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With the ability to adapt, be open and tap deeply into the invisible layers of work, business and life.

The Spiritual MBA, Teacher,Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

As a leader in the new era you must lead by example.

That is to lead from within, communicate clearly, make sure what you say is being understood, make your employees feel heard and seen, have integrity and do the right thing – even and especially when it’s difficult.

Which - let's face it is no small feat...

Long gone are the days of managing through fear and fluffed up titles.

Todays employees are responsible, self-reliant and self-sustainable. If they do not like the environment they’re in, they will quickly find another that suits them better.

To support the best talent, you yourself must be at your best which today requires way more than the diplomas earned from recognised institutions can do.

It demands that you know yourself from within.

That you’re able to listen – and in order to do so you must be able to quiet your inner mind, clear the clouds of your mind, lift the veils blurring your vision and know your triggers.

That you’re able to communicate the company’s vision clearly, making them WANT to be on this journey with you rather than having to force them.

That you lead with integrity. Say what must be said with honesty and compassion. Take the difficult conversations and say the difficult things. Telling the truth even and especially when it’s not pretty.

That you admit when you’re wrong. That you apologize and make amends.

To do that you must be that.

We all come from somewhere carrying something. Each with our own background, upbringing, experiences, stories and “stuff”.

As a leader that “stuff” might be what at times cloud your judgement, blur your vision or trigger you in moments it might not be relevant or useful.

That is until you – as the leader you are take charge and pave a new path, for yourself and those you lead.

You were born to lead, and you know it.

While you might’ve initially thought (like me) that meant having an army of minions to be at your beck and call, you soon learned that being entrusted by a group of people ultimately means being of service

You recognize leadership as an honor and are committed to support your people both individually and as a team for the highest of all causing #winwinwin outcomes for both the individual, the company and your clients.


The Spiritual MBA™

A one-of-a-kind executive leadership training for leaders, professionals and business owners wanting to feel lighter, stronger and clearer while amplifying and strengthening your impact on the people, businesses and companies you lead.

The Spiritual MBA, Teacher,Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

The Spiritual MBA™ is designed to supply you with simple, powerful and practical tools to deepen the experience of your own personal leadership and ability to lead from within.

You’ll learn to take advantage of tried and tested methods used through decades, centuries and millennia in order to experience deeper satisfaction, easier communication and better sense of self.




Everything is energy, everything is one, everything vibrates and everything has a frequency.

This is not new – mystics, seekers, indigenous peoples and cultures have
known and shared this wisdom for millennia.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, body and everything you experience
through your senses, be they physical or intuitive, is all energy.

All of it carries a vibration and frequency.


Thus; if there is something you would like to change or transform in your
life, work or business, internally or externally, the way forward is to release and align the
underlying energy.

In SMBA™ you’ll learn how to manage, maintain, expand, align and amplify
your energy in a way that serves not only you, but also the people and company
you lead.


While seemingly soft Love as The Way is not for those faint-of-heart.

Love can be just as soft and flexible as it can be fierce and unyielding. Just as difficult and challenging as uplifting, inspiring and empowering. 

Choosing love as the way, no matter how easy or difficult the choice, ensures the outcome ultimately is a #winwinwin benefitting all involved whether it appears so on the surface or not.

It challenges the current norm of society, work life and business requiring a courageous, strong and aligned leader.

Which is the change The Spiritual MBA™ ultimately is here to ignite.

Because choosing love, no matter how easy or difficult the choice, ensures the outcome ultimately is a #winwinwin benefitting all involved whether it appears so on the surface or not.


“In The Space of Stillness Can All things Be Heard.” The benefits the indigenous ancient practice of mediation and stillness provides have been widely studied and documented by researchers and scientists for decades. Focus, flexibility, resiliency, adaptability and the ability to be present in the moment with what is, is something that all leaders, and the companies they work for can benefit tremendously from. With stillness you strengthen your ability to hear, sense, intuit, see, feel intuitively and thus tap into the greater universal field  – the space holding answers and solutions to questions and challenges you might’ve pondered for a while or never even thought of – all of which the world can greatly benefit from. In The Spiritual MBA™ you will learn the most simple form of meditation and build a powerful practice strengthening your inner peace, stillness and focus.


