Mastery Through Love

The Spiritual Business Mastermind

When You’Ve Been Called To Serve You Must Rise Radiant One…

Allow your Divine Feminine Essence of Wisdom, Knowing, Gnosis and Power to marry your Divine Masculine Essence of Action, Expansion, Creation and Doing …

So that you may be seen, heard and met by those you’re here to serve.

Initiate the soul contracts between you and your clients, created eons ago for this very moment.

You’re the One Radiant One. No one outside of you who can do this. Everything prior to this moment has prepared you for it.

“It is through you this world is changed.”

– A Course In Miracles.

I remember when I stood where you are now.

Wanting to lead with love as much in business as I was in every area of my life. Having done the work.

On the precipice of something bigger. Knowing full well that I was fully ready to be led by the Divine, yet jaded by centuries of old paradigm. Resisting with every ounce of my being the creation and expansion of anything out of alignment with love.

My Divine Feminine was fully activated. Lit and on fire.
Becoming increasingly more frustrated, beginning her descent and transformation into the Shadow Feminine, as I did not allow the downloads to be passed through into the world.

Knowing with every fibre of my being that I was meant to serve, yet unable to allow myself to be seen and heard by those I’m here to serve and create the systems and structures that would support that expansion.

My Divine Masculine malnourished and starving as I kept Him tightly leashed fearing that anything I did would be out of alignment, fear based or worse, not of service to highest of All.

this, Radiant One, is our focus within The Spiritual Business Mastermind.

He woke as I found my way and used the powerful tools of consistency, accountability, systems, structure, routine and flexibility. Allowing myself to rumble, stumble, fail, fall and fail and get back up, until every divine clarity was followed by inspired action. Marrying the essences of The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine. Initiating The Sacred Marriage, The Divine Union within as with out. Above, So Below.

When The Wisdom Of Your Divine Feminine Has Risen, The Aligned Action Of Your Divine Masculine Must Follow.

These tools may sound extremely mundane and oh they are, yet when you know how to harness their power the become powerful pillars for your growth, expansion and success. Filling you with the deepest joy and satisfaction.

Allowing all of the amazing downloads your Divine Feminine is receiving to be brought to life, birthed into this world with the support of your Divine Masculine.

Can I get a Hallelujah?!

I see how SO many Magdalenes Rising, Soul Driven, Heart Based, Spiritual Entrepreneurs struggling in engaging, activating, implementing their Divine Masculine.

However, if we are to support the unveiling, the awakening and healing of this realm then your Divine Masculine must rise as well.

Alone She cannot do it. Together They can do it all.

  • You know what you’re here to do.
  • You’ve done the work.
  • You have your business in place.
  • The website, the products & services, the newsletter and the social media.
  • All of it.

Yet something’s off.

You’re not harnessing the brilliance of your Divine Masculine.

Not allowing Him to support you with the systems and the structures that will allow your Divine Feminine to soar.

To express Herself in her magnificent glory. Being the fire your clients are looking for. The light that will ignite theirs.

You Know it’s possible, you sense it within the fibres of your being

and you want…

  • a deeper sense of joy and satisfaction as you serve those you’re here to serve.
  • to move into a state of flow that’s right – for you.

Not a cookie cutter model or a mould you need to fit into.

You want freedom and sustainability. Divine Clarity and Inspired Action. Consistency and Accountability. Community, Growth and Expansion. So that you and your business may expand and grow. Be who you came here to be. Leading with Love.


The Spiritual Business Mastermind

A 3 month group coaching and mentoring immersion designed to support you in powerful, aligned action that lets you be seen heard and met by those you’re here to serve.



The Spiritual Business Mastermind is a 3-month, in-depth, hands on, intimate Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion designed to keep you aligned with your inner truth while supporting you in expanding and growing both yourself and your business as well as in bringing to life that which you are here to birth.

With its powerful, carefully designed and meticulous format it supports you with:
  • Clarity.
  • Accountability
  • Consistency.
  • Sacred Sisterhood.
  • Ancient Wisdom.
  • Experienced business advice.
  • Illuminating and Inspiring Teachings.
  • Powerful Mentoring and Sparring.

