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Sacred Conversation w. CPA Deepa Ramachandran



MASