Radiant One,

What would it be like knowing you had a confidential, safe and sacred space to get clear on all of your downloads in, know your next course of action with clarity and conviction, energetically be aligned to your vision and expand yourself and your business far beyond the current – all based in love?

– and not only that…

But at the same time have this deep seated inner and outer sense of peace, confidence and gratitude knowing you’re continuing the expansion of your level of service to those you’re here to serve? Consistently being part of the elevation of our planet and world – in this realm and beyond?

Sounds pretty sweet right?

– and perhaps like a dream…

Yet something brought you here – and while we might call it by different names, we both know what that something is.

It’s not a dream Radiant One… read on if you’re curious…

As a Souldriven, Heart based, Spiritual Entrepreneur, with a business that you love and want to expand maybe you recognize some of these challenges;

You’re ready to take your business to the next level, expand further and upgrade.

But you find yourself getting 1 million downloads being overwhelmed with potential ideas, unsure which one to start with, where to begin, and what to do and you find yourself procrastinating, stock, getting increasingly more and more frustrated by her inactivity and inefficiency.

You want to focus your time and energy on the creation of a new product or service

But day-to-day operational issues and every day occurrences keeps dragging you away.

Your business is taking off your customer base growing and new clients constantly making inquiries

But you fly by the seat of your pants and having build no system so structures, created no procedures no boundaries, inserted no terms or conditions, you find that not only can you not begin to outsource tasks but you’re also having to spend more and more time putting out fires, responding inefficiently to calls and emails and requests, feeling frustrated and irritated, constantly worried that she will miss out on an opportunity, lose a potential client, or worse is the point of current one by not delivering your best, being fully present with them.

You’ve got this big, bright, beautiful and somewhat scary idea that at times seems wildly crazy and totally out of the question…

One that makes your heart pound with excitement and desire however being unable to see how it could possibly unfold and land you trying to completely ignore, suppress, forget or disregard it, instead taking on jobs and client that you do not absolutely love in order to pay your bills and put food on the table, leaving you resend Fulton better for being unable to birth what it is asking to be born through you, into this world.

You want to spread your work further on wider than you have ever done before

Knowing it will require for you to show up in a way that you never have before and while it, added score, deeply excites you and thrilled you fills you with passion and desire fear of what people will say, do, or think also consumes you/sneaks up on you, stopping you dead in your tracks.

You understand that your personal growth is intricately intertwined with your business growth

– and that waking/working with your fears and worries, concerns and doubts can propel you and your business forward in a way nothing else can, creating a momentum allowing you to be fully you, but having been on able thus far to find that sacred space where everything can be shared, laid out in the open, dissected and dissolved has held you back from advancing with your ideas and dreams.

You’ve been in business for many years…

Have taught at workshops and events across the globe. Created magnificent programs, products and services. Now you are wanting to take that all online. To expand your reach and increase your prosperity. Serving those who are ready, no longer bound by physical presence.

Your work is shifting.

From having done thousands of 1:1 sessions – whether they be readings, in-person classes or sessions, your role is shifting from guide and teacher to that of the Teachers Teacher, which equally excites and scares you, but you are so so ready. You feel it in your bones.

If so, You’ve come to right place Radiant One!

I’m Maria Saraphina,

Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator

My corporate background stems from:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • Hospitality aka working in hotels.
  • Startups aka being part of multiple start ups.
  • Financial aka being a Key Account Manager for one of the largest credit card acquirers in Scandinavia.
  • Product Development and Management aka spearheading as well as being deeply involved in the development of very complex and technical systems.

So I’ve got the business side in place…

– And for the past +10 years I’ve been reconnecting with my heart, my spirituality and my connection to Source, God if you will.

Have followed the Priestess Path and gone through my fair share of rude awakenings and dark nights of my soul to arrive at the place and space, within as without where I, today, cannot imagine not blending, weaving and merging the worlds of seen and unseen, spirituality with practicality and magic with the mundane.

To me, that’s the space of miracles, satisfaction, joy, fulfilment and content. It’s why I am here – and more importantly, you too…

Spiritual Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
I have a not so secret superpower that my clients benefit from immediately…

I see things…

Not dead people like the boy from 6th. Sense.

No, I see your purpose, vision and dreams as if already real.

Not only that.

I also see connections meaning during our time together you can expect to hear yourself saying over and over again:

“you see things things I would’ve never thought or ever dreamed off!”
“you make things SO much better!”
“I’ve gotten SO much clarity from our session!”

While we journey together I receive a plethora of different downloads. Downloads that can serve you if you choose to run with them. Downloads like product enhancements, opt-ins, new products or services, messages, streamlining of processes – a client of mine said “it’s like you take what’s in my 8th. Chakra and you help me voice it, ground it and create it aka manifest it into this world.”

Another client said “it’s like you have a train full of people (my connection to Source and Guides) that you’re constantly conversing with, while having a conversation with me, and you’ll pull what serves me the most at any given moment.”

