like “I’m freaking amazing, no ones ever done this” or “My skills, knowledge and experience combined makes me born for this” or “There’s never been anyone like me and there never will be, I am awesome!”.

Go all out, because from where I am standing, let me just tell how crazy beautiful you are! The light in you might be dimmed, but no one can ever extinguish the incredible power house you are.


I often hear how we shouldn’t suppress our feelings. However, I find that the people saying this only seem to believe that it applies to our negative feelings.

Consider that when you are trying hard NOT to suppress your negative feelings, you’re actually suppressing the positive ones.

Now, I’m not saying you should suppress anything, neither the negative nor the positive. Nothing good will ever come from that. When you embrace and allow all of what comes up you soar.

What that means is that YOU hold the power to shape your life and reality. You hold the power to transform your whole life. It’s within you this very moment. There’s nothing more you need, all you have to do is apply what you already know.

Consistently, continually and committed.

And you already know this. It’s not new knowledge. I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. All I’m doing is re-minding you of what you know on deep soul level – the level where you and I and all that is is connected.

So how? How do you choose love in the dark moments?

The way is simple. The way is Love

There is another way, Coach, Teacher & Facilitator Mariaestela, Mariaestela, Coach, ACIM

You train.
You work out.
Just as you would with any new skill you were trying to learn.

The ability to choosing love in any situation is like a muscle. If you don’t work it, it atrophies.

Listen carefully, because this is the missing link for most people.

You start by going within. Always. Then you act. Acting in this case, means training relentlessly.

This is what most people do not do or will not do.

Yes, they might start, might “try” for a little while, might find “it’s not working” and then they stop.

But this is where you my Love, you are different.

You are ready and willing.
You will do the work.
You did not come to this page by accident and so I have a tool for you.


This is a tool I give all of my clients. As with everything I teach it is simple, because simplicity means efficiency in my world.

Here’s what you do:

Pull out your phone. Set 4 or 5 random alarms to go off during the day.

Whenever your alarm goes off place your hand on your heart and say“I choose Love” to yourself and continue with your day. It can be out aloud or silently, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you do it…

I choose Love…

BONUS TIP! On most phones you can choose your own alarm tone. Choose a gentle one. The one I love and use on my iPhone is called “Chimes”.

Now… The most important part… This won’t work unless you do.

Spend those 5 minutes setting up your alarms to go off now and start reaping the benefits immediately. I know it sounds crazy simple, because love truly is. That’s the power of it.

Please come back and let me know how using this tool has served you in the comments below.



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