Radiant One,

As a Soul driven, heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Owner, Magdalene Rising or Golden Grid Keeper having gone through more dark nights of your soul and rude awakenings than you care to remember, you know intimately that outer change requires inner work and you recognise the deep value of it.

You understand that we live in the time of the new paradigm, that Love is the only way and you’re here to have both you and your business be thriving and sustainable based on those principles and values.

Am I right?

If you’re ready to…
  • Abandon the preconceived notions you’ve been been conditioned to believe for centuries, for the wisdom of your heart.

  • Let go of what you thought you wanted allowing your hearts desires to soar.

  • Fully immerse yourself in the new era that’s already here…

You’ve come to the right place…


The 7 Initiations


  • Feeling completely at home in your body without wanting to check out and leave. Reigniting your Divine Feminine Essence, allowing her wisdom, knowledge and gnosis to guide you in every thing and all things.
  • Releasing the restraints of old paradigm, patriarchy and the abuse of the Shadow Masculine activating your Divine Masculine Essence to build strong, solid foundations and powerful spaces and communities for your work to thrive in.
  • Freeing your voice from millennia of silencing, speaking your truth with confidence and being so at peace and home in what I, and some, call God without worrying about what others with say or do.
  • Letting go of being a doormat out of a false perception of what love is and having magnificent sacred containers and boundaries in place that serve both you and those you’re here to serve….
  • Abandoning bro marketing, hustling and “faking it till you make it” for being open, honest and transparent with love based promotion and selling from a space of heart and love…
  • Uncovering the gold within the shadows of your mind and owning all of the uniqueness, specialness and quirks that makes you, amplifying your radiance to the umpteenth degree…
  • Disconnecting your worth and value (infinite!) from your prices and pricing model, building abundant foundations for yourself and expanding your ability to receive…

Sounds like a dream I know – and I’m not going to promise you it’ll happen overnight or even fully during your first round of these 7 Initiations…

What I will share is that it’s possible.

As you do the work of releasing that which is stuck, stagnant or stale in your energy and aligning yourself to that which you want allowing yourself to experience ease and flow in every area of your business (and life).

This is not a quick fix. It’s deep, sustainable transformation based in love, for love, by love and with love.

Have you ever wondered…

“Why is it that I seem to be repeating the same patterns over and over again?”

“What is it that makes my throat feel constricted and my heart pound every time I’m speaking my truth, sharing a post on Social Media or doing anything that remotely resembles me promoting myself – despite me having done it a million times?”

“How come I seem to be coming up against the same issues whenever I’m ready for the next level of my business?”

“Am I truly connected with my purpose and mission or am I just making pretend?”

“Why do I seem to be running in circles when it comes to certain areas of my business?”

“With everything I’ve accomplished and all of the work I’ve done on myself how come I’m still procrastinating?”

“Why is it that I cannot seem to dream big?”


And while my unwavering, years long commitment to Love being The Way brought me to a place of deep acceptance and surrender, energy medicine is what brought me into true alignment.

To the place where things I never even had the capacity to dream about has become obtainable with ease.

I must warn you though.

Activating this journey means abandoning all of your preconceived notions about how things are supposed to be and happen.

If you’re a recovering control freak like me – that’s no small feat – yet the outcome and it’s deep, soul nourishing satisfaction and joy in any moment is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

To quote one of my most beloved teachers Yeshua Ben-Joseph:

What I can do, you can do.

And the more of us doing the work, living our truth, creating the most magnificent, sustainable and thriving businesses (and lives) the better our world becomes. It cannot but ripple, through you, out into the world.

As stated in A Course in Miracles…

“Through you this world will change…”

If after..

  • Having read every book under the sun about limiting beliefs and self sabotage.
  • Downloaded every meditation for confidence and courage.
  • Watched every youtube video on motivation, confidence and procrastination.
  • – and have tapped your face off to “bust through” your scarcity mindset and money blocks…

… you still feel your stomach clench, your heart beating with panic and your throat constricted when speaking out, sharing your truth, marketing and promoting your services… trying to ignore, suppress or eliminate your fears is not the answer. Love & Alignment is.

If you want to thrive within your business, truly, deeply satisfied and content you must bring yourself into full alignment with who you are in truth.

Alignment that…

Opens the space for flow, ease, synchronicity, divine timing and “out of the blue” occurrences galore.

Sooner or later every spiritual entrepreneur will come to the realisation that your business is not just what you do, it’s who you are.

I know because I walked in your shoes.

