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Guest; Kristine Øjken



The Magdalene Voices Show & Podcast, Dwarf Planets, Kristine Ojken, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Maria Saraphina in Sacred Conversation w. Kristine Øjken

We’ve been fortunate to have Kristine on the The Magdalene Voices before.

This time she’s come back, once again, to share her powerful esoteric knowledge and give us insights about the discovery of dwarf planets, the wisdom for they hold for us, their messages and meaning as well as the information about sensitivities and the underworld this highlights.

Mentioned in this episode...

  • The previous episode with Kristine – about the deeper meaning of Easter.
  • The Magdalene Blueprint. You might’ve felt nudged or called by The Magdalene or Magdalenes. This free blueprint supports you in uncovering the truths that are already within you.
  • The Spiritual Business Podcast w. Maria Saraphina. The show and podcast where I share everything and all things from my experience as a Spiritual Business Coach supporting magnificent souls with expansion and growth from within. It’s designed to deliver inspiring, empowering, activating and uplifting wisdom to you as a souldriven, heart-based, spiritual entrepreneur and Magdalene Rising wanting to lead with love in both life and business.

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More about Kristine Øjken

Kristine is a carrier and orator of the ancient mysteries, an energy worker, artist, healer and coach – and if you ask me a powerful oracle embodying her Magdalene Heritage.

She works with the mysteries of old times and weaves magic and sacred wisdom into a modern everyday lifestyle because the essence of all that we long for is already within us. She believe that universal sacred knowledge is essential in liberating your inner god and expanding your unique greatness in the world so that it and you may enhance love and light in the world through deep dark work and transformational healing processes. In her work and art She blends the realms of feminine and masculine as well as the modalities of numerology, mentoring, healing and body work.

The Magdalene Voices, Dwarf Planets, Kristine Ojken, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Find Kristine here: kristineojken.dk

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The Magdalene Blueprint, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina