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The 5 Clairs; Your Intuitive Superpowers

By Maria Saraphina


When it comes to any form of personal development and especially energy work you’ve got intuitive super powers - also known as the clear senses or The 5 Clairs.

In our language they are usually meshed into one and they also go by many different names.

You might know them as “gut instinct”, “6th. Sense” or simply intuition.

However at its core it’s really simple.

The totality of your energy also known as the aura or your auric field constantly scans and reads your internal and external environment.

However much you pick up consciously is based on a whole plethora of past experiences of what your brain determines to be relevant information for you.

This is why some people can go through life never thinking they’ve ever got an intuitive hit or have experienced anything through the 5 clairs.

It’s simply not on their radar and thus they never have the experience of it – which is totally fine.

You however, probably have, and you’re curious to learn more.

Well read on Radiant One…

What are the 5 clairs

In the same way you’ve got your physical senses; sight, sound, taste, smell, feel you also have those same senses – spiritually or intuitively; the clairs – and the more inner and energetic work you do, the clearer and stronger they become, almost automatically.

Please note that there are a wide range of clairs and in this article I am touching upon the 5 most common.

The 5 Clairs are:

  • Sight = Clairvoyant
  • Sound = Clairaudient
  • Smell/taste = Clairalience
  • Feel = Clairsentient
  • Knowing = Claircognizant

Further down I’ll detail each of the clairs and how they work.

The Clairs are Muscles

The 5 clairs, albeit energetical, are like any other muscle. The more you train them, the stronger they become. 

If you’ve never actively trained them, they’re still there. Probably not in the best of shape yet still there – and no matter where you are in your journey or development of your intuitive superpowers, they can be trained and strengthened.

Very First Step

Your very first in strengthening them, is starting to observe. Notice them and bring your awareness to them. The more you do, the stronger the intuitive hits you receive become.

By training or working with them I mean actively using the information you receive aka adding action and doing something with the information.

Thus you’ll find yourself being guided and strengthened in your experience more and more.

Starting Out
When starting my recommendation is, as always, to start small. With seemingly insignificant things before jumping into the all encompassing, life changing decisions or actions – of course that’s ultimately up to you.

Sometimes jumping off into the deep end is the only right thing to do.

You’ve Got’em All!

It’s important to highlight:

  • You’ve got all of the senses.
  • Typically one or more are more dominant for you.
  • There’s no specific or “right” order in which they open.
  • It’s not just in “spiritual” connections that they work or are useful.

The 5 Clairs


Probably the most known one.

This is where you receive information through inner seeing or vision. It might be images or movies “displayed” on your inner screen. It might also be that you actually see people, beings, energy etc.

As your clairvoyant muscle grows there’ll be a natural development of the sense.

Personally, in the beginning, I saw glimpses or short flashes or what appeared as scenes from a movie. I still do, however I now also experience what appears as different layers or dimensions.

Sitting in session with clients this sense can show me different things and is specific to what our session is about, whether that be personal, private or professional.

Sometimes it’s scenes from the clients life (current, parallel, past or future).

Other times its potential outcomes in relation to what it is you’re wanting to create whether it’s products, projects, services or strategic.

Typically I see what you’re desiring as already real and can thus share the individual elements of it.

Whether something actually comes to life depends on the choices you make and actions you take.

Personal Story...

My beloved first cat Queenie with whom I had way too short of a time with, enjoyed projecting or sending me an image of herself into my mind to let me know that she was on her way home and to make sure I would be ready at the terrace door when she got back. Of course she didn’t want to have to wait to be let in. lol

The 5 Clairs, Queenie, Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina


Here you receive the information as inner knowing. 

If it is pronounced in you, you will most like have moments where you, unequivocally and without any doubt know that something is 100% right or true – when the moment then passes, which it always does, because such is the rhythm of life –  your next steps can be challenging because the strong sensation of knowing with 100% certainty is gone, allowing for doubt and fear to sneak in.

It’s important you proceed step by step, following that original knowing whether from your gut or as sensations. The more you do, the more you’ll experience the knowing of right/true. 

Start small and strengthen it. A massive bonus here will be the increasing and deepening sense of satisfaction this brings because you are working in sync and alignment with your essence.


Here you hear the information.

