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Changing Your Name; My Personal Journey w. Numerology



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Changing your name; my personal journey with numerolgy

If I had the experience I now do, of knowing exactly how supportive numerology can be in your life, and business, I wouldn’t have waited as long to change my name.

Like so many I’m sure the notion of being able to change anything in your life “simply” by changing your name seemed laughable to me – however everything is energy, so today it makes perfect sense. Still getting to the first professional numerologist took a while. Riddled with fear and worry of what others would think. Surrendering fully. Second change, although it took me a bit to align to what I was being called towards (I’m still human after all) has so far been a very different experience – and I’m here for it!


  • My 3 three name changes.
  • Where I was before I changed my name the first time.
  • Why I chose to change my name again.
  • The differences I’ve noticed.
  • Expansion through love.
  • What numerology is NOT and what it doesn’t help you with.
  • How to choose your professional numerologist.
  • – and much, much more…

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4 Responses

  1. I share the same name changing experience with you and as I go forward spiritually the names have changed and the previous ones the purest energy of that level of understating. I was meant to hear this podcast at this time because U want to settle into a name that fits and expands. Thank for this Maria Serafina

  2. … I accidentally hit the wrong button when I went to change the spelling of your name to Maria Sarafina… it was an aha moment for me because the first spelling didn’t feel right.

  3. …I’m not too go with this when I can’t edit my comment for I noticed on the first one the word hold is missing in the first sentence: the previous ones hold the purest energy

    …and the U should be an I want to settle into a name that fits and expands.

    I recently relocated to another state and am using my cell phone for my online connection because I do not have my internet connection set up yet.

    Thank you so much Maria Saraphina

    …funny that I should spell it wrong again yet a second time xoxo

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