When I first took the leap as an entrepreneur I was so deeply rooted in a fear based mindset, scared shitless about what people would think that rather than come out fully as the Spiritual Business Coach I am, I decided to work as an (overqualified) VA. (nothing wrong with being a VA – it just wasn’t for me).

For years I stayed within that “safe” but SO dissatisfying bubble. Earning a living, while suppressing my desire.

Love healed me and Energy Medicine brought me into the highest possibly alignment.

I now know, through both personal experience and the work that I do with my 1:1 clients, that no thing and nothing “out there” will ever work.

The expansion and growth of your business starts from within. By releasing and dissolving what’s in your energy and doesn’t serve you before aligning you with that which is – and this what you’ll get in The 7 Initiations.

A quick note on what I mean when I talk about Love…

Love is the strongest force there is yet somehow we’ve been conditioned to believing that there’s good and bad sides of love.

Love is kindness, compassion, care, forgiveness…


Love as anger, truth and accountability is a powerful catalyst for change as can be seen from the historic momental changes followed by the power of the people when we oppose current circumstances, stand for what is right, just and true – for all.

While this might seem like opposing sides, in Union all is. The notion that Love is somehow split or divided is of the old paradigm wanting us to ascribe to the notion of us being separate – anything by Whole, which we are in truth – whether we see it or not.

To Be Clear Love Is Not…

  • Staying in an abusive relationship, whether it be personal or professional for whatever reason.
  • Forgiving someone and then continuously allow the repeated behaviour.
  • Closing your eyes, turning the other cheek or staying silent when you see injustices being committed.
  • Suppressing any of the emotions or feelings that you feel, thinking that not to be “spiritual”.
  • Ignoring your inner voice when it’s screaming from the top of its lungs.
  • Allowing people to walk all over you instead of setting clear and strong boundaries.


The 7 Initiations

Choose Your Option




The 7 Initiations

A powerful, personal energetic mastery and alignment journey supporting you in releasing and transforming stuck, stagnant and stale energy in every area of your business and bringing you into true alignment.

The 7 Initiations is the only hands-on program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create flow in every area of your business, using The Energy Alignment Method® but also provides you with comprehensive in-depth guidance, suggestions and ideas on what might be stagnant, stale or stuck in your energy, based in almost 10 years of experience allowing you to align yourself with your dreams and desires in peace, ease, flow and alignment.

I’m Maria Saraphina,

Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator

My corporate background stems from:

  • Hospitality aka working in hotels.
  • Startups aka being part of multiple start ups.
  • Financial aka being a Key Account Manager for one of the largest credit card acquirers in Scandinavia.
  • Product Development and Management aka spearheading as well as being deeply involved in the development of very complex and technical systems.

So I’ve got the business side in place…

– And for the past +10 years I’ve been reconnecting with my heart, my spirituality and my connection to Source, God if you will.

Following the path of a Magdalene Rising and Golden Grid Keeper I’ve gone through my own fair share of rude awakenings and dark nights of my soul to arrive at the place and space, within as without where I, today, cannot imagine not blending, weaving and merging the worlds of seen and unseen, spirituality with practicality and magic with the mundane.

To me, that’s the space of miracles, satisfaction, joy, fulfilment and content. It’s why I am here – and more importantly, you too…

The 7 Initiations, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, The Energy Alignment Method®, Maria Saraphina
Spiritual Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

Before I share all the deeds and the details let me share who this is really for…

You’re a Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Owner, Magdalene Rising or Golden Grid Keeper who recognises the power and value of transformation and healing from within and you’re ready to invest in yourself and come from a space of love, flow and alignment allowing you to see your challenges as initiations with the possibility to catapult you into even deeper alignment with your truth.

Whether you’ve…
  • Taken the leap into a Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual or Holistic business yet still have a side job to pay the bills and want to give yourself the most powerful foundation to build upon, paving the path to flow as you grow and expand your business.
  • Done all of the hard work and seen your business take off in the most magnificent ways knowing the amount of energy and force it’s taken you you’re ready to transmute the underlying energetic structures of everything and truly acknowledge yourself for the initiations you’ve gone through, preparing you for your next level.
  • Been in business for a long while, got your team in place, yet hungry for more and intuitively recognising that requires a different energetic footprint.

You’ve come to the right place Radiant One!

– and I’m excited to share with your exactly how The 7 Initiations will show you how to release whatever is standing in the way of you and flow, give you the precise tools you need as well as the exact support you want allowing you to release stagnant, stale or stuck energy to create flow in every area of your business (and life).