Enabling you to propel you and your business forward by supporting you in:

  • Consistently showing up in and for your business.
  • Creating that new product or service that you’ve been wanting to bring to life.
  • Allowing yourself to be held, heard, seen and supported.
  • Freeing yourself of limiting beliefs and destructive, self sabotaging patterns.
  • Aligning your products and services with what you truly desire delivering.

Giving you:

  • A Safe Space to share.
  • A Soft Place to land.
  • A Sacred Collective of likeminded Souls rooting for you.

“Maria Saraphina sees into your soul. If you are hiding, she calls you out. If you are lost, she guides you to find your path using your own intuition and her guides are so on target about what you need to know it’s uncanny. She is a kick-ass business mentor, agony aunt, and best friend that propels you to success without it feeling like drudgery! She doesn’t give you systems! She helps you find your unique perspective and supports you fully in evolving your business and your entire life in a deeply soulful but down-to-earth way.”

– Sophia Noelle Aaland, Spiritual Concierge & Intuitive Mentor @

Program Details


We will join in circle online, every two weeks, in a virtual meeting room. During these calls* I will offer teachings, guidance, suggestions and tools based on the themes, patterns and awakenings happening in the group. There will be time for Q&A as well as hot seats.

In between calls we will meet virtually in a private setting where you:

Every Monday will be prioritising your top 3 tasks for the week and sharing them with the group so that we may hold space for your creation, growth and expansion.

You will also be given assignments should choose to accept them… (total mission impossible style) designed to support the expansion and growth of you and your business.

During the week will be able to post, request or reach out, receiving support from the group as well as mentoring, gentle suggestions and guidance from me.

Every Friday will be celebrating your accomplishments before taking the weekend off to be with your family and friends.

*Our Live Group Calls are every other Wednesday at 11 AM LA, 7 PM LONDON, 8 PM COPENHAGEN, 6 AM SYDNEY (NEXT DAY). The calls are recorded and will be made available to you shortly after the call, so even if you can’t make it live you won’t miss out.

Ready to Join Us?

Early Bird Bonuses Until Friday January 17th. 2020*

Investment $1777 1444$**

*when you sign up and pay in full before Friday January 17th. you receive 2 x 1:1 Sessions with Me (Value 666$) + save 333$ a total added value of $999

**You Can Choose To Pay In Full Or By Instalments

“This mastermind is the best kind of support you can imagine. The love, the support, the ideas, the way you are able to ‘gently nudge’ someone to become more of themselves, to feel good about the way they run their business, is unique. You make me see things in a new light, always filled with love. And I love the way you combine business strategy with spiritual tools. That gives me an opportunity for personal as well as business wise development and when the two are connected it feels whole.”

– Anne Goncalves, Yoga Teacher @

Full disclosure…

The Spiritual Business Mastermind is not for everyone.

What I will say, is that The Spiritual Business Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion is right for you if…
  • You’re a Souldriven, Heart Based Spiritual Entrepreneur wanting to weave the worlds of Spirit and Business.
  • Have been in business +3 years.
  • Have a running business, that contributes to you and your family on a monthly basis.
  • You want structure, organisation, automation, support, mentoring and a safe, sacred space to share freely and openly.
  • You want to expand and grow your business, potentially with new products or services.
  • You know your souls purpose in this lifetime and are wanting to be supported, mentored and guided as you bring it more to life.
  • You know what you “need” to do but find yourself held back for fear of doing it wrong, exhausting yourself, ending up burnt out.
  • You are able and willing to invest in the Mastermind without a deep sense of loss or fear of how you will be making back that investment.
  • You have an idea of your next products and services that you want to create but lack the support, systems, structure and practices supporting you in anchoring them in, bringing them to life.
  • You love the idea of being in a Collective of sisters coming together to uplift each other and see the highest in all.
  • You are committed to creating products and services that support the world in her unveiling, awakening, healing and transformation, increasing the peace, contentment, satisfaction, fulfilment, wealth and prosperity for all.
  • You know that you could be (should be) doing more and are wanting to step fully into the magnificent arena of your life, allowing yourself to be seen, heard, loved and revered.
  • You understand that any, any external transformation or creation starts within and you are committed to the growth and expansion from your heart and core.
  • You love giving and receiving in a continuous flow.
  • You are committed to doing the transformational and healing work needed in order to birth that to life which is to come through you, preparing the space for it.
  • You are willing to be there for your peers in the Collective as they are there for you.

