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Meeting Yourself With Compassion Always w. Maria Saraphina



Welcome, Radiant One. Today I’m going to be sharing about a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I know that some of my clients will probably say that I’m a little bit off the deep end with this one because I am very persistent when it comes to this.

It is about the compassion that you show yourself.
It’s about the love that you shower yourself with.
Because love, it makes the world a better place and if you are someone who is expanding your business, if you’re someone who is even starting your business, if you’re someone who is working on your business, there are so many challenges.
There are so many things that can come up for us and there are so many ways in which we – whether it be within our business or in our life – can kick ourselves in the head for all of these different things. It seems to be the norm of our society.

Old paradigm focusing on the external

It is part of the old paradigm that we focus on external things and that we always push, push, push ourselves and always can do better and always can be better and always all of this I call it fear-based focus on never being satisfied.
It’s detrimental to so many, whether it be soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneurs like the ones that I work with or it is just in general for our planet, for our people, for the animals, for everything.
It’s detrimental the way that we are not allowing ourselves to be satisfied, not allowing ourselves to be filled with love and with joy, not allowing ourselves to focus on that. When I say that, I don’t mean it in the happy-go-lucky, just unicorns and butterflies and denying shit that comes up.

Conditioned by old paradigm

That’s not what I’m talking about at all. But we have been so conditioned to finding flaws within ourselves, especially. We’ve been so conditioned to focus on external parameters and relying on external projections for our happiness, for our satisfaction, for joy, that we lose ourselves. We lose the connection to who we are in truth. We lose the connection to our soul.
So this was a way deeper beginning of this episode than I actually had intended for it to be but it’s just because I see how powerful using the love-based tools that I use with my clients and that I’ve used with myself over many, many years now and how you can move forward, how you can expand, how you can grow when you choose to be based in love.

You Can Let It Be Satisfying

You can do that in a way that’s way more satisfying, way more joyful, way more content, and way more fulfilled. Again, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do hard shit because you do. You came to this earth to be here to support the awakening, the healing, the transformation, the shift that needs to take place.
But if you do that from a space of fear, if you do that from a space of push and resistance, then what is it really? What kind of transformation are you really here to support?
I remember when I first started this and I think I’ve shared this before. But when I first started my journey, I knew that love was the way for me. When I first knew that, I also knew that that was what I was going to do or rather use the rest of my life trying to implement that in every way, shape, or form that I can.

Choose Love

It started by the simple choice of saying 5 times a day, “I choose love. I choose love. I choose love.” And that wasn’t in a specific situation because I always emphasize or always encourage you to train, to work on your things outside of pressured situations so that when you’re in those pressured situations where choosing love will actually be the way for you, you’re able to do it because you’ve “conditioned yourself” to remembering, “Oh, who am I in truth? I am love. What am I here for? I am here for love. What is my purpose and my mission? That is love.”
When the challenges occur, when the relationships, when the people show up that you don’t agree with, you’re able to choose love, not from a “I’m going to lie myself down and become a doormat” kind of way but from the “I’m going to set boundaries; I’m going to speak to my truth; I’m going to show up as who I am; I’m going to be visible and let myself be seen, heard in the world” and you can do that from a place of love.
One of the things that I like to recommend and initially always when I start to work with a client – and I would say that this has gotten better. Of course, as I have expanded my capacity or ability to hold that space within myself, my capacity and ability to hold that space within the communities that I’m in or the clients that I serve has grown as well.
So I want to say that today most of the people that I come into contact with, they are already there. They’ve already “risen to that level.” When I say “risen to that level,” I don’t mean that we’re better than others or special in any way, shape, or form other than just as special as everyone else.
But you have gotten rid of a lot of shit, a lot of gunk, a lot of negativity so you are more clear, you are more “pure,” you’re more, yeah, clear. But like I said, I started using “I choose love” and that gave me the opportunity to clear and heal a lot of the places, especially within myself, that wasn’t in that space of love.