The Spiritual MBA™ is as spiritual as it is practical, as strategic as it is intuitive and as serious as it is fun! (or as deep as it is uplifting)

The esoteric wisdom, spiritual concepts and energetic methods you’ll learn and be intimately familiarized with is
nothing if not implemented and no action is taken.

Therefore The Spiritual MBA™ is designed to support you in powerful practical application based on your personal experiences.

Each training day will be a fluid mix of teaching and exercises designed to get you completely comfortable with the methods, knowing exactly what to do when and how – outside of the classroom, where real life is lived. 

Consistently observing, assessing, tweaking and testing ensures the methods and tools you learn become fully personal and applicable to your life and work.

The Spiritual MBA™ is for you who want more than what your eyes can see, your ears hear and your logical mind tell you.

You want to tap into and harness the powerful, intuitive wisdom always available to you.


These are some of the themes we will cover during our time together.

There will be a high emphasis in the practical application for you in life, as well as implementation in work and business.


  • You will learn what energy is. We will turn it from a lofty concept into a very practical experience allowing you to tap in and out of its power whenever needed.
  • Your energetic systems are the basis for your existence – the more aligned and in flow they are, the better your experience of life will be.
  • The energy behind stress and becoming truly resilient.
  • Flow.
  • Alignment.
  • How to manage, maintain, expand, align and amplify your energy.


  • Through a simple meditation practice you will strengthen your focus, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to be present in the moment with what is.
  • Connect deeply with the powerful Source that resides within you. That you’re a part of and an expression of.
  • Receive answers in the stillness to questions you didn’t know to ask.
  • Expand your awareness and consciousness.


  • We all come from somewhere and all carry “stuff” with us, whether consciously or not. The Spiritual MBA™ is designed to help you clear the inner clouds and lift the veils hindering your sight strengtening your ability to listen, discern and take action and becoming an even better leader, of yourself and others.
  • The Spiritual MBA™ is about amplifying the leader you already are. Harnessing and illuminating the innate strengths and abilities you already carry allowing you to fully embodying the leader you are.
  • The clair senses are you intuitive super powers. You will learn what the 5 most common clair senses are, how to use them and in which situations.
  • We will have a look at your career and achievements in a way you’ve never experienced before. Completely transforming the way you view your career trajectory. Illuminating the tremendous gold of the path you’ve taken, unlocking stagnation and revealing clear red threads.
  • Let’s be honest – as a leader – surrending can be hard AF. Yet, the benefits, outcomes and results are beyond this world when you allow yourself to be the vessel and instrument of the divine. You will release any resistance to surrending and through coaching, feedback and mentoring learn to let go and let God.


  • Part of the joyous journey called life is that you get to experience the wonders of duality and polarity; hot/cold, wet/dry, hard/soft, spirit/matter, rushing/still, light/ dark, sickness/health, heartbreak/falling in love, male/female, pain/pleasure, chaos/ order, peace/war, power/force, internal/external and SO much more. Yet 
    as a spiritual being having a human experience you still have full access to the Oneness we, as energy, are all part of.
  • As you grow and expand, your experience of Oneness grows as well, supporting you in making powerful decisions that serve on a Collective scale rather than just individually for the company, your business or yourself.
  • You will learn to discern whether preconceived notions and biases actually serve you, your work and company or whether different choices would be better.
  • Joy and gratitude for all of your experinces will grow exponentially and flod your systems at the most unexpected and most mundane of times causing deep satisfaction to ripple through your body and being.


  • Everything moves in rhythms and cycles. We will bring awareness and attention to both your personal as well as universal cycles. This will open your eyes to the tremendous universal support and power readily available to you as well as allow for you to benefit greatly from being in sync and alignment with them.


  • As a leader you ability to discern right from wrong, be free of control or manipulation is essential when wanting to lead a powerful organization full of amazing talents. 
  • You will be deeply reconnected with the truth and strength that resides within you.
  • For far too long false preachers, snake oil-salesmen and the “next best thing” have tried to sell us on their version of truth, essentially cutting you off from your Source and ability to know what is right and true for you. During our time together the mirror and light will again and again be turned towards you so that the power you possess as a leader, which flows from your core, may be uninhibited and strong.

