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Spiritual Business Coaching

for soul driven, heart based, spiritual executives, business owners and leaders like you wanting to optimize and streamline your work, amplify your reach, leave a legacy and be the powerful leader you've been since you were born.

Maria Saraphina goes above and beyond as a coach and straight up amazing human. Her ability to merge business and spirituality is a blessing and I feel truly lucky to have found her when I did.
Spiritual Business Coaching, The Alignment, Kayma Englund, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Kayma Englund
Psychic Channel, Teacher + Mentor


Something new is calling you...

Something that seems scary right?

You’ve got a thriving business or career in place already. You don’t need this new thing. Yet it won’t seem to let you go. Keeps returning with bigger and bigger force. 

Your heart starts to race and breath quicken thinking about the potential of it. 

It scares you.

Brings up old insecurities, doubts, fears. 

Yet the pull it has on your heart and soul makes you wonder if this is part of your legacy…

Why else would it make your heart beat faster, your soul sing with joy and butterflies flutter in your belly no matter how hard you’ve been trying to focus on “other things”. The day to day things that still need to get done.

It won’t seem to release its hold on you. Continuously nudging you making you wonder if this is a siren’s call that’ll cause you to crash against the rocks or soar high above them.

You wonder what if? When? How? 

Requires you to be someone new. Do something differently.

Come join me Radiant One and let’s make this happen.
Spiritual Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
“I’m extremely grateful to have come across Maria as I wanted someone that wasn’t familiar with anything about me.

Who could see me based on on the energy exchange between us in our sessions, and not because of something they had seen on the internet, or because of something they had heard about me in the community, or anything like that.

That could be real and authentic and Maria is absolutely real and authentic and catalystic and loving and caring, and so very supportive.
Angela Marie

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Heart Based Leader or Holistic Business Owner with work you absolutely love maybe you recognise some of these challenges…

You’re ready to take your work, company or business to the next level…

Yet find yourself struggling to determine the right strategy and best path forward. Being overwhelmed and overworked is already causing a strain on your health, well-being and relationship with your partner you do not want to add to the already massive pile of things to do – just because. Instead you want what will bring you freedom, satisfaction, peace and success.

You want to dedicate your time and energy to amplifying your work.

But rather than spending your days deep in co-creation with God you find yourself constantly dragged down by day-to-day operational issues and every day occurrences.
Flying by the seat of your pants, you’re spending more and more time putting out fires, responding inefficiently to calls, emails and requests or in zoom meetings that could’ve been an email, feeling frustrated and irritated, constantly worried you’ll miss out on an opportunity, lose a client or worse, by not delivering your best and being fully present with your current clients.

You know that personal and professional growth starts within.

– And that actively working with your fears, worries, concerns and doubts is a like a jet-fuel injection propelling your business forward in a way nothing else can, momentum to create long-lasting, sustainable growth allowing you to be fully you however thus far you’ve yet to find that sacred space where strategy and snot is equally tailored to, where everything can be shared, laid out in the open, dissected and dissolved in a way that helps you advancing with your dreams and desires.

You’ve got this big, bright, beautiful and somewhat scary idea that at times seem wildly crazy, illogical and totally out of the question…

One that makes your heart pound with excitement and desire. However being unable or incapable to conceive how on earth it could possibly unfold you instead take on jobs, projects or clients that drain you in order to pay your bills and put food on the table, leaving you feeling frustrated, angry, bitter or disappointed – most of all with yourself because you KNOW this is destined to be.

Yet, despite your best efforts in trying to ignore, suppress, forget or disregard it, it keeps popping up making your blood rush and feel madly in love – which is what brought you here, to me… 

You’ve been in business for many years and your work is shifting.

Have taught at workshops and events across the globe. Created magnificent programs, products and services. Spearheaded global innovation, overseen the building and implementation of big scale projects. Signed million dollar contracts. All of which you have loved doing, yet deep within, a resonating, beckoning call is asking for change – unclear, uncertain, unsure you want to be supported as you unravel this and bring about clarity and strategy in bringing it to life.

You Want to work smarter and less, not harder or more.

Having built what you’ve built you want to streamline, optimize and clarify  so you can work smarter and less, not harder and more. For that you know you need an objective, outside, no BS perspective with brilliant insights and suggestions that will finally allow you to start traveling and explore the world with your partner as you’ve always dreamed about.

You want to spread your work further and wider than you have ever done before.

Knowing it will require for you to show up in a way that you never have before and while it deeply excites you and fills you with passion and desire, fear of what people will say, do or think also sneaks up on you stopping you dead in your tracks.