By the end of this program,

you will have…

  • Experienced a level of liberation, flow and freedom like never before. You will feel lighter, smile more and know what to do to lift spirit no matter the situation.
  • Brought light into the darkest moments of your journey as a Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Magdalene Rising and transmuted the energy from fear to love.

  • Received all 7 Initiations and uplevelled the frequency and vibration of yourself and your business to a level you probably never imagined possible.

  • Obtained a level of skill enabling you to bring your dreams to life in a simple, structured and powerful way.

  • Released your fear of speaking your truth, set boundaries, connect deeper with Source and taken aligned action.
  • Mastered The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM) through numerous releases.
    Turned your challenges into initiations knowing how to move through them.

  • Transformed plethoras of limiting beliefs, recurring negative thoughts, patterns and neural pathways not serving you.
  • Expanded your experience of what’s truly possible for you and your business.

The Deeds & Details



The 7 Initiations is a 7-month in-depth, practical and hands on healing journey. Here’s the schedule:

Each Initiation comes with its own particular magical mix of videos, assignments, flowsheets, guides and MP3s to ensure and inspire deep releasing, transformation, self-reflection, powerful discoveries, revelation, remembering, recognition and ultimately flow and alignment.

Your first Initiation awaits you the moment you join and a new one is released ever month thereafter.

Optional Support

Joining The 7 Initiation you have the option to join us for:

LIVE CALLS | 2 Monthly live calls deepening the work and celebrating your journey. These are held on Tuesdays @ 7 PM CEST (Copenhagen)*

SACRED TELEGRAM CHAT | During our time together you will have access to our private, Sacred Collective on Telegram where you can share openly and freely what comes up for you… insights, revelations, shares, ideas, challenges, experiences and accomplishments – unfiltered and real.

I will be active in the group, sharing insights, suggestions and practices for you to consider and I may also offer teachings and reflections that are relevant based on the highest for the collective.

*The calls are recorded and replay will be available soon after and stays available for 30 days.

1. Initiation | Core, Connection & Chaos

Instant Access When You Join.


As Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience the choice to truly be here fully is one that many of us struggle with. Knowing, and sometimes remembering the Oneness from which we stem can bring up lots of difficulty. In this module, among many things, you’ll:

  • Ground yourself fully into being here, now. Allowing your body to be the temple of your Soul’s divine expression, mission and purpose.

  • Connect fully with your heart and purpose, releasing any restraints being in this world might’ve caused.

  • Assess the wisdom, gnosis and knowledge of your Divine Feminine awakening the most magnificent flow of information, downloads and intuitive nudges.

  • Recognize yourself in all of your might for who you truly are.
  • Release the effects of the suppression of the Divine Feminine throughout millenia.
  • Work through the Dark Nights of Your Soul and Rude Awakenings to move from fear to love.

2. Initiation | Aligned Action, Doing, Systems & Structure

Released 30 days after previous.


When you marry your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Essences, together there’s nothing this Holy Union cannot accomplish. In this module, among many things, you’ll:

  • Access your Shadow Masculine Essence and release its effects on you and your business.
  • Understand and release any selfsabotage, procrastination and in-activity cause by the suppression of your Divine Masculine Essence.
  • Implement healthy cycles of action, creation, doing and building. Clearing the path for a strong and solid foundation.
  • Recognise patterns of old paradigm and patriarchal ways of doing and release and abandon them.
  • Clear any stuck, stagnant or stale energy from any of the systems and structures you have in place supporting you.

3. INITIATION | Content, Marketing & Social Media

Released 30 days after previous.


As a Healer, in whatever capacity you might be serving in this lifetime, this is not your first “rodeo”. Being a Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Owner, Magdalene Rising or Golden Grid Keeper you’re the midwife of the New Paradigm you’ve chosen to come back again and again in service to the Highest for All. In this module, among many things, you’ll:

  • Set your voice free so that you might speak your truth.
  • Reclaim your powers, skills, gifts and sovereignty.
  • Release the effects of the Healers Wound, what others might call the Witch Wound.

  • Be visible in the world with  deep devotion and alignment in the way your heart is asking and you’ve been called to.

  • Clear any resistant, reversed, stuck, stagnant or stale energy from your content, marketing and social media as well as align the energy of these pathways with the truth of who you are.

4. INITIATION | Sacred Containers, Agreements & Boundaries

Released 30 days after previous.