You Came Here To Serve Radiant One. It Is Time – Let’s Show The world What You’ve Got

And it’s not right for you if…

  • You’re unsure about your purpose, talents and gifts.
  • You do not have a running business that you are wanting to expand from within.
  • You think that all you need is someone to push you over the edge, whip you into shape and “fake it, till you make it”.
  • You are contemplating using your LAST money hoping that this program will be THE thing that finally saves you.
  • You are not ready to do the necessary work.
  • You do not plan on being engaged and active in the Collective.

“Maria Saraphina has so many incredible gifts as a spiritual business coach. Her way to support, challenge and nudge from such a loving place – and thus paving the way for great results – is what I love most about her.”

– Stine Schou Kvistgaard, Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Meditation Teacher @


You may have some questions about The Spiritual Business Mastermind – after all it’s an investment of not only your money but especially your time and effort. So let me address some of these questions right now…

By showing up and doing the work.

I will be with you every step fo the way coaching, guiding, mentoring, giving suggestions and practices but at the end of the day you can lead a horse to water but not force it to drink, so in the end, just how much you get out of the Mastermind is really up to you.

First of all I am sorry.

Because I have been in your shoes – and it’s no fun place to be.

The Spiritual Business Mastermind is not a cookie cutter nor a “follow this strategy” program.

All of its teachings, content, guidance, mentoring and suggestions grows organically out of you, your journey, where you’re at together with that of the Collective you join.

Furthermore its format is designed so that you cannot hide or lurk in the shadows. Every week you will be held accountable, you will be seen in your most glorious, radiant light and held to the highest standard in the most kind, caring and loving way because this is what your soul craves.

Yup. Here you go…

  • January 29th.
  • February 12th. & 26th.
  • March 11th & 25th.
  • April 8th. Plus a bonus Call to close our Circle on April 15th.)
Uhmm #yesplease! This is bound to happen – so if, or rather when you do, we’ll be celebrating. With every breakdown comes a breakthrough and I and we will be there to support you throughout. Not baby you. Support you.

Then you’ll know it right this very moment. There’s “something” that’s off – and that’s ok. Follow that guidance!

Please note; I do not offer refunds – so if you’re unsure or on the fence, take your time to familiarise yourself with me and my work first. Don’t rush into things, scared that you’ll miss out. Whether it be now, later or never – you can only ever make the right choice.

Absolutely. If you’re not sure, got a q or just want to feel my energy live, let’s chat. No cards needed. I won’t be trying to convince you of anything. I’m here to serve you in making the right choice for you. Whether that is to join or not. Hit the green “let me hear it” button and we’ll connect.
Nope*. This is a group immersion and while I will support you directly on our calls and in our group there is not dedicated 1:1 time set aside.

*If you sign up before Friday you receive one 1:1 Session with me as a bonus, and if you choose to pay in full you’ll also receive a 1:1 session with me.

If you would like to add 1:1 time in addition to being a part of the Mastermind let me know in the form you’re filling out after sign up and I’ll send you the options and details.

And if it’s only 1:1 you’re looking for, check out my Spiritual Business Coaching here.

If you’ve got a million things on your plate chances are that it’s about 999.997 things too many. I see this over and over and over again with my 1:1 clients. Trying to swallow an elephant whole will kill you. It will kill all of your desire, joy, happiness, satisfaction and contentment because it is an impossible task bound to fail.

That is NOT to say that you won’t accomplish many, many things during our time together, but you will learn to do it from a space of peace, stillness and rock solid knowing. It will leave you with the deepest sense of satisfaction, the kind that comes from deep within your core and is not rattle by anything in the world.