Yet, not doing it brings tears to your eyes and sorrow to your energy knowing how much what you do will affect those whose lives will be touched and changed by it. It is time Radiant One.


Spiritual Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method®, Maria Saraphina


What I do isn’t limited to only the mental or emotional, strategic or spiritual.

By combining them all and adding the energetic component as well you benefit from me weaving multiple levels at once.

And what makes me so darn good at space holding is that I can piece together all of what you’re saying and what you leave out in an instant.

Ask the clarifying questions that bring about deep revelation, insights and aha moments galore. Causing a shift and ripple effect. Giving you suggestions you had never thought of or considered and create powerful strategies to match.

On top I support you with the energetic releasing and alignment to anchor in new supportive frequencies.

I can see the muddled energy clear as day – poke at it and help you release it.

The way I work and the work we do together causes flow. When things are in the flow state you will not have to work as hard to “make things happen”.

You will be amazed again and again about how solutions seem to appear out of the blue the moment a challenge occurs.

With my coaching and energetic alignment you give yourself the ability to thrive and build your legacy from a space of flow rather than an uphill battle.

"For years I’ve been holding myself back because of fear – fear of standing out, fear of making myself known to the world. I’ve finally reached a point now where I feel comfortable and also enjoy being visible. That’s huge for me. Maria Saraphina is with you all the way, her support is priceless, she gets to the heart of the matter and in turn you get shit done!"
Anne Goncalves, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Anne Goncalves

what makes ME different


The sweet soft pastelly kind; full of unicorns, fairies and glitter.

The nonsensical, trusting and surrendering kind.

About, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

The hellfire and brimstone kind; full of fire, passion and devotion.

The all knowing kind.

Love is The Way for me.

In any thing and all things. Work, business, life. It makes everything better. Amplifies it to the umpteenth degree. Ensures win-win-win for all.

I have a not so secret superpower that all of my clients benefit from (immediately)…

I see things..

Not dead people like the boy from 6th. Sense.

No, I see your purpose, vision, dreams and desires as if already made real.

I see low hanging fruit ripe for harvest, connections and opportunities for growth meaning during our time together you can expect to hear yourself repeating over and over again:

“You see things I would’ve never thought of or dreamed of!”
“You make things SO much better!”
“I’ve gotten SO much clarity from this session!”

While we journey together I receive a plethora of different downloads for you. Downloads that can serve you if you choose to run with them.

Downloads like seeing what is truly blocking you from moving forward, product enhancements, opt-ins, new products or services, messages, streamlining or optimizing of work flows and processes.

One client said “it’s like you take what’s in my 8th. Chakra and you help me, voice it, ground it and create aka manifest it into this world.”

Another said: “it’s like you have a train full of people (my connection to Source and Guides) that you’re constantly conversing with, while having a conversation with me, and you’ll pull what serves me the most at any given moment.”

(I so wish I’d come up with those analogies myself, cause they’re spot on ;o)

Finally, when returning for a new cycle, a client said: “When i first heard you share the downloads and visions for me and my work I thought you were crazy and that it sounded SO far out.” 

Despite that, she took what I shared, ran with it and built a very successful and sustainable business with an amazing team – coming back whenever she’s ready for the next level of growth and expansion of her and her business.

"The most invaluable for me has been to have someone cheering me on and celebrating my wins when I forgot to do so."

I think actually the bigger the win the less I tend to celebrate and it’s been wonderful to have Maria Saraphina as a solid presence who reminds me of my progress at each new milestone."
Client Love, Novalee Wilder, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Novalee Wilder

Freak or Genius - it's up to you...

Truth be told I used to disregard my clients as being kind, whenever they’d shower me with compliments – because what I do and how I do it is so automatic and ingrained it’s like breathing or your heart beating – and how on earth could they not see something that appeared so obvious.

Nowadays I realize it’s part of what makes me so darn good at what I do.

I feel it coming.

There’s a rush of energy that happens.


It’s like being in love.

Energy goes from being intangible in my mind to words that sprout and as I speak they come to life.

It happens very fast and it’s hard to slow myself down. It’s like an overflow of love that pours through me and into the world leaving in its wake brilliant opportunities ripe for my clients to run with. (which is also why every session is recorded if you want it.)

Whether it’s:

I have an innate, natural and powerful ability to amplify what you do. Make it even better.

Because I can see how.

When I discovered I have the freak/genius channel activated in my Human Design it made COMPLETE SENSE. (That’s Channel 43-23 for those wanting to nerd out. I see you Radiant One ;o))

Basically it means that because you’ve, through us working together, have given permission for me to share my suggestions, insights or ideas, often asking for them you’ll find me to be a genius.

However if we don’t or you haven’t, what I share will make me sound like a freak.

Which I SO SO SOooo get.

I can sense how the energy of my suggestions, insights or ideas and recognise how that can be perceived as total cray if you haven’t asked for it.

Luckily I’ve got amazing clients who LOVE it when I do my “horse mouth” thingy and let my freak flag fly.

This combined with my immense and infinite love for helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Heart Based Leaders and Holistic Business Owners clarify, streamline and amplify from within, my almost 2 decade long own journey and corporate background makes me so damn good at what I do and how I do it – all because of who I am.

Why Should You Care?

No one enters my sacred sessions without it having a clarifying, amplifying and catalyzing effect on you, your work or business.

While we work together I hold nothing back, giving you everything and all things I’ve got to support you in the powerful and serving of ways.

How would that be for you, Radiant One?

To stand fully in your power, clear and confident, knowing exactly what to do in a way that most serves you and those you’re here to serve?

Because here’s the thing Radiant One – me being so damn good at what I do is not about me – it’s about you.

Together we will cause your soul’s divine purpose in this lifetime to flourish in ways you might’ve never imagined.

Whatever the expression; your chosen profession – my work, at it’s deepest core is all about supporting YOU in being and doing what you came here to be and do in the most satisfying, nourishing and empowering way.

I do not care about being on the front pages of magazines, GMA or doing a Super Soul Sunday with Oprah – I care that you do.

And doing so requires you being deeply aligned with your truth, having a strong, solid foundation, broadcasting your integrity and authenticity in a way that resonates and it recognised energetically.

Traditional just doesn't cut it for you does it?


  • More than one coach try to force their preconceived notions about how you should work and what you should do, make you fit into their blueprint or follow a certain strategy, premade and ready to go, which you know, from experience, never works for you, your work or business model.
  • Glorious hours of therapy you’re tired of the inaction and inertia making your head spin in circles because the progress seems slow or not even there.
  • Magnificent and wonderful healing you find yourself wanting something that’s both healing and applicable – strategy and snot as a client and I agreed my services should be called. You want a no BS and whole lotta love approach.
  • Done your very freaking best. You are an absolutely outstanding, brilliant soul. There is no part of you that will ever not be doing your very best, and that is why you’re here, scrolling through these pages.

… you still wonder how you’re gonna get clear and know what to do, when people are gonna find out you’re a fraud, don’t belong or simply isn’t good enough… trying to ignore, suppress or eliminate your fears is not the answer…

Love is.

I am here to help you get clear and know exactly what to do in a way that will your soul sing with joy.

Even with…

  • Your brain muddled with worry of how your being perceived, holding you back from letting your freak flag fly in all of it’s radiant glory and inspiring those around you to do the same.
  • Self-deprecating, fear based, internal dialogue filled with manufactured lies about you, who you are and your family broadcasting so loudly, persistently and repeatedly that you’ve begun questioning whether they’re true.
  • A business that’s messy and disorganized and with you flying by the seat of your pants.


Let Me Guess Radiant One...


You’ve been getting nudges and seeing things for years, maybe even since childhood. You know there’s more to this world than meets the eye yet don’t know what to do about it, what to do with it, or how to use it in any manner that makes sense. Rather than continuing to ignore it, I’m here to help you harness the power of your intuitive superpowers in a way that supports you, your work or business.


Being who you are, you’ve gone through hell and back. To arrive at the place you’re at now has not been easy. You’ve probably had a very difficult and challenging upbringing with a family who didn’t embrace or support you and who you are in truth. Outcast or ostracized from a very young age you’ve overcome tremendous challenges and despite all odds have created a life for yourself many would envy/want/are inspired by.


You’re here to be a leader for the generations to come and want a safe and sacred space where you might, even further, unfold your full and true potential. Radiating in full glory who you are. Letting love ripple through you and into the world, rising to a whole new level of leadership transcending far beyond the current confines of any restrictions knowing our world, as a whole, will only thrive through love.

If you want to thrive; be truly, deeply satisfied and content you must bring yourself into full alignment with who you are in truth and what you came to do.

ALIGNMENT THAT… Opens the space for flow, ease, synchronicities, divine timing and “out of the blue” occurrences galore – what I like to call #signsofflow.

Sooner or later every human being will come to the realization that what you are goes far and beyond any measures or comprehension of this world...

