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Ready Radiant One?

For soul-satisfying and deeply nourishing communion with God, Source and Yourself as we activate the powerful frequency of Mastery in you?

Immersing yourself in the delicious and sumptuous frequencies of love, satisfaction and joy?

Invoking the primordial forces of mastery, magic and miracles?

If so, you've come to the right place Radiant Rebel!

Mastery is in you Radiant One - it is time to set it free...

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I get it..

the world of duality and polarity has taught you the lie that it is either/or.

That you cannot embody the mastery inherent in you without losing your humility.

That being proud makes you arrogant.

That being determined means inflexible.

That you cannot be strong and soft at the same time.

Be a leader and a follower.

A teacher and student.

Madonna and whore.

I call BS.

Whatever it is that you do in this lifetime, activation of the mastery inherent in you is not just necessary, it is required for those of us here to support the elevation of the frequency and vibration of this realm.

You might be a chemist creating potent formulas.
A project manager managing land preservation.
A Magdalene Rising.
A High Priestess initiating others.
An accountant dealing with sacred money.
A managing director leading with heart.
An author, teacher or photographer following your hearts calling.
A souldriven, heartbased spiritual entrepreneur, business owner or company leader leading with love.

While mastery is a vibration and frequency which will inform your external appearance it starts from within.



A 6 week live activation to invoke the mastery inherent in you.

For the Radiant Rebels like you ready to heed the call, rise and let you potent power of mastery ignite and invigorate you.

MASTERY is designed as the most sumptuous container where we will meet online 6 Tuesdays. 

Every call includes decades long experience and wisdom, Q&A, hot seats, energy work and a potent channeled activation. On top you have the option to join our pop-up Telegram group to share and be celebrated between our calls.

“Maria Saraphina is an expert in the technique of guided visualization meditation.

Her voice and words guided me to my inner sanctuary and set the scene with careful descriptions. Then she allowed celery defined time to interact with each spirit dimension or image. My insights with each guided visualization meditation provided amazing clarity. As a result, I was able to complete the worksheet questions with inspired answers. It was as if the information was downloaded into my consciousness from my subconscious. And more than that, I felt connected with Source. Peace and love resulted from inspirational experiences.”

Suellen Tobe, Participant | Mastery Through Love

Our Time Together...

During our time together we will be doing these 6 activations…

  • Meeting The Master Within.
  • Milestones.
  • Discipline, Devotion & Hard Work.
  • Leadership.
  • Do it With Love.
  • Graduation.

The sequence of topics might get shifted around if I find that would serve the highest for our group.

TUESDAY Nov. 7th. | Meeting the master within

Activating inner journey to meet the master in you. To be in deep communion with that part of yourself and have them express their wisdom, knowledge and power – taking it from unconscious to conscious, activated and alive.

To illuminate all that’s been hidden.

 Lift the veils so you might own the mastery inherent in you.

TUESDAY Nov. 14th. | Milestones

As a spiritual being having a human experience your journey through life is made of 100’s if not 1ooo’s of milestones having brought you to this moment in space and time.

In this activating inner journey you will see the golden threads that’s woven your tapestry creating a solid foundation for your mastery.

(Might include some mundane muggle items like: milestone exercise, competency ladder & unveiling of competences.)

TUESDAY Nov. 21st. | Discipline, Devotion & Hard Work

If you wanna run a marathon you don’t just rock up one day, put on your shoes and run.

You 👏 put 👏 in 👏 the 👏 work.

Day by day, week by week getting those miles in.

There’s gonna be days where you SO do not want to get those miles in.

Where you wanna stay warm in bed rather than breathe in cold air yet, eeeevery time you do serotonin and happiness hormones flushes your system afterwards and you wonder why on earth you had resistance.

This activation is about assessing what works FOR YOU.

Fair warning | In the beginning, while super simple, it’ll probably not be easy.

In fact it’s probably gonna be hard. That’s what our group chat on Telegram is for. Share your ups and downs. The easy and the hard. We welcome the full spectrum of human emotion.

TUESDAY Nov. 28th. | Leadership

A Course in Miracles states… “to teach is to demonstrate” or said in other words “lead by example”.

Those of us who are parents, aunties and uncles know how LITTLE kids listen to what we say and how much they observe what we do (and how QUICKLY they pick up that “demonstration/example” 🤣)

MASTERY is about you, you and only you.

It’s a frequency and vibration that once activated will ripple through your core, out into the world inspiring and igniting the mastery in others.

Leadership doesn’t mean the one who speaks the loudest or performs the most.

Leadership can be subtle, gentle and strong.

Leadership can be loud, outspoken and soft.

Leadership can be unyielding and flexible.

Most of all leadership means living in alignment with your truth and being perfectly imperfect as you do.

Owning your strengths and your weaknesses. Your failures and accomplishments – creating a powerful environment for yourself and others to be who your are and do what you do and where Love is The Way. 

TUESDAY Dec 5th. | Do it with Love

One of the most overlooked, and if you ask me, crucial missing pieces when it comes to any personal development, expansion or growth…

My super simple, very mundane and transformational Love with Love concept.

In this activation we will unlock a powerful key to your MASTERY.