I so wish I’d come up with those analogies myself, cause they’re right.

This combined with my immense love for supporting spiritual entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses from within, my background in startups, business and product development is what makes me so damn good at what I do.


I just, not only said that, but fully own it.

So damn good at who I am and what I do.

But it wasn’t easy getting to that point.

In fact it took me years of having clients return over and over again repeating it to me before I finally got it.

So, why should you care?

Because no one enters my Sacred Sessions without it having a catalysing effect on both you and your business.

While we work together I’ll give you everything and all things that I’ve got to support you in expanding you and your business. Turning your dreams into goals and your goals into reality.

How would that be for you Radiant One?

To stand fully in your power, confidently being able to say to your potential clients and customers – “I’m damn good at what I do and here’s why that’s beneficial to you.”?

Because thing is Radiant One, it’s not about me. It’s about you.

I’m here to serve and support you in expressing your souls divine purpose in this lifetime through your business and doing.

Whether you’re a Yoga Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Psychic, Special Needs Teacher, Kundalini Teacher, Card Reader, Coach, Energy Worker, Healer, Priestess, Hotel Owner, Mystic – my work and purpose at it’s deepest core is all about supporting you in being and doing what you came here to do.

I do not care about being on the front pages of magazines, on GMA, talk with Oprah or sit down with Ellen – I care that you do.

– and doing so requires you being aligned with your desires and a strong and solid base and foundation. A Sacred Space where you can voice your fears, be met, heard, seen and aligned.

Joining in Session

As we join in sacred sessions, together we work on you reclaiming your strength, reclaiming your vision, building a strong and solid foundation that you can stand upon and build from for many years to come and express your soul‘s purpose in this world. Energetically we will release whatever’s standing in your way and align you to your dreams and desires supercharging the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

During our time together I will share with you the powerful practices that have served my clients for over 9 years to help you build powerful programs, expand your services and products, express your truth, align your business systems and structures in a way to truly serve you, trust your inner knowing and apply inspired action to accomplish what that beckoning call within is calling you to do and be.

With my powerful, experienced support you will create a strong foundation for the expression of your soul‘s purpose bringing you with it a deeper sense of peace, bliss and fulfilment than you had ever experienced before and you will do so fully aligned with your divine purpose, bringing to life that which you’re here to birth, serving those you’ve come to serve in flow.

You will get…

  • Clarity – clarity and more clarity and with it comes your unwavering ability to execute with confidence.
  • Energetic Alignment – using The Energy Alignment Method® we will, in every session ensure that you’ve cleared any resistant or reversed energy to what we’ve discussed and we’ll align you with what you do want.

  • Sacred Space – each and every session is a Holy encounter where I hold the space for your to share, release and heal as well as gain clarity, insight and peace of mind. Nothing is off limits or out of bounce.

  • 100% Confidentiality – everything stays between you and me. I consider our relationship of Holy Nature. Nothing is ever shared and never will be.

  • Powerful Sessions – every session is about 90 min. and week by week, through our work together you will experience a deeper and deeper peace and alignment permeating your entire being. A peace only to be found in the depths of your being. Alignment allowing the most incredible flow and ease.

  • Love based Mindset – Love is The Way and every week you will expand through the revelations and ancient knowledge you experience, remember and uncover during our sessions.

  • No BS Loving laser focus – during our time together, you will not be able to hide. You’ll receive my laser focused coaching, mentoring, facilitation and intuitive guidance as well as my input, insights, ideas and angles which will usually is things you hadn’t seen in yourself or thought of before.
  • Deep Personal Transformation – Who you are is not a reflection of what you do, what you do is a reflection of who you are. The work you’ll be doing week by week will support your continued expansion, upgrade and uplevelling.

  • Assignments – Week by week you’ll will commit yourself to completing tasks supporting you, and will be reporting back to me about your progress.
  • Unlimited Telegram Support – As we journey together I’m there for you. Between our sessions you are welcome to reach out to me.

  • Recordings – All of our sessions are recorded. After each session you receive a link to access both a video and an audio option for download. I cannot tell you how much my clients appreciate being able to go back and listen and re-listen to their sessions, even after our time together has ended. It’s truly priceless.

The true resolution rests entirely on Mastery through Love.

– A Course in Miracles

“Working with Maria Saraphina is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business.

Business wise I’ve gone from strength to strength with her support.

For years I’ve been holding myself back because of fear – fear of standing out, fear of making myself known to the world.

I’ve finally reached a point now where I feel comfortable and also enjoy being visible. That’s huge for me. Maria Saraphina is with you all the way, her support is priceless, she gets to the heart of the matter and in turn you get shit done!

I highly recommend working with Maria Saraphina. It’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business.”