The sooner you do, the sooner the satisfaction, joy and excitement available to you at any moment, any time, anywhere can flood through your systems and elevate your experience of life, business and work.


Before I took the leap as an entrepreneur more than a decade ago I had a fantastic corporate career with the trajectory of becoming a c-suite level executive.

On the surface I had it all; well-paying job, amazing colleagues, healthcare, apartment in the city, ability to vacation every year MORE

To the outside world I was successful.

With nothing more than a high school diploma and 4 years in trade school I’d built an amazing career.

But I couldn’t feel my heart.

I had a mindset deeply rooted in fear.

One I had to unravel the hard way, because I didn’t know what I now do about energy work. (BONUS for you, I’ve gone through it so I can show you the way through).

Scared shitless about what people would think, say or do about literally anything.

Coupled with a heavy dose of perfectionism and slight control freak.

For years I stayed within that “safe” but SO dissatisfying bubble. Earning a living, building the career I thought I was supposed to have while suppressing my desire.

Love heals me and Energy Medicine brings me into the highest possible alignment.

I now know, through both personal experience and the work that I do with my 1:1 clients, that no thing and nothing “out there” will ever work.

It’s all an inside job.

Whether it be setting the direction for your work, company or business, outlining clear strategies, leading your people or any personal or professional development my unique combination of coaching and energetic alignment will get to the core of things fast and efficiently.

The level of satisfaction and joy I now carry within my vibration, stems from my very essence. Rippling from that place, overspilling into my environment and those I come into contact with automatically.

A result of continuously doing the work each and every day; releasing and dissolving what’s in your energy and doesn’t serve you before aligning you with that which is – and this what you’ll get when we join in Sacred Session(s).

join the success


Client Love, Melissa Elysian, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela
Client Love, Christina Cecconi, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment, Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Client Love, Cassie Uhl, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina




Having a clear direction, knowing what to do as well as the confidence and courage to do it, however big or small it might seem.


Finally silencing that inner critic constantly making you question whether you’re good enough and instead feel deeply confident at all times no matter the setting you find yourself to be in; work, business or with friends and family.


Experiencing a level of flow like never before, where ideas, insights or suggestions for any obstacle or challenge appear almost instantaneously and seemingly out of the blue (pssst - it’s alignment)


Sensing such deep satisfaction rippling through you on a regular, mundane Tuesday while getting ready for work that you wonder if... a) this is what Nirvana feels like or b) that you’ve gone completely bonkers but really not caring one bit because it feels so damn good, you want to stay in it and welcome it with open arms!

what to look forward to

You Will Get...

Sacred Space

Each and every session is a Holy Encounter where I hold space for you to share, release and heal as well as gain clarity, insight and peace of mind. Nothing is off limits or out of bounce.


Clarity, clarity and more clarity coupled with your unwavering ability to execute with confidence and the courage to go out and do it.

Energetic Alignment

When applicable we will release any energy that might be standing in your way and energetically align you to ensure the highest level of flow.

100% Confidentiality

I keep everything you share with me, whether in session or between, confidential. I consider our collaboration to be of Holy Nature. Nothing is ever shared and never will be.

Powerful Sessions

with each session you will experience a deeper and deeper peace and permeating your entire being. Things will begin to change or shift without you actually doing anything - such is the nature of flow.

No BS Loving Laser Focus

During our time together you will not be able to hid. You’ll receive my laser focussed coaching and intuitive guidance as well as any input, downloads, insights, suggestions and angles; usually things you hadn’t seen yourself or thought of before.

Lovebased Mindset

Love is The Way and with every session you will grow and expand through the revelations and ancient knowledge you experience, remember and uncover.

Deep Personal Transformation

Whether your focus is work, business or personal, clarity, strategy or alignment our work together will get to the core of who you are and what you do will become a clear reflection of that.

Valuable Suggestions

Designed to amplify the work we do in our sessions, session by session I will share my notes and suggestions with you. My suggestions have made my clients 1000’s of $$$, saved them countless hours and been invaluable in terms of emotional well-being.

Telegram Support

As we journey together I am here for you. Between sessions you’re to reach out to me.


If desired, all of our sessions are recorded. After each session you receive a link to access both a video and audio option for download. Most of my clients rave about being able to go back and re-listen to their sessions, continuously mining gold from them - even long after our time together has ended.


Been seen, heard and held in a sacred and safe container as you grow and expand heals on deep celluar and energetic levels.

Our Time Together

Spiritual Business Coaching | Work with the best

The Options


Starting @ $5000

Tailormade packages with a combination of  VIP Immersions, 1:1 sessions and accountability and support between sessions. Video and audio recordings available after each session. 


Starting @ $1495

Deep diving “one-and-done” 4-5 hr session with a 7 day AMA follow-up opportunity after. Video and audio recordings available afterwards. 


Starting @ $1111

A fluid, voice note based coaching service giving you an experienced coach in pocket when and where you need it.

Payment Plans & Payment in other currencies than USD available upon request.


Working with me is not for those faint-of-heart...

It is for the powerful leaders with hearts as big as their dreams and desires.

Together we will shine a light into the darkest corners of your mind illuminating the places where all of your limiting beliefs lie hidden, where your destructive patterns begin, where your deepest fears and biggest dreams live, so that you may heal from within; transforming your life business and the way you work, reestablishing the connection to your inner wisdom, Higher Self and the Love we all are that was never lost.

During our time together I will call upon you to Rise.

To be who you came here to be.
Do what you came here to do.

I believe that we are true alchemical transformers…

Able to, through our being and doing, bridge heaven and earth, transmute fear to love and in doing so, while personal, support the healing and awakening of our Collective.

You might think the personal work you do is merely… personal…

however everything is energy… and thus the healing you do for you, you do for us all.

You’re an absolutely brilliant soul having a human experience who’s been conditioned to thinking you just have to work more and harder rather than smarter.

Being who you are, wanting the things you do it makes absolute perfect sense that you then do do do.

However you’re also smart enough to know when something’s not working and that’s why you’ve found your way to me.

You want a different way of doing things, one that’s not as draining and time consuming.

With my energetic approach we’re able to clear the internal clutter and cloudiness transforming your energy from one of resistant or reversed states to that of flow.

My approach does not come without work or a cost…

It'll cost you...

Your endless nights of being unable to sleep because your mind cannot shut off and instead have you sleeping through the night like a baby waking refreshed, nourished and satisfied in the morning.

Meaningless relationships that drains you over amazing friendships with people who cheer you on and celebrate you.

Having to constantly worry about how you appear and perform and instead be real and show up no matter what the damn you look like because your power is real no matter the external appearance.

Your guilty conscience for not working out or eating more healthy to joining a gym or yoga studio, buying those kettlebells and start having delicious meals delivered.

Boring dinners and cocktail parties full of endless small talk over deep intimate conversations about things that matter.

Your diet of caffeine to get started in the morning and wine to wind down in the evening over having amazing energy levels throughout the day with precisely the amount of energy you need for the things you want to do. Drinking coffee and wine because you WANT to not because you HAVE to.

Having to say yes all of the time and instead start saying yes to ONLY the things that actually light you up and saying nope, without a second thought or worry about what anyone will think.

Having your family walk all over you because you’re able to set clear boundaries.

Endless hours of mental scatterbrain going back and forth, mulling over something, ehmming and hemming to instead have the process run its cycle without judgment simply being the observer/witness.

Ready Radiant One?

Our work together is a committed partnership.

Therefore I only take on a limited number of weekly clients and have an application form to ensure I am able to fully focus my energy, skill and support those truly ready as well as ensuring you and I are the right fit.

Apply for your complementary discovery session by clicking below – please note that my discovery sessions are real sessions, not a sales call and no credit cards are needed.

If you and I are to continue our collarboration it will be made very clear to us both.

Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina



The VIP Immersions are app. 4-5 hours including breaks.

The one-to-one sessions are 45min. 

In terms of Telegram it means that you’re welcome to reach out to me at any time and I will respond at my convenience – usually pretty quick, depending on day of the week, whether I’m in session or on the weekend.

For The Year of Elevation it means as much as you like, based on availability.

I consider you to be a powerful spiritual being having a human experience knowing what you need and as such I trust that what’s needed will be met.

I see 1:1 clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays from morning to night covering most time zones.

Currently usually CEST (Copenhagen/Paris). As I travel throughout the year this might vary and I will always notify clients.

This is why I have an application process as well as a complementary discovery session. To ensure that we both know we’re the right match.

That being said I do not offer refunds and always encourage a potential client on the fence to take their time.

Love does not pressure or coerce. It simply is. If we are to continue collaborating after the discovery session, in my experience, that will be made very clear to both of us.

Reach out Radiant One! Fill out the form below…


You’re like me Radiant One, reading ALL the way to the end to make sure I get all the deeds and details. 

Well, this is it – you’ve reached the end and from here it’s either jump in or not…

If you wanna jump click here and I’ll see you on the other side!

Big hug and lots of love.

xo, Maria Saraphina