TUESDAY Dec 12th. | Graduation

It is done, it is done, it is done.

This is the activation my Guides are keeping open. Allowing it to remain a mystery.

What we activate and the way in which we do it will be based on our journey together and for the highest of all.

This will also be a week to celebrate your activation of mastery inherent in you.


You in?

Our journey kicks off with the opening call on Tuesday Nov. 7th. 

Join today and save $100.


2 x 197.50$

Don't take my word for it...

For the past +10 years I’ve coached, mentored, supported Radiant One’s just like you. Part of that has been to activate and own the mastery inherent in them. Here’s what some of them share…

"I’m beyond pleased I chose to work with Saraphina. I’ve had real, evidential results in regard to my career trajectory in an extremely short period of time. I have gained more confidence, and have taken the energy work and applied it to other areas of my life. Maria Saraphina is a joy to work with – will catch you on your BS, but always lovingly. 10/10 high recommend."
Client Love, Oliver Slate Greene, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Oliver, 1:1 Client
Writer, astrologer, former professional energy worker, and marketing leader.
"When I joined The 7 Initiations I was at a point where I was feeling really overwhelmed and burned out in my life, and I knew I needed some support to not let my dreams fall by the wayside. I had been wanting to work with energy work for some time at that point and this course came at the perfect time for me. Now I’m actually writing again. That is a core piece of myself I lost somewhere along the way in the busy-ness of life and it means absolutely everything to me to reclaim that part of myself again.”
Kelly R. | Participant The 7 Initiations
"Maria Saraphina’s work is deep, thorough and incredibly aligned to your soul in a very profound way. she will take you places you didn't know and loving hold you and kick your arse at the same time. She is warm, super knowledgeable and perceptive. Do not underestimate her ability to hear exactly what is going on for you. This is not a journey for the faint hearted!!! Know that you will grow, blossom and become a MUCH better version of you aligned with your true divine feminine fierceness and manifest the reality you so desire to live."
Client Love, Ruthy Doolittle, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method®, Maria Saraphina
Ruthy D | GK52 Participant
Animal Communicator
"One of my favorite parts about our time together is how safe you made me feel, even when sharing very vulnerable information. The container of each session felt very safe, supportive, and judgment-free, which allowed me to be more vulnerable and therefore address deeper issues."
Client Love, Cassie Uhl, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Cassie, 1:1 Client
Author, Energy Worker & Death Doula
“Mastery Through Love is a return to love and a return to self for lightworkers and modern mystics. Maria Saraphina is a powerful, loving, compassionate and supportive guide who holds space in a way that makes you feel safe and held and encouraged to grow, learn and sit with your own “stuff”. A powerful course for anyone who wants to take the next step and level up their spiritual growth and business. X”
The Spiritual Business Show & Podcast, Victoria "Vix" Maxwell, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Victoria "Vix" Maxwell | Mastery Through Love Participant
Author & New Age Hipster
"I just want to say that I’m extremely grateful to have come across Maria.
I wanted someone who didn’t know anything about me. And who could see me based on the energy exchange between us in our sessions, and not because of something they had seen on the internet, or because of something they had heard about me in the community, or anything like that. Someone that wasn’t familiar with anything about me. That could be real and authentic and Maria is absolutely real and authentic and catalytic and loving and caring, and so very supportive.
Her ability to channel what is specifically needed for you in that moment, Even if it’s not what you sought out in the beginning, it all comes together in the end, it all just comes together. ”
Angela Marie | 1:1 Client
Vibrational Alchemist



No. Everything is energy and energy transcends manmade constructs like time and space. You will receive the full activation when you choose to listen to it.

Also, don’t be surprised if things start shifting even prior or outside of our calls. Joining you activate the agreement we entered eons ago causing the invocation of mastery in you.

Each of our calls are 60-90 min. If there’s lots of questions or discussion at the end they may run longer. However only stay if that serves you. You can always catch the replay. 

No and yes. Meaning that’ll be completely up to you.

While I normally can be very “abundant and voluptuous”  when it comes to exercises and pdf’s (which I call flowsheets) then the download and frequency of MASTERY is completely different from my usual MO.

Participating or listening to each call will be “enough”. That’s where the activation happens.

This is as much a destruction of our incessant “doing doing doing” culture as it is an activation of the frequency.

That being said there will be opportunities for personal exploration outside of the calls if you feel called.


The following 6 Tuesdays:

November 7th.
November 14th.
November 21st.
November 28th.
December 5th.
December 12th.

Telegram is a free messaging app like WhatsApp, Messenger or Voxer. In full transparency… the reason I prefer it over any other are because of the emojis and gifs 🙈😂

You can get Telegram here telegram.org there’s both a phone and desktop application.

If you’re called to MASTERY I believe there’s a reason for it.

That being said I do not offer refunds and always encourage a potential client on the fence to take their time.

Love does not pressure or coerce. It simply is.

If you’re questioning whether MASTERY is right for you, check the blog or my membership The Elevation. For just $9 you can get a feel for me and my style.

Spiritual Business Coach, Radical Love Rebel, Maria Saraphina

Uh oh, you've reached the end Radiant One!

It’s time to either jump in or off…

ps. I freaking love that you read all the way through – I always to that too #kindredspirit