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There is another way…

There is another way, Coach, Teacher & Facilitator Mariaestela, Mariaestela, Coach, ACIM

There is another way… There is another way… I cannot begin to tell you how often I hear my clients sighing a heavy sigh of relief when they realise that what not only I have been saying, but more importantly they’ve been sensing all along is true… That there IS another way. A way of “doing” […]

Love, practical application & easiness

Love Practical application and easiness, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

Love, practical application & easiness – video transcript Hi all you beautiful souls and welcome! In today’s video, I wanted to talk to you about the easiness with which things can get done when you choose a loving mindset. What that means is that when we are based in the ego mindset, the lack mindset, […]