Choosing Love in Business

Because once you call in love, love is more than – it really wants to support you and when you call it in, you’re then given the opportunity to heal all of those places within yourself.
And because I usually talk about business, which is what I love and which I love to use as a journey, as your unveiling, as a transformation, then choosing love within your business gives you an opportunity to heal all of those places that you haven’t healed.
And this goes whether or not you’ve been in business for years and years and years or whether or not you’ve just started. It gives you an opportunity to find those places within yourself that are not coming from a space of love, that are not healed in the divine light of love.
And you get that opportunity to see it because that’s really the first step. In order to be able to clear or heal anything, you have to be aware of it. You have to see it and you have to acknowledge it.

Apply Love Always

With this episode, my inspiration is essentially for you to start applying love into all areas of your business even at those times when you don’t want to. What I mean by that is, for example, when I was recording this, my QuickTime whatever on my computer for some reason does not want to acknowledge that I have a beautiful amazing working camera.
So I’m having to record it on another app which will compress the screen. So if you see this on YouTube, this will be – it probably won’t appear right because that’s what I had. And I could’ve have chosen to freak out about it.
I didn’t. I just tried to restart it over and over and over again and I recognized that me showing up, it doesn’t really matter about the image of it. It matters about the message of it.
So I chose to go forward with this because I want to bring this message to you that you can apply love into any situation and when you do, things are way better. That’s the short answer.

Gratitude and Acknowledging Yourself

If you don’t know where to start in terms of applying love, there are a couple of things that I like to say. Acknowledging, recognizing yourself rather than shooting yourself down is one place.
I like to say that you can always mention three things that you’re grateful for, three things that you acknowledge about yourself. This is like if you want to – I use this as my nightly practice but you can use it once you close down your day for your business.
You can say three things that you’re grateful for. You can write down three things you’re grateful for. You can write down three things you acknowledge about yourself in terms of what you have done throughout the day and three things you love.
So I love having sessions with amazing clients. I love having an office that is mine. I love looking out over the ocean or the water or the mountains (wherever you are). That way, you can start to allow love to expand and grow within your business.

Love dissolves the need for triggers, anger and upset

There is part of me that still sometimes thinks you know, I am “crazy” for not getting upset, for not getting triggered, for not getting angry. It’s not that I don’t do because I do do that from time to time.
But I have come to a place in my life and in my business where things don’t bother me as much as they used to, where I can come from that space of love. And of course then there are those times when you’re doing a launch or you’ve got a newsletter you want to have going out and nothing is working, your blog post, whatever, and you feel pressured for time.
But I also find myself in those moments whereas before it could be earth-shattering, it isn’t anymore. I would call it laissez-faire but it’s not that I don’t care because I do care.
I just understand that all is in divine order and divine timing and that showing up, speaking my truth, supporting my clients – that’s the most important thing. That has to be done from a space of love.

Marketing – true inspiration

One of the people that I’ve found who are a true inspiration for me in terms of love-based being on the big scale is Marianne Williamson. She’s currently running for President in the United States and the way that she has – and I’ve followed her on and off for I would say, what, 15 years?
The way that shows up in her marketing, in her communication, is so deeply loving and not trying to trick people using fear-based and scare tactics. So that’s one of my big inspirations when it comes to that.
Also, it’s a testament to what you can do and achieve when you choose love, when you are from that space, and it is possible for you to build a business in that way. Because that’s one of the things I often hear is that or see is “but can you really build a business?” and I would say, “Yes, you can.”

So that’s what I had for you today. I hope I’ve inspired you to shower yourself with love for the satisfaction, for the content, and for the fulfillment of it and also for – you know what? I want to share – I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before.

The Sandwich Model

I want to share what I call the sandwich model. It was a method that I learned years and years ago when I was taking my training as a coach. It is wrapping things up. I use this in many different areas, not just my business, but I like to say what went well, what can I do better, and what was the gift.
Because that way, you actually can acknowledge that there’s something that you would like to be better at or do better. There is something that you would like to change but you also allow for that to be wrapped in that space of love, in that space of positivity that is going to propel you forward rather than be dragged down for days by, “Ugh, this went wrong,” whatever.

So that’s what I’m going to leave you with today. I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel

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