The OAT Method™

  • Implementing The OAT Method™; Being scientific in your approach. Learning how to be your own best detective discovering possibilities for growth, tracking progress, assessing, tweaking and testing.


  • A dark night of the soul is a longer period of time where you’ve been ignoring the hard questions and increasingly glaringly obvious need for change.
  • A rude awakening or a “bitch slap from the Universe” are experiences where you’re jolted out of your slumber recognizing instantly something has to change.
  • Energetically both of these can linger. You will remove any stagnant, stuck or stale energy relating to these causing a significant uplifting that will make you feel instantly lighter.
  • You will learn; What they are, when they happen and how to harvest their wisdom and move forward in the best way possible.


  • Through exercises, reflection and feedback we will expand your awareness and consciousness. This will lead you to be better in tune with your people, able to be on the forefront of things with the ability to act accordingly and appropriately before things potentially escalating. 
  • If you think choosing love as your way means living without fear – think again. You will be doing a deep diving into your decision making and approach to things personally and professionally. This will activate and engage the parts of you that work for a higher cause and bring about solutions you or your team might’ve never thought or even dreamed of.


  • The 12 Universal Laws; you’ve probably heard of The Law of Attraction however it’s just one of twelve. You will learn how they all coorporate together.
  • The Emotional Scale; deconstruction and innate understanding of the high low/vibe concept.
  • Etc.

The lesson plan for each training day will be sent to you a few weeks before start and is subject to change based on what’s deemed best for the cohort and its progression.


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Training starts in August 2024. To get the full schedule download the brochure below.


There’s two different cohorts.

With a mix of 8 live, in-person training days as well as 6 live, online training days.

Here all 14 training days will take place online in a private meeting room.


Investment for The Spiritual MBA™ is USD $15.000 or DKK 80.000 ex. vat.

This includes:

  • 10 month leadership training.
  • All training materials e-mailed to you.
  • 4 private one-on-one sessions with Maria Saraphina.
  • Likeminded community.

as well as…


  • 8 live, in-person training days.
  • 6 live, online training days.
  • Meals, hot & cold drinks and snacks during in-person training days.



  • 8 live, online training days.
  • 6 live, online training days.
  • All training materials shipped to you.

About your Guide & Teacher

Hello Radiant One!

I’m Maria Saraphina, international Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel with clients and students spanning the globe.

Born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark I  now reside far outside of the city in a place close to nature.

I’ve been meditating daily for almost 20 years and incorporated energetic alignment into my life and work for the past 6.

I am thrilled that you’re here, considering joining The Spiritual MBA™ because the more of us doing this work, the better our world becomes, for all.

I am an Aries Sun, Virgo Rising & Aquarius Moon. Fire Dragon, Numerological 7, Enneagram 8, 2/4 Sacral Generator with Right Angle Cross of Service (17/18 | 58/52). An INFJ-A, Magdalene Rising and a Procyon Startseed.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here or Instagram here – remember to say hi!

Mastery Show & Podcast, Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina



We do admissions calls to ensure your participation in programme will both be beneficial to you as well as in the highest alignment for all.

In order for you to get the most out of the training you should expect to spend 15-20 minutes every day to implement and get the full benefit of the techniques taught.

Futhermore you should block about 90 min. in your calendar on a weekly basis for a deeper dive. 


Thursdays: 9:30 – 17:30*
Fridays: 9:00 – 17:00*

Online training days

Thursdays: 9:00AM – 5:30PM
Fridays: 9:00AM – 5PM 


The live, in-person trainings will be held in a central location in Denmark close to international airports and public transport.

The location will be accessible for all people.

The live, online trainings are held in a private, online meeting room.


All times listed in CEST (Copenhagen)


All times listed in EST (New York)

The training days are divided up the follwing way:

4 x 2 days (Thursday + Friday)

6 x 1 day (Friday)

Each cohort consists of a maximum of 8-12 participants.

The final number for each will depend on the cohesiveness and alignment of the group.

I expect you to turn up present, ready to participate and with as little distractions as possible.

I recognise that you, as a leader, have obligations and as such there will be times throughout the days where you’ll be able to check in with work and family.

However, to ensure you get the most of our time together, I would highly encourage that you block out the time completely. Your work will still be there when we’re done.

If you’ve got a question not answered any where reach out Radiant One! Fill out the form below…