Being in service to those you’ve come to serve means saying both yes, and also no, yet as Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Magdalenes Rising setting those boundaries can often be experienced as a difficult thing. In this module, among many things, you’ll:

  • Release any energetic residue setting boundaries might’ve caused.
  • Expand you ability to and knowing exactly when to say yes, and no without any doubt, fear or worry.
  • Allow strong, solid and sacred contracts and agreements to uplift and empower you.
  • Align and bring your agreements into a sacred space to support your continued growth and expansion.

5. INITIATION | Selling is Service

Released 30 days after previous.


Flow in every area of your business requires every area of your business to be in full alignment with who you are in truth and those you’re here to serve, selling them magnificent products and services allowing them to continue the expansion through love ignited by your service. In this module, among many other things, you’ll:

  • Align your products and services with your Souls Divine Purpose and the Highest for All.
  • Move from any fear or “ickyness” of selling into understand your service.
  • Express your service in the most powerful way possible.


Released 30 days after previous.


The world is our most brilliant mirror – allowing you to recognise the shadows of yourself where light is yet to come. In this module, among many other things, you’ll:

  • Release patterns of selfsabotage, limiting beliefs and upper limits.
  • See how truly beautiful, powerful, brilliant and magnificent you truly are.
  • Transform the effects of betrayal, abandonment and deceit by those you’ve trusted into empowering stories of perseverance and persistence.


Released 30 days after previous.


If you’ve heard the phrase “money is just energy” and rolled your eyes so hard they almost got stuck, this is for you. In this module, among many other things, you’ll:

  • Expand your capacity to receive on every level.
  • Release what is stagnant, stale or stuck causing a stunt in the flow of you abundance, wealth and money.

  • Dissolve a fear based mindset of scarcity and lack and its root causes.

  • Develop a loving relationship with money.
  • Align yourself with the level of earning and income you’re ready to receive.



The 7 Initiations

Choose Your Option



The 7 Initiations Is…


Everything you’ll find within The 7 Initiations (and all of my work) is based in love, for love, by love and with love – that however doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

Being a Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Owner, Magdalene Rising and Golden Grid Keeper is not for those faint-of-heart.

It’s one of the most transformative and powerful journeys any spiritual being having a human experience can undertake. Going into the darkest places so you might bring the light and transmute fear to love.

The 7 Initiations, Unique Features, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

The 7 Initiations is structured to give you the best possible approach when it comes to transforming and transmuting the energy that does not serve you or business. Each module comes with a plethora of suggestions, ideas and areas for you to move through in a practical, hands-on and step-by-step way giving you the optimal chance for success.


The 7 Initiations is based on my +10 years experience as a Spiritual Business Coach holding sacred space for numerous Souldriven, Heartbased Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Holistic Business Owners, Magdalenes Rising and Golden Grid Keepers as well as everything I’ve personally gone through in the expansion and growth of my own business.

Shop, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

Only you can know what’s right for you and joining The 7 Initiations you can choose to join our Sacred Community on Telegram as well as the Live Calls.

During the live calls and in our Sacred Telegram I happily share wisdom, knowledge, inspiration and suggestions for inquiries that can spark deeper insights, ahas, revelations but more importantly give you the opportunity to continuously release and transform any resistant, stuck or stale energy that does not serve you and your business.

The 7 Initiations, Unique Features, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

The 7 Initiations offers you an unparalleled opportunity for magnificent flow in every area of your business.

With every module you’ll be releasing energy that’s potentially been stuck or resistant for years, setting yourself free of any limitations and allowing your to soar.

The 7 Initiations, Unique Features, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

You are free to download the program and have it to return to again and again as you and your business continues to grow and expand.

The 7 Initiations, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

Full disclosure…

The 7 Initiations only works if you do.

If you regularly buy courses and programs but never do the work The 7 Initiations won’t work for you.

If you’re a serial program and course buyer thinking they’ll be the “magic pill”, “THE One ring to bind them all…” The 7 Initiations (as those other programs) aren’t for you.

If you buy one program or course after the next hoping that they’ll will finally be THE ONE THING that takes you out of your misery and despair The 7 Initiations is not for you.

While all of what I do, share and am is rooted deeply in love then there’s really no way to sugar coat this…

The 7 Initiations only works if you’re ready to show up for yourself, do the work, release, transform and manifest that which you want. Those who are not, will not see the powerful miracles this journey offers.

– and to be clear, a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, which is what the “magic pill” of this healing journey is. Which in essence is the “magic pill” for ALL I work with.

