Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

The Elevation is a weekly kindness that pops up from Maria each Monday! It gives me the opportunity to take in some beautiful healing energy and focus on aligning my energy.

We’re all energy – connected, whole and One. Whatever energetic alignment you think you may be doing personally and for yourself affects the whole – Our Collective. Thus the more of us doing this work – the better our world becomes.

The Elevation was a monthly membership where you every Monday received the following:

  • 4-5 releasing or alignment statements centred around a specific topic (I’ve got a LONG list that’s only getting longer and I’m open to suggestions as well)
  • An audio activation to support the elevation of your frequency and vibration. The activation will be anywhere from 6-20 min. depending on what wants to flow through.

Today the 62 Activations live inside a private channel on Telegram with everything delivered straight to your phone (or desktop).

Price is $77. You get instant access to all 62 Activations inside Telegram.


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The Elevation | One time fee – $77.00

“There is a new theme each week, prompts to work through that I would never have found myself and this helps me to keep expanding my energy week by week.

“Also.. Maria Saraphina is a kick arse energy and business coach and channels such insightful prompts for us to explore, that collectively we are all working on so the ripples of transformation serve not just us but humanity too, that is pretty cool!”


Something I often hear from clients, whether working with them 1:1 or in a community setting is that I ask questions that help them find blind spots or new angles like Kelly who was in The 7 Initiations:

The best part of The 7 Initiations was, in my experience, the support from Maria and the other members and the questions in the flowsheets. There is so much gold in those! I’ve been intentionally on this “self-improvement” path for years now and the flowsheets really helped me uncover blind spots and find new angles to look at things that have had me stuck for years! Maria really goes deep and asks things that it never would have crossed my mind to consider. What a gift that has been!”

Or Natilie who highlighted how I give you language, statements and activations in a practical way that means you’re able to actually use the information given:

“What you’ve done with the flowsheets has given me the tools and the language to clear the blocks that I have in the way that resonates, far beyond anything I could come up with, and the clearings are profound and instantaneous. And that is just phenomenal.

I read the book (The Gene Keys), and it is phenomenal. The words, reached out to me but at the same time it lacks the practicality that I need. I do have the tools to do the clearing, but I need the practical statements, the clearing statements or perspective, to help me feel like I’m doing something with that information. And that’s exactly what you provide in this program. You provide that missing key.”

This is my zone of genius.

Questions, prompts, releasing or alignment statements sparking deep release and alignment for you flow from me effortlessly and with ease.
I’ve lost count of the times a client reaches out to me and asks for input on what to look at in terms of  a specific situation they’re going through. 3 minutes of things to explore or inquire deeper about flowed out in my voice note reply to them.

Now, with The Elevation I’m bringing this to you.

Weekly prompts to bring you into deeper alignment with your essence and live your truth.

Wanna join us?