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The Art of Surrendering – how to and why…

By Maria Saraphina


If there’s one lesson that I’ve been truly implementing over the past few months, it’s the act of surrendering.

Updated Feb 2024; I wrote and published this article in February 2018 and wanted to add that surrender has been and continues to be a part of my ever evolving journey so you might know that it’s not a “one and done” but a continuous expansion supporting your growth and expansion. xo, Maria Saraphina

Witnessing that is; how everything, and I do mean everything, effortlessly and seemingly without any amount of force or effort simply clicks into place once you give up “trying to make things happen” and simply surrender yourself, your life and work to that which is greater than you – that which some, and I, call God.

Acknowledging with your surrender your true nature as a magnificent being connected to, in union with and part of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. Knowing that while in this human form, you may seem limited, but in truth you are not. There may be things that you cannot see with your human senses, things you cannot hear, things you cannot feel but still you do.

You know things.
You feel things.
You see things.
You hear things.

From within.

Because the part of you that is you, your Divine Self, lives within your heart eternally. Within the centre of the universe and that, can never be lost.

It is at the times were you want to the least, that surrendering is needed the most.

You know those times… it’s when…

  • You’re JUST about to hit YES to that big scary thing/project that’s been tugging at your heartstrings 4EVA!
  • You’ve been working day and night to finish a project but can’t seem to get it “right”.
  • You’ve got an amazing course laid out but cannot seem to grasp the name.
  • You’re dying to create an amazing course but all the bits and pieces seem unclear and mumbled.
  • You’ve got a wonderful idea that you are sure will support many, but have no clue as to how to get it off the ground.
  • You reach out to someone that you would LOVE to collaborate with knowing it could change your course completely.
  • You’re driving yourself crazy going back and forth, back and forth between seemingly two choices.
  • You’ve got your content written, but as soon as you’re wanting to publish it, fear strikes you.
  • You cannot for the life of you figure out why someone hasn’t responded or reacted to something you sent them.
  • Everything seems to be depending on this ONE thing or else…


The list is really infinite and so are you.

The reason we surrender

The reason we surrender is because we cannot see the millions upon millions upon millions of potential solutions, nor can you know which one will be the most loving and highest choice for not only you, but all, the whole.

What I do know though, is that out of those many millions, the solution that does appear is one that will not only fill you up with satisfaction and content in a way that nothing else will it is also the perfect one.

Usually one that will leave you speechless by its perfection.

Surrendering does not equate failure

If you’re anything like me, you’ve most likely already had this thought. That surrendering means that you’ve come short or failed in your geniality in some way. Unable to figure it out “on your own”.

If you do want to point to failure – point to the belief that you’re “on your own”. Its ego thinking re-affirming the idea of us being separated, when in fact we are all united.

All the sons and daughters of God.


Surrendering does not equate failure.

It equates grandeur. It equates magnitude. It equates empowered living. It equates acknowledging your true divine nature and living it to the fullest.

Surrendering means acknowledging your true nature

Surrendering means acknowledging that you belong to and are connected to Source, to God – or as I sometimes lovingly refer it The Universal Database.

Imagine that.

The Universal Database.

Just as I am sure that you wouldn’t be able to name all of the files on your computer off the top of your head, so too can you not know all of the files stored in The Universal Database, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there nor that you cannot access them.

Oh, and take it from someone who knows – trying to figure things out on your own, while it may feel great, is nothing compared to the sense of awe and accomplishment you feel when things effortlessly and with ease glide into place, or the solution you were looking for out there in the world “all of a sudden” appear within.

It’s truly bliss.

Surrendering is simple but it ain’t always easy!

Surrendering ain’t easy – at first. Trust me, if it was I would have done it many, many, maaaaany moons ago – but just because I was stubborn, blind and unwilling to see doesn’t mean that you should be. Instead I hope this may serve you as inspiration, why else have I cleared this rocky road.

As with everything I facilitate, speak of or teach surrendering is painstakingly simple, but also, as with everything I facilitate, speak of or teach do not mistake simplicity for inefficiency nor lack of power.

Instead surrendering is a powerful gateway for of awakening, healing and transformation and not only that – it is totally doable.