Can appear as words, sentences and also full conversations. It might be information you’re picking up from the Universe, animals, people, plants or beings.

Everything is energy and when you’re tuned into the right frequency you’ll be able to pick up vibrations that you previously didn’t have access to.

Sound is a vibration that, when it touches you, can be translated. Whether through your physical ears or energy.

Two Common Challenges

One challenge is discerning what’s good and for you and what’s not.

Everything being energy doesn’t mean that everything is for or to you. The stronger your own energy is, the better attuned you will be in discerning what is relevant and what’s not.

If in doubt check what’s loving.
Love will always be the essence of what’s right for you no matter how difficult the choice or consequent actions might be – and don’t confuse loving with fearlessness. 

If you think choosing love means living without fear, think again.

The second challenge is that, when you start hearing voices, you might initially think you’ve lost the plot – confirmed by a Collective and society which, for the most part, have that belief.

You’re not crazy.

Listen and use love as your filter. If what’s being shared isn’t loving or doesn’t bring love with it, use energy work to let go of that energy.

PERSONAL | Not just for overtly “spiritual situations”

The first time I experienced my intuitive hearing was with technical instructions for WordPress and websites. 

I still remember it clear as day – can see the room I was sitting in and the table I was sat at. All day I’d been struggling with something I was trying to solve – the question of “how on earth do I do this” had been running in my head.

All of a sudden I heard a voice saying something like “you need to go here, here and here, then click here and here”. At the same time an inner film was being displayed showing me the solution!

I was floored! And a long time I used it to find technical solutions to things I didn’t know about – just to let you know that these senses can be used in all kinds of situations, not just the overly “spiritual” ones ;o)


This one I’ve lovingly dubbed clairsmelliant. The information is received through smell or scent and let me tell you it’s not always the nicest scents that come through!

This sense was the last one for me to land. I discovered it when I was browsing a website with essential oils and all of a sudden I could smell each scent without ever having tried it.

On top this is the sense my father uses to signal he’s there when he visits me from time to time. Initially he used cigarette smoke as a sign, nauseating for a nonsmoker like me. So I asked him to use something else and now he uses pipe smoke when he remembers, which isn’t always.

If this sense is active for you, notice what the smell or scent brings with it. You might be brought to a certain time or place. There might be memories or other sensations that appear.


Those of us with this sense developed can experience big emotional or hormonal mood swings often appearing out of the seemingly blue making no sense.

One moment you’re feeling amazing and the next you wanna curl up in a corner and ball your eyes out.

It’s easy to think that you’ve got mood swings or hormonal imbalances while it instead might simply be that you’ve picked up energy that is not yours and needs to be released.

If you identify as highly sensitive, empath and/or if you work in close contact with people everyday, then there’s, in my experience, two things that are super important:

  1. Learning to discern what’s yours and what’s not. Using a kinesiological muscle testing tool like The Sway to determine the origin is very powerful.
  2. Implementing a daily practice of checking for any energy you might’ve picked up, releasing it and bringing yourself into alignment.


In doing so you will strengthen your energy and thus become less and less affected.

My own daily practice begins in the morning by running through a checklist of my energetic systems. Throughout the day, whether I’m with students, clients or having meetings I will continuously align my energy using Energetic Alignment.

Personal Experience…
I clearly remember how I, on a trip abroad, was walking through an airport and all of a sudden felt “off”. 

When checking the layers of my auric field they were slightly deflated and not as expanded and strong as usual. 

I found a chair, sat down, did energy work to release before aligning my energy and immediately felt better. 

Took less than 5 minutes and I was back to my usual self.

See the doctor!

I want to make it very clear that I have a holistic approach when it comes to dis-ease, dis-order and injury be they physical, mental or emotional.

Meaning I’m a strong advocate for the inclusion of both conventional and energy medicine or other intuitive/spiritual practices.

If you’ve got pain or something else going on SEE THE DOCTOR!

Yes also meditate, do energy work, journal, move, eat and drink in a way that supports you – but do both.

How To Strengthen Your 5 Clairs

If you want to strengthen your 5 Clairs here’s my really simple way including the use of The OAT™ Method.

OAT™ stands for:

  • Observe
  • Asses
  • Test & tweak


Here you simply observe the information you’re receiving through any of the 5 clairs.