Oh, and honestly… I hate the term “getting shit done” on so many levels…
Doing the work you’ve been called to do is not shit. It’s glorious, beautiful and deeply sacred. It’s rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling. For you AND those you are here to serve.

So during our time together you will get many things done, none of them though, will be shit.

Oh hells no.

The basic premise of this Mastermind and all of my work and who I am is Love. Understanding that we are love, come from love and returns to love.

That, is not to say that you will not be working, doing and adding action – quite the opposite, but it will be in a way that you may never have experienced before. It can be extremely challenging for our ego mind when someone insists on seeing our highest and hold us to the highest standard with kindness, care and compassion – far more challenging than someone judging us.

So, if your question is whether or not you will be moving forward the answer is yes, but it will happen with heart, soul and love.

Two things…

First of all – do not join The Spiritual Business Mastermind scared, spending your last money thinking this will be you saving. While the Mastermind is truly amazing it is not the holy grail – nothing outside of yourself is. It is not the “one ring to bind them all”. Yes, it is effective, dedicated, powerful but it is not ultimate solution for all.

Secondly, don’t join “scared that…” join because every cell of your being is vibrating in resonance with what you’ve heard and seen on this page. It may or may not be right for you. If it is – join. If it is not, something else will be. Open yourself up to it.

Your time, effort, engagement and willingness.

You will come into a Sacred Community of likeminded souls here

In terms of weekly check-in’s, possible assignments and group calls I’d said you’ll need to set aside somewhere around 1-1 1/2 hr per week.

As far as your involvement in our online Collective goes, it’s really up to you – however I will be calling you in, checking up on you and expect to hear from you, so about 10-20 min. per week as a minimum, but in my experience from previous groups it varies depending on where you’re at that particular day or week.

To be clear – at some point you may become reaaaally annoyed with me when I checkin with you or call on you to rise, however my checkin’s are simply a way to ensure you receive my support in doing what you came to do, be who you are. You’ve joined for a reason and I am committed to supporting you with everything that I’ve got.

Got a Question not answered here?

“I love the way you combine business strategy with spiritual tools. That gives me an opportunity for personal as well as business wise development and when the two are connected it feels whole.”

– Anne Goncalves, Yoga Teacher @

So Why Join?

Because you’re ready to lead with love in every aspect of your business. Aligning every strategy, product and message with Love. Letting it ripple from your core out into the world and soak yourself in the benefits that come from being AND doing so…

I’m talking about:
  • A deep, deep sense of satisfaction that is beyond this world.
  • Joy rumbling within your being at all times, just because.
  • Fulfilling content knowing that you are being and doing what you came here for.

All of the things that cannot be measured, bought nor sold. They stem from you connecting not only with your Source but your purpose, living, being and doing it.

It’s priceless.

– and if it calls you, come play with us…

“I love Maria Saraphina. She is the most loving person – and just the person I have searched for to discuss my heart business with. Not many people posses that perfect combination of love, business and intuition. Maria Saraphina is one of the few.

Luckily, I don’t have to search anymore – I know exactly who to contact, if I am stuck, need another view on things or if I need help in structuring my many ideas into a plan.

Talking with Maria Saraphina makes things fall into place so you can set the right direction and work towards your goals in a loving, meaningful way. The only way to achieve great results.

Thank you for being you, Maria Saraphina”

– Stine Schou Kvistgaard, Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Meditation Teacher @

Personal Message

As a Coach, Mentor, Catalyst and Facilitator nothing brings me more pleasure that seeing Soul Driven, Heart Based, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Magdalenes Rising thriving from having fully activated their Sacred Marriage not only bringing to life their magnificent creations but giftting the to the world, allowing themselves to be truly seen and heard as their Divine Self and bringing with it the prosperity, wealth and abundance that comes from doing the work.

xo, Maria Saraphina

ps. That’s it Radiant One – you’ve reached the end of the page – it’s time to decide whether The Spiritual Business Mastermind is for you …