You are not learning something new.

Instead you are being re-minded to re-member what is already alive within you. It’s an unveiling that reveals what is already there.

A re-cognition and re-training so that you may once again access and use this powerful tool to serve you and us all.

Surrendering is a choice between love or fear

As with everything else surrendering it is a choice between love or fear. A choice you take.

Do you choose to frantically hold on, clenching your fists out of fear of loosing or missing out or do you surrender, release and let go acknowledging your divine nature knowing that you cannot loose anything, ever.

One choice cuts you off from your heart, your center, your core. The other strengthens it.

Surrendering does not mean giving up or throwing in the towel

By suggesting you surrender I am not suggesting you throw your hands up in the air, go all victim mode on me and decide that you have nothing to contribute, no part to play or things to do. (you know which mode I am talking about right? We all have that one family member…)

I am suggesting the opposite.

I am encouraging you to allow your deep knowing to propel you into action. Letting your Divine Feminine Essence of Being and Wisdom fuel your Divine Masculine Essence of Creation and Action thus embodying the Divine Union while at the same time surrendering any outcome to God.

Please note – surrendering it is not an excuse for your disregard or inactivity, nor to cower or go hide when there is work to do. Because there is work to do. You have work to do.

As Magdalenes our work in this world is two-fold, as it has been since before time began. To fully embody and integrate the wholeheartedness of the Sacred Union of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essences and through that embodiment do the work that is required in this world, standing for love and truth for all.

It is your job to ensure that the work you do serves not only your own personal spiritual enlightenment but also a higher purpose.
A purpose that ensures truth, justice and love for all.

So hear this, Radiant One, as the call for you to rise, the call for you to act that it is meant as.

It is far easier to allow yourself to fall into the ego trap of “if only this… then that” rather than acknowledging not only your Union within but that you have, in this very moment, everything that you need to have in order to take your next step.

Far easier to see yourself as separate, isolated and without power rather than whole, complete and powerful beyond measure.

Which is what you are.
Always have been.
Always will be.

Each and every single day you are given the choice to surrender into the arms of love or fear. Each and every day you are continually given the opportunity to return to the home you never left, knowing that all you are seeking in the world is already within. Given opportunities to expand and unveil.

How to surrender – start small and do it with love

Again – if you’re anything like me, only perfection will do, that however, would be a grave mistake, as it is the ego’s way of keeping you stuck.

Do not make the mistake of perfection, with this, or anything else for that matter.

Start small.

Like, really small.

Smaller than what you’re currently thinking…

So small that it seems ridiculous.

Do not start out with events super uber important to you. Unless you really want to or feel ready to give it a go.

No, start with something a small and surrender it right this very moment and whenever what you’ve surrendered appears again within your mind, which it usually does, simply because your mind is not used to surrendering then surrender it again.

Say to yourself or out aloud “I surrender – insert your thing here – to you God.”

You can leave out the God part if that doesn’t float your boat. Either way it’s received.
C’est tout as they say in French.

Oh, and also, don’t fall into the ego trap of “oh, I have absolutely nooooothing to surrender.” – I’m sure there are like a million things to choose from, but start with just one and build from there.

Love to hear from you!

Ok, now its your turn! In the comments below I’d love to hear from you: What’s one thing that you’re surrendering this very moment?

Share it with us and allow us to hold space with you as you give this over to God.

Also, if you’re ready for expansion and growth while implementing the act of surrender I invite you to apply for your complementary Spiritual Business Coaching Session with me here. I love to hold space for growth and impact.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

TEACHER | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel

About The Author

Maria Saraphina is an international Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel with clients spanning the globe.

Born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark she now resides far outside of the city in a place close to nature.

She is an Aries Sun, Virgo Rising & Aquarius Moon. Fire Dragon, Numerological 7, Enneagram 8, 2/4 Sacral Generator with Right Angle Cross of Service (17/18 | 58/52). An INFJ-A, Magdalene Rising and a Procyon Startseed.

Connect with Maria Saraphina on LinkedIn here or Instagram here – remember to say hi!

Spiritual Business Coach, Radical Love Rebel, Maria Saraphina

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