Join me in a Sacred Session where we dive deep into the spirit and matter of things. The sessions are powerful, healing and transformative and will leave you feeling inspired, assertive and confident.

This is a 45-minute consultation for you who’d like to get my take on where you are currently and what next steps you can take – you may have a business and need my intuitive insight or simply be at a point in your life where you’d like to gain some deep insight and clarity on what’s going on. Consider it an intuitive soulful check-in.​​

The session is held in a Virtual meeting room using Zoom and included is both audio and video recordings of the session, my thorough notes and 1 follow up via email 7 days after the session.

When you’ve paid for your session you’ll immediately receive a link to your intake form. Once you’ve filled out the intake form I will be in contact within 24hrs. (Mon-Fri) to schedule your session. Please note, sessions are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.