• A magnificent workbook filled with insight, wisdom, tools, prompts, exercises and practices to support you in your own personal healing and transformation. Over the past +10 years I have been going through one initiation after the next, enough revelations and aha moments to fill a lifetime of deep conversations and experienced a deeper healing and transformation than I ever thought possible (and quite honestly feared gravely before) only to arrive at the deepest sense of peace and satisfaction that I have ever known. In this beautiful, in-depth workbook I share, with you, some of the powerful Ancient Gateways that I have worked with that has taken me there. xo, Maria Saraphina
  • Join me for 21 transforming days as we dive deep into the ancient teachings of A Course in Miracles. Throughout these 21 days I will not only share the inspiration and insights from some of my favourite pieces, I have also created special worksheets designed for you to bring forth the blocks hindering your experience of Love's presence. The eternal Divine Love that we are all a part of. xo, Maria Saraphina ** Review from Thomas who purchased 21 Days with A Course in Miracles: "From my side, I simply wanted to thank you, the journey that you have taken me on has allowed me to re discover my own love, to question my values and to destroy my personal barriers. I do admit that I am a very visionary person, that strives to achieve my best and that dreams with no limitations, but what your course has helped me with was guidance. During the past few months I took my time with the course and reflected upon every single video I watched. I slept a lot! I enjoyed a lot and more than anything I freed myself from a lot... and the joy, the joy was priceless. I sit here today looking back at where I started and all I can think of is how thankful I am to have crossed paths with you. You and your course were a miracle, a light and most of all you were love." **

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