When you’re in a meeting, walking through the grocery store, doing a presentation, talking on the phone, hanging out with friends.

What do you intuitively see?
What do you intuitively hear?
What do you intuitively feel?
What do you intuitively sense?
What do you intuitively smell or taste?

You might want to keep a notebook handy or use the note app on your phone.

Also, meditation is a GREAT way to strengthen your ability to observe. To get started or deepen your meditation practice read this guide I’ve created for you: Meditation; The Simple Guide.


When assessing, be open to any direction you might be taken. Allow both your mind and heart to process and assess your observations and the information you’ve been receiving without judgment.

Become the curious detective,

You might notice specific rhythms or patterns.
There might specific triggers.
Other things that seem particular or relevant.

Note | It is SUPER easy to disregard your own observations and assessment. That’s why repeating OAT is crucial. Over time the evidence of your findings simply become to obvious to be disregarded.

Test & Tweak

Testing the information you’ve received might be something as simple as following an inner sense of having to call your sister (claircognizant) only to find out she’s been wanting to talk to you about something. 

You might see or sense a muddled gray cloud around someone (clairvoyant/clairsentient), asking them how they are only to find out they’ve recently lost someone near and dear to them, realizing that the grayness you’ve observed is grief.

It might be that you’re feeling called (claircognizant) to get to the meeting early to later find out that there was an accident at the usual time which would’ve made you late had you not left earlier.

HOWEVER! It’s really important to note that it might be that you never ever find out the reason for the nudges or intuitive suggestions you receive through your 5 clairs yet following them you will find a greater sense of alignment, satisfaction and flow.

Biggest misconception

One of the biggest misconceptions of the Universal Truth “everything happens for a reason” is the idea that we will always know why, which can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

You’re a spiritual being having a human experience and while you’re energetically connected to the Universal Database you do not have the capacity to process all of that information or data all at once with your limited human brain. 

Trying to do so will, just like if you get a computer without the right processors and power, blow the fuses and cause it to go into overdrive and essentially burn itself out. 

On top it can cause to you think something’s wrong with you or that there’s something you’re not picking up when nothing could be further from the truth.

Surrender is the portal here. One that, as a spiritual being having a human experience with a brain loving logic and wanting to find solutions, can be SUPER difficult. 

Yet, in giving up trying to come up with a solution, a solution often appears – if it’s meant to.

What If I don’t Register Anything at all?

If you find that you’ve got “nothing to observe” here’s a really simple trick to heighten your awareness…

Set a gentle alarm on your phone to go off randomly during the day. I recommend at least 5 times and even better every hour.

When the alarm goes off, stay quiet and notice…

What do you intuitively see?
What do you intuitively hear?
What do you intuitively feel?
What do you intuitively sense?
What do you intuitively smell or taste?

Also, meditation is a GREAT way to strengthen your ability to observe. To get started or deepen your meditation practice read this guide I’ve created for you: Meditation; The Simple Guide

Be seen, heard, held, acknowledged, confirmed and supported

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who sigh with deep relief when in session with me realize that nothing is too far out or off the table. 

That you can share ALL of that which you are experiencing and be seen, heard, held, acknowledged, confirmed and supported in all of your Radiant Glory in our sessions.

That you do not have to walk it alone.
That there is a way of merging the worlds – embodying and embracing your full self.

If that calls you check out my spiritual business coaching here.

Radiant One, I’d love to hear from you – what’s one experience you’ve had with your clairs? Share it in the comments below. The more of us sharing, the more examples are available, the more we can all see that there is no “right way”.

xo, Maria Saraphina

TEACHER | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel

About The Author

Maria Saraphina is an international Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel with clients spanning the globe.

Born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark she now resides far outside of the city in a place close to nature.

She is an Aries Sun, Virgo Rising & Aquarius Moon. Fire Dragon, Numerological 7, Enneagram 8, 2/4 Sacral Generator with Right Angle Cross of Service (17/18 | 58/52). An INFJ-A, Magdalene Rising and a Procyon Startseed.

Connect with Maria Saraphina on LinkedIn here or Instagram here – remember to say hi!

Spiritual Business Coach, Radical Love Rebel, Maria Saraphina


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