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The Magdalene Rising

The energy of the divine feminine is sweeping across the globe and uniting in Sacred Union with her divine masculine counterpart she is paving another way than the dark path, human beings have been following for decades and centuries.

I call it the Magdalene Rising.

You, like millions of other souls are waking up and have begun remembering who you truly are. The memory may be distant initially, but as you do the work to clear out the muck, just as it would if you were cleaning a window, the memory gets clearer, until you completely embody your divine nature.

In both being and doing.

Realising that there is another way than the one the shadow aspects of ourselves that we have been following for decades and centuries.

A way that serves the whole.
A way out of darkness and into the light.
A Way of Heart, Love and Unity.

Initiated more than 2000 years ago by the ancient master souls Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, its effects are truly kicking in now and we are blessed to be living in these times.

Together these beautiful souls two created a shift to elevate the consciousness of human beings and ignite our path of awakening and ascension.

Calling you to remember

It is calling for men and women alike to awaken to their inherent divine nature as a part of the whole, the totality, the all. That which some, and I, call God.

However tuning in, listening to, aligning with and following what your heart is calling you to can be a tricky thing in a world that seems to favour instant gratification, quick fixes and thrives on “overnight success” stories and drama.

It requires a deep willingness of you to surrender into the unknown, into what you cannot see with your physical eyes, feel with your physical senses or even imagine with your human brain. Your hearts calling comes from the realm of Sophia – of She who birthed everything in love by extending the love that She is.

Just as everything was created as that extension of love, so too were you. Created as an extension of love – and being an extension, never having left your source, you hold within you those same powers.

The power to extend and create in love and that, that is what your heart is calling you to do. To bridge heaven and earth, breathe life into your divine purpose.

Embracing, embodying and expressing the Sacred Marriage.

That work is done by embodying the Sacred Marriage, The Sacred of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within you. A Sacred Marriage of Being (going within – Spirit ) and Doing(going without – Matter ). It is the work of a Magdalene.

No one but you can know what that looks like for you.

Your personal journey of awakening to your hearts desire is a deeply sacred and expansive path. It will bring up everything and all things lying hidden within the depths of you. For you to unveil, to heal and to transform, so that you may expand into what you already are. What you always have been, and what you always will be.

It is not a journey for those faint-at-heart.

Make no mistake. While our journey is ultimately one of light, of union, of heart and of love, it is a journey that will take you into the darkest moments imaginable. You will face many initiations requiring of you to face challenges, obstacles and hardships, not meant to test you, nor to rip you apart. Instead they are your wake up call. Your training ground. Your purification by trial and fire.

They serve to re-mind you of the truth of Who you are…

Of how powerful you are.
Of how strong you are.
Of how caring you are.
Of how much of a genius you are.

Of what you came here to be and do.

Many not ready

Many in our lifetime are not ready to embark on it yet, but you are and it has already begun otherwise you would not have found your way to this article. Having chosen to come here you have opened yourself up to powerful healing and transformation.

A powerful healing and transformation that I can support you in, but not do for you.

You have be willing to release things that you have held down, acknowledge things you have not wanted see and have areas where you have been blinded be illuminated so that you may not only set yourself free of limiting beliefs, dark fears and allow you deepest desires and wants to grab not only your heart but all of your being, liberating yourself in ways you perhaps never imagined possible, bringing into your life a deep sense of joy and satisfaction that you may currently only know on an intuitive level.

This is the work of a Magdalene Rising.

To move from fear to love, bringing light to darkness, finding the Kingdom of Heaven within and to express fully her souls purpose in this lifetime in all of her divine glory serving herself and those whose lives she is meant to touch.

– and know this dear Magdalene, the work you do on an individual level is reflected in our Collective. As you unveil yourself, heal your self, transform your self and step fully into your power, you become the magnificent beckon of light, love, truth and justice. No longer willing to allow our brothers and sisters to be suppressed because of color, gender, religion or sexuality, nor our planet or animal kingdom to be abused, our children left starving. You will stand for what is right.

You will stand for love.

Make no mistake Radiant One, I am talking about You.

You did not find this article by chance, you came to find what you never lost. Your divine Self. It lives and breathes within you however much or little you choose to acknowledge it.

Let this be your sounding call

Rise Magdalene Rise.

Clear out space so that the seed that was planted in you eons ago may begin to sprout.

It is time.

Many Blessings.

xo, Mariaestelahttps://mariasaraphina.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/AreYouAMagdalene-Mariaestela.png

Are you a Magdalene?

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I am truly thrilled to fill, what I perceive to be a gap, in the understanding of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine plus the part Mary Magdalene is playing in it all.

It is my sincere wish that this may help in the much needed unveiling, healing and transformation for the highest of us all.

I hope you’ll help in spreading the word by sharing the show with those you feel it will resonate with.

If you want more join my Sacred Circle to stay updated with the latest episodes.

xo, Mariaestela

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