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The Power Of Your Past; How To Let Your About Me Page Write Itself w. Maria Saraphina



Please note this is a very unedited transcript from a podcast episode I did so the word flow is accordingly.

Letting Your “About Me” page write itself

Like I said, this has been a recurring theme and it started out – it’s been starting out in the most mundane muggle of ways and has been how to essentially write your About page, your About Me page.

You know that on your website, you usually need to have X, Y, and Z pages and one of the pages that I see a lot of my clients or more of my clients struggle with is the About page.

Because how do write about yourself? How do you – for us, for the heart-driven, soul-based, spiritual entrepreneurs, our work is rarely about ourselves.

So writing about ourselves can be a real challenge a lot of times. I know that it was for me so I wanted to share a method that I’ve been sharing with my clients with great success and one that I’ve been using.

This method not only gives you your About Me page but it actually also creates content that can use if you’re doing events or workshops or speeches.

You can use it in blog posts, newsletters, and in different places.

Once you have these pieces, you can expand them into whole blog posts or episodes on your podcast or whatever else it is.

Essentially, to me, this is about honing in on the power of your past.

I know that your life is filled with amazing, incredible, wonderful experiences as well as trials and tribulations and challenges and rocky roads.

Open, Honest & Personal Reflection of you

So it’s about using all of that to give an honest, open, personal (not necessarily private) reflection of who you are. Because the more you show the world who you are, the better those that you’re here to serve can hear you, can see you, can find you.

Yeah, so there is a power of your past. I want you to bring that forth and if you hear a little voice going, “Well, it’s not about me. It’s not about me. It’s not about me,” I totally hear you. I get that. I understand that your work is about you.

However, like I said, if those you’re here to serve cannot hear you, if they do not – if they can’t see what you’re about whether it be through video or on your page or in expression, then they can’t hear you, they can’t see you, they can’t find you.

They may have been called to you. They may feel the pull, the call, and the attraction because there’s a resonance.

But our human selves has to be, our ego has to be satisfied as well. So the more that you can give them front, the better they will know you, and the more, the easier the “yes” to working with you will be.

Let Your Clients Say Yes Before You Meet

And I say this based on my experience, not only for myself but for my clients, the clients that I work with.

Nowadays, most of the clients that come into my community or choose to work with me, they’ve already said “yes” to me way before we have our discovery session.

They have seen the podcast. They have read the blog posts. They have read about me. They have felt my energy. They have felt my vibration and my frequency and so it’s not even a question of whether or not they want to work with me. They know they want to work with me.
They just come into the discovery session because that’s what you do and also because for me I like to sit in session and see what comes out of the session before we make a decision on whether or not to continue.

So that’s the power of your past. That’s the power of doing what I’m about to share with you and the way that you can do that.

Your Past Is Your Power

I also want to say that one of the things for me was I used to be ashamed of my past.

I used to be ashamed of almost everything about my past.

I used to be ashamed that I’m not really, really – I’ve had one training. When I say training, I don’t mean because I am a coach as well. But I mean, I didn’t go through higher schooling and I was always involved in startups and all that.

It wasn’t until I found this path that I realized just how aligned that everything I’d done in my past had been to bring me to this point.

So I’m also hoping that through this exercise that I’m going to be taking you through – this method – I’m hoping that you also will realize just how powerful your past is, just how amazing and incredible and wonderful you are, and how everything you have gone through, whether it be perceived as good or bad has been for a reason and you can begin to hone those pieces and see just again how powerful it is.

Get My Free Guide – Divine Clarity & Aligned Action

So the way that you can choose – if you haven’t already, I have my Divine Clarity and Aligned Action Guide. If you haven’t downloaded that already, you can go ahead. Go to my website. There’s going to be – in the show notes, there’s going to be a link in the show notes, in the episode description, whether you listen to this through podcast or watch it on YouTube.

There’s going to be a link to the show notes. In those show notes, there’s the Divine Clarity and Aligned Action Guide. The signup for that is right there. That will give you the Divine Clarity and Inspired Action Guide which will take you through the seven steps.

I’m not going to go through all of the seven steps. I just want to say that there is a – it’s kind of like we follow that methodology outlined in that guide so you can go ahead if you don’t have it already. If you do have it, pull it out. Use it in what you do.

Download all of your major milestones

So what I want you to do is first of all of course start with a download of the major milestones that you see in your life, the major turning points, the pivotal moments, the things where you realized, “Okay, there are these points where I know that this was a pivotal moment for me in my life.” And you may come up with 7 or 10 or you may come up with more, 15 or whatever, however many.
Once you’ve done that initial download – that’s step number one. Do that initial download of things. Then go through your years. You can choose to do it either year by year or you can do it in 5- or 10-year increments or 3-year increments. Whatever floats your boat.

