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Move over,

you’re in the way…

My clients often come to me with the fear of being judged. Fear of what others will think when you start to follow your own heart. Following the call resonating from deep within…

You’re in the way. You’re in your own way…

First let’s define “I”.


Your essence is the “I” who’s your purest self. It’s the essence of everything you are, have been and forever and always will be. It’s your core, unchangeable, eternal through time and place. It’s pure love and knows nothing else. It is. It’s your connection to all that is. It knows no fear, anger or frustration. This is where you, forever and ever receive the call, the call of returning home, home to love, to your essence, home.


Then there’s the Ego. Ego is the shell keeping your essence trapped. This is where fear lives. Fear of being judged, fear of not making it, fear of anything and everything. This is where materialism and control lives. This is the place, where you’ve forgotten who you really are. This is where you fear what others will think and say.

The shell is temporary. You carry it around for the time your ego holds you stuck in it and believes you need it. The shell and the Ego is an illusion you choose to believe in. You can in an instant return back home, to love.

You’re so very very important!

Let me repeat that…


The reason being very simple. It’s not about “you you”.

It’s about your message, your purpose, your call, your why. The reason why precisely you are right here, right now. You’re on Earth to spread love and there’s only one single unique specimen to do it exactly like you, namely you.

Whether you do it by sharing your everyday experiences through a blog, write poems or paintings, through yoga or personal training, as a stylist, makeup artist, therapist or what ever your path is, then it’s the external appearance that makes you unique and special, it’s your core, your essence, your love.

And more importantly…

We need you!

Only you can shine like you do, and when you choose to, fully and completely? Then you become so insanely inspiring for us. When you stand there in your full light, burning, alive, passionately share, then you light up the path for others to follow. That’s when the miracle happens. When you choose love instead of fear. A Course in Miracles describes it so beautifully….

“A miracle is never lost. It may touch people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.”

The miracle is simple. So simple it can sometimes seem complicated. It’s when you choose to be you in your purest essence, when you stand by the calling of your heart. When you feel fully and completely with the innermost of your being and then acts upon it. Gets it out into the world.

Be gentle

Remember that now when you’ve most likely chosen to head in a new direction, when you’re treading a new path, it’s only natural to feel vulnerable. What you sense and feel is real for you, so be patient and kind towards yourself, but do not be stopped by “what others will think”.

The crazy scary thoughts you hear, lives only one place; in your head. They’re controlled by your ego, living in fear, being nourished by fear and thus wishes to not only keep you in fear but also to create more.

You can return to love in an instant, though most of us choose a somewhat longer road. The choice requires your willingness.

What are your rewards?

Consider for a moment, the rewards you gain by standing in your own way. If you immediately hear a voice saying “it gives me absolutely nothing, to stand in my own way!” then we’re on the right track.

It’s the voice of the Ego talking. Maybe you experience complete internal silence, becoming paralyzed, frozen and cannot feel or hear a thing, in which case, just breathe, be calm and spread love through your system, again it’s one of the Egos cunning strategies, designed to steer you away from love back into fear. Then again maybe you feel deep within you a resounding recognition, a homecoming, a relief of this being said out loud, being taken seriously, feeling that you can do something about it.

No matter what you experience, know that you cannot change what you will not accept is there. What you’re letting you blocking you gives you some kind of “reward” and once you accept and recognise it, you can let it go. At the same time, it’s important not to let the confusion run rampant for long. The Ego is clever and cunning. It will try to keep you in the confusion, because as long as you’re there, you haven’t chosen love.


The incredibly insanely amazing thing about moving over and out of your own way, releasing and letting love guide you, is a life filled with joy, happiness and fun! Waking up to days filled with amazing, bubbly and happy expectations about what your day will bring.

So my invitation to you is this… Move over, right now, just a little but. Let go and let love, your essence lead and guide you, that’s where miracles happen.

And now I’d like to hear from you. In what ways do you experience, being in your own way? What do you experience being your biggest challenge? Share your insight with me in the comments below.


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