Shop Separator, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Energy Alignment Method®, Maria Saraphina


You may have some questions about The 7 Initiations so let me address some of them right now…

If you’re ready and willing to replace what’s been resistant, stuck, stagnant and reversed within your energy and business with peace, ease, flow and alignment and do the work then yes. If not, no.

That being said each of our journeys are individual and giving you a fixed guarantee would be out of alignment. If you’ve found yourself here ask within. If the answer is a heartfelt yes, come join us. If it’s not. Honour that.

Your time and effort.

In terms of each Initiation – current Initiates seem to be taking a bite-sized approach spending any where between 1-2 hrs. per week going through it.

The content and format of The 7 Initiations is designed to the best of my ability with the intention to support you in the most powerful way. If you devote yourself to doing the assignments, willing to consistently release what comes up for you and align to that which you do want – shifts, however big or small will happen.

That being said I do not offer refunds – so if you’re unsure or on the fence, take your time to familiarise yourself with me and my work first. Don’t rush into things, scared that you’ll miss out. Whether it be now, later or never – you can only ever make the right choice.

As a soul having a human experience life if such that we’ll never be “done”. There’ll always be more to look at whether you “finish” The 7 Initiations in one go or not. It’s not a race and the depth of this content in correlation to your business and life is such that there might be initiations you’ll want to spend more or less time on. However you get to keep the flowsheets and can always return to it when called.

Truth be told The 7 Initiations could be $7777, $77.777 or $777.777. The true value of it will be revealed to you as you do the work.

Also, this is an experiment.

I’m tired of the patriarchal notions that setting a perceived “high price” or “low price” correlates my own personal worth (which is beyond this world) with my pricing – two distinctly different things in my world.

That being this is the pricing model I’m guided to use currently, whether it stays this way only God knows…

In that case you’re welcome to purchase a separate 1:1 Spiritual Business Coaching Package. Just let me know once you’ve joined and we’ll get it set up.

Each of Initiation flowsheet is designed to meet the energy behind a particular area of your business. Whether it be Speaking Your Truth – 3. Initiation covering Social Media, Content and Marketing or 6. Initiation Comparison & Competition covering Shadow Work. When we shift the inner, and underlying energy of things and apply aligned action (2. Initiation – Divine Masculine) the external shifts.
On top you have direct access to me in our Sacred Telegram Chat where you can ask me any question you might have and I’ll be happy to answer.

Each month I’ll release the next Initiation with the flowsheet and you’ll start working through it. We’ve got 2 live calls where you can come do the work, get support and depending on the energy and where we’re at I’ll most likely also do an activation of sorts.

Every initiation comes with a flowsheet containing exercises, journalling prompts, releasement statements and Step 5 suggestions covering that particular Initiation. For the 1. Initiation that means the flowsheet is 16 pages covering areas like:
  • The Ignition (the spark that fuelled you to start your business)
  • Choosing to be here.
  • Divine Feminine Essence & Her Shadow Aspect.
  • Core | Heart of You | Heart of Your Business – this includes energy work related to your website.
  • Souls Divine Purpose & The Soul of Your Business.

The content is delivered on a platform you’ll receive access to as soon as you’ve joined. Every initiation has an intro video, a flowsheet of varying length + 2 live calls that are recorded. In terms of the experience of it – that would be up to you. Those who’s joined so far have expressed “Oh boy this goes deep” comments in terms of it.

The flowsheet and videos in our Sanctuary space is the same regardless of time zones. So you moving through that is what truly makes it work.

The Live Calls and Sacred Telegram Chat is optional support. As the group grows I will shift or expand the live calls to cover as many timezones as possible. Once the doors are closed I assess the need and finalise the call times for your 7 months. However this is why I added the Sacred Telegram Chat element so you wouldn’t have to wait two weeks to either celebrate what you’ve released or for an answer to something I can easily answer or give guidance to.

Finally, replays will be made available shortly after and stay up for 30 days. I completely understand that this might not be right for everyone.

Shop Separator, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Energy Alignment Method®, Maria Saraphina


The 7 Initiations

Choose Your Option



Gifted Session, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

Radiant One,

Personally I am SO excited to be your guide, catalyst and facilitator throughout our time together and possibly beyond…

Discovering just how powerful we as spiritual beings having a human experience are has been one of the most exhilarating journeys of my life and I cannot wait to share it with you.

I look forward to welcoming you to The 7 Initiations.

xo, Maria Saraphina