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Meditation is a deep prayer connecting you with your Source.

It is your direct communication and link to God, the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother, The Universe, Sophia Christ, Mother of All.

Meditation, communion, contemplation, prayer, stillness within – while you may call it by many names, meditation is a time where you sit in silence and allow the Kingdom of Heaven within you to permeate your entire being.

A time where you move into the space where nothing and everything exists, into the realm of non-duality, the space of I AM, the space of complete and utter silence and peace where everything can be heard.

That space lives within you always, however if you have filled your life with noise and clutter it can be very difficult to hear it. Like a muscle it may have atrophied however it is not lost but can be re-built through dedicated training.

Meditation works.

It’s that simple.

Meditation works.

The benefits of a regular meditation practice cannot be overrated. They are well documented with multiple studies over many years, however science and hard facts aside it is my belief that even without all of the studies and scientific data, there’s part of you that simply knows.

Everything on the level of form, of physical matter begins within the mind, with a thought, so training your ability to not only focus but quieting your mind, to connect and listen is invaluable for not only the happiness and peace of your life, but for the creation of the life you want to build.

Which is why some form of meditation always forms a stable part and foundation of any and all of my courses, workshops and teachings. Stilling your mind and being able to carry that stillness with you always is the basis, the foundation, the premise for everything else that you will ever learn from my hand.

Biggest misconception

Will it be easy? Hells no.

Not at first.

At first you’ll struggle and fail. You won’t find a minute of peace but instead hear incessant thoughts and chatter, but as a muscle it will grow and get stronger and stronger the more you use it.

Your job is not to make the thoughts and chatter go away, cause they won’t ever. In fact that is one of the biggest misconceptions about meditation. The thought that you can actively silence your mind. You cannot. It is doomed to fail.

What you can do is train yourself to focus on the space between thoughts. The vast stillness that exists.

Your mind as an ocean

Imagine your mind being an ocean. On the surface there may be waves or ripples. Those are your thoughts.

As you sink deeper and deeper beneath the surface the water calms and becomes completely still. Sure there may be some currents at times, but as you continue your focus on the silent space you are at all time sinking deeper and deeper into the stillness.

On the surface a storm may be raging but beneath the surface all is calm and clear.

The deep seated peace and incredible oneness found meditation is mind blowing and beyond this world. Honestly I have never ever found anything in this world that comes close to what I experience during meditation.

With meditation you will open the door to a different realm. One of nothingness and complete peace. It is a transformational and healing space beyond the world of form.

When you no longer depend on anything external to bring you peace and happiness you are completely free. Able to completely tune out and tune in. Focus solely on the task at hand. Watching it grow and expand.

That is priceless.


I feel I must warn you though.

Meditation is the act of letting go and being.

Letting go of whatever is pulling at your attention. Allowing yourself to just be without doing, something you may not be used to and will find extremely hard at first.

At lot of things you’ve either consciously or unconsciously have been holding down will come up. Not to tear you down or to break you, but for you to work through and release so that it may be healed.

“This world will change through you.”

– A Course in Miracles

Simple meditation

While there are many forms of meditation, below you will find the most simple yet effective meditation. Do not mistake it’s simplicity for inefficiency. You can perform this meditation anywhere at any time.

The aim of your meditation is, as mentioned, not to empty your mind of thought. The only thing you need to do is focus on your breathing and inner third eye which is the point situation on your forehead between your eyes.

When you are ready find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and begin by just noticing the air flowing in and out of your nose, feel your heart beat and any sounds that may be.

Once you have done that for a minute or so shift your focus to your third eye (the point between your brows) and begin inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

That’s it.


Do it as gently as possible without using force of any kind. Allow your breathing to find a gentle, steady rhythm. If helpful you can imagine your breathing as a continued circle. You are part of the whole. Breathing in and out in one continuous motion.

Bonus tip – journal

I encourage you to have a journal and pen beside you and take notes when you come out of the meditation. Jot down a few lines about the experience and what came up during.

Common questions

Here are the answers to some common questions and practical aspects:

Turn off your phone
Get rid of as many distractions as possible. Leave the dishes to themselves, the laundry in its pile, the dinner to be cooked. Turn off your phone and tell your family to give you some time and space alone.

I’ve had busy mommas give their kids a 10 minute iPad break while they locked themselves in the bathroom for meditation. Needless to say it worked miracles. Happy momma = Happy Family = Happy Life.

In order to release your mind completely set a timer on your phone. Be sure to use a gentle alarm for when time’s up. Begin with as little as 5 or 10 minutes. Do it morning and night, that way you’ll both begin and end your day on a loving, caring note.

Deciding on where you will be meditating can be beneficial as it leaves out any room for doubt.

As soon as you sit down to begin your meditation you body will react which is completely normal. Your mind, controlling the body will find ways to get out of this new thing you’re doing and so things will begin to itch or hurt.

When that appears (because it is bound to eventually), let it slide by continually returning to your breathing and 3rd. eye. By continually doing so you’ll be amazed to find that the itch or pain will disappear.

However if the itch or pain continues (which will also happen eventually) – rather than moving or scratching it instantly choose that you are going to and do it AS CONSCIOUSLY, deliberate and slowly as you possibly can while still focusing on your breathing and 3rd eye AND be sure to notice what happens after. Very often, something ELSE will begin to itch or be painful.

Your mind is simply not used to this and is therefore creating ways out of it.

The whole purpose is to become free and everything is of the mind meaning you have a option of stopping it by simply shifting your focus back to your breathing and third eye.

Remember when I told you that this might seem simple but that didn’t mean it was easy? This is what I meant. Choosing not to react to what happens and not to judge it seems really really simple until you choose to do it. The benefits however are total peace and freedom knowing that absolutely nothing in this world can harm you or your peace of mind.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned vet when it comes to meditation, the most important thing you can bring into this space is love and compassion. When thoughts of fear, anger, hate, irritation and frustration appear, which they will, be kind, caring, patient and compassionate with yourself.

Insist on choosing love rather than hitting yourself mentally EVEN and ESPECIALLY when it happens. The moment you notice your thoughts running, simply stop and with a loving mind redirect your focus to your third eye and breathing.

Love is The Way

As always remember, Love is The Way.

Before you go I am going to encourage you to actually DO this meditation before leaving this article. Take 5 minutes of self-care and self-love and do this. Share your experience in the comments below.

Also – if you want to dive deeper into meditation, consider my workbook “Ancient Gateways for Healing & Transformation” which has a whole section on meditation.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & The Energy Alignment Method® Mentor

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What’s one area of your life you believe could benefit from a deeper sense of peace and belonging?

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