Go through your life and check and see, “Okay, what happened here? What happened here? What happened here? What happened here?” and you don’t have to write out like full things. It can just be a word or a sentence that you essentially write down so that you go through your past.

Your Pivotal Moments

And whether you are 70 or whether you are 23, it doesn’t matter. Do the exercise as well because you will find pivotal moments and you will know those pivotal moments as you go through them. The more you go through them, the more you’ll be like, “Oh, yeah, and I remember this. And this came up and this came up.”
One of the pivotal moments for me was – and this is not something that I share very often but one of my very, very proud moments that I had kind of forgotten about and I can’t remember if I actually shared – I don’t think I shared it on my About Me page.
I haven’t really used it but I know that it can be useful in another way and I will share that with you later how you can use this. One of the moments is I was actually I want to say “part of” but that’s not true because it was actually me. So I’m just, yeah, having to own that.

Saved Tip Option on Credit Card Machines

Many years ago back in the – I think it was 2008, I was part of a huge project. We were developing a new software for the credit card terminals in Denmark and also in Scandinavia.
During one of the testings, the software testers came back and said there’s an issue when you do tips. Like you can’t do this, you can’t use this, whatever, and then use tips.

The developer said, “Oh, no, that’s because we’ve taken out the opportunity to add tips or gratuity onto your credit cards.” 

I sat in the room and I was like, “You did what?” and everything in me was like, “Why would you want to do that?”

They said, “Well, because X, Y, and Z and security here and PIN codes” and blah blah blah.

A lot of blah blah blah technical stuff. “We’ve chosen that you can’t have tips on this type of card.”

I remember looking at them and saying, “Okay. We’re talking about a software that’s going to go out to every major hotel, every major restaurant chain, every small café, every boutique everywhere to people.”

And I want to say that in Denmark, people don’t live off their tips like I know they do in other places. We have a very, very good system so it doesn’t mean that you live off of tips but that does mean that when you work in a hotel or in a restaurant or in a café, you actually get tipped or you did.

Having worked in that industry, I knew just how much money you made through that so that I told them, “If you want to implement this and have it be a success, there’s absolutely no way that we can’t have tips on this.”

This decision had been made by their executive officers so it was gone and they hadn’t. What we did is I went back. I had to write an e-mail and I listed out the reasons why you couldn’t – we had to have tips.

So I essentially “saved” the tip option for these types of cards in Denmark and that’s something that I’m very proud of because I know that there are people out there who get a lot of tips and I wanted to make sure that these people got their money.

I also believe that from a business perspective, had we put out a software update without that, that would never, ever, ever have been a success. It would have died instantly because the people wouldn’t have chosen to use it, essentially.

So that’s one of my pivotal moments and those are the ones that I hadn’t realized until I was going through the years and that’s why I’m saying go through your years and you’ll discover those. Don’t necessarily look at it from where you’re at right now.

What are your pivotal moments

Look at what was the pivotal moments for you whether they were in your business or as you’re a volunteer or with your parents or as a summer job or reading a book or – everything for you that had a moment of recognition, of revelation, of meaning to you. Just write them all down.

Again, it can just be one sentence and have it be one sentence and then you should – there’s no should but I would say that you can end up with about 30 or 50 or maybe even more. The more the better.

Once you have those 30 to 50 statements or moments, what you then do is you go ahead and write about 3 to 5 lines for each and if more comes out, if it’s like 3 paragraphs or 5 paragraphs, that’s fine.

But essentially just put them in a list or a note or a document and then just write what happened, how was it, blah blah blah and write it through. So you write through all of these and then, and this is the beautiful part.

Plethora of uses

When you’ve done that, you go back and in this case we’re talking about your About Me page. You go back. You look at and you pick maybe 5 or 10 moments and you put those together and there it is. Then you have your About Me page.

As I said, not only do you have your About Me page but you have a shit ton of content that can go into your TED Talk, that can go into your introduction if you’re ever being interviewed or different shows or podcasts or magazines or whatever.

You can use them as anecdotes in your funnels if you have a funnel.

You can use them if you have a blog post and you want to have a bio.

If you want to expand, there’s really, really endless ways that you can choose.

And the thing is, you can go back and you can pick what serves the audience. So that thing about tips and credit cards is not something that I usually share with my clients or in this, because it’s probably not really relevant.

But if I’m in a business setting, that’s something that if I’m back with my credit card people they will get that. With my acquiring people, they will get that. So it’s about sharing with the audience.

So that’s how to essentially have your About Me page, write your About Me page by itself and I hope that this served you.

I would absolutely love, love, love for you to share.

Please share one of the milestones that you’ve found in your life in the comments below?

That is what I had for you today. I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Teacher | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel


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