Anne Goncalves, Yoga Teacher

Our Time Together

1 x 90 min. session


6 Sessions, usually a period of 2-4 Months


12 sessions, usually a period of 6-8 Months


*Payment Plans Available Upon Request

Agnieszka Bera, Spiritual Business Mentoring, Mariaestela, Facilitator, Catalyst

“Working with Maria Saraphina changed my business completely…

I have realised what I really want to do and I have learned how to achieve my goals effectively. She is a big inspiration and motivation. Her support is so important for me.

I also realised how hard I was on myself and that I can slow down and still achieve my goals. I realised that all blocks are just in me and that I have the power to remove them. I leave every sessions with so much inspiration, feeling like I can just do it.”

– Agnieszka Bera, Yoga Teacher – Kundalini, pregnancy & Women

“One of the most invaluable discoveries I made through working with Maria Saraphina was to not diminish in value the impact that I am making. Sometimes I underestimate the impact of my work and the teaching I do.”

Working with Maria Saraphina was the absolutely best thing I’ve done for my business.

She helped me to create structures and systems for sharing my message and my work with the world in a way that moved me from feelings of clusterf*ck to a sense of calm and inspired flow.

Everything in my business is easier now.

She taught me how to trust the process and reminded me in every session that I’m always supported and that divine guidance was easily accessible. In the time we worked together I launched my blog, a group coaching program and a podcast. I increased income from my business and grew my audience. I love all of it.

She told me the truth about myself and my work. Divine. Sacred. Powerful. She also told me flat out whenever she observed that my thoughts and actions were not aligned with that truth. So so important. So valuable. She is literally divine guidance. All I have is gratitude and love for her.”

– Melissa Elysian, Sacred $ Coach

Client Love, Melissa Elysian, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela
Kimberly Galloway Gordon, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria

“Maria Saraphina is amazing at what she does. She has positively impacted my life both personally and professionally with her teachings, mentorship, love, wisdom, and knowledge.

I have had so many changes during our time and work together. The most significant changes that has occurred is that I am more confident in my spiritual gifts as a spiritual leader and metaphysical teacher.

It is allowing me to play really big in my life.

If I were to recommend you, I will say that she will lead you with love and not let you gift up on yourself or the path that you are on.

I would emphasize that you are an amazing spiritual mentor who really cares about and is invested in your clients success.

You are motivated by helping provide guidance and not just charging for your services. I would also emphasise that you will not only help increase revenue, but increase the faith and power that lies within yourself.

– Kimberly Galloway Gordon, Spiritual Leader and Metaphysical Teacher

“Maria Saraphina sees into your soul…

If you are hiding, she calls you out. If you are lost, she guides you to find your path using your own intuition and her guides are so on target about what you need to know it’s uncanny.

She is a kick-ass business mentor, agony aunt, and best friend that propels you to success without it feeling like drudgery! She doesn’t give you systems! She helps you find your unique perspective and supports you fully in evolving your business and your entire life in a deeply soulful but down-to-earth way.”

– Sophia Noelle Aaland, Spiritual Concierge & Intuitive Mentor

Sophia Noelle Aaland, Spiritual Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

Full Disclosure…

Working with me is not for those faint-of-heart…

It is the work for those masters here to serve the healing and loving expansion of this world.

Together we’ll be shining a light into the darkest corners of your mind where all of your limiting beliefs lie hidden, where your destructive patterns begin, where your deepest fears and biggest dreams live, so that you may heal from within, transform your life and business, and reestablish the connection to your inner wisdom that was never lost.

During our time together I will call upon you to Rise.

To be who you came here to be.
To do what you came here to do.

I believe that we are the true a chemical transformers and that through your business your bridge heaven and earth, transmute feared of love, and support the healing and awakening of all.

It is deeply transformative work and will surface more shit than you maybe willing to look at but it is, at the same time, also, one of the most freeing, liberating and satisfying things you will ever do.

It requires courage, stamina and determination, but most of all it requires willingness;

Willingness to be still and listen.

Willingness to go where you have never gone before.

Willingness to see what you have never seen before.

Willingness to act in a way you have never acted before.

Willingness to be who you truly are.

– and I will be with you every step of the way.

The Details

Usually 2-4 months of powerful, dedicated business coaching and energetic alignment for the growth, evolution and expansion of you and your business.

  • 6 up to 90-min. sessions via Zoom.
  • WhatsApp and email support between sessions.
  • Personal Dropbox folder for the recordings.

$2355 when paid in full – payment plan is available upon request.

Usually 6-8 months of powerful, dedicated spiritual business coaching and energetic alignment for the growth, evolution and expansion of you and your business.

  • 12 up to 90-min. sessions via Zoom.
  • WhatsApp and email support between sessions.
  • Personal Dropbox folder for the recordings.

$4555 when paid in full -payment plan is available upon request.

Ready Radiant One?

Our work together is a committed partnership therefore I only take on a limited number of weekly and have an application process. Ensuring that not only am I able to focus my energy, skills and support on those truly ready but also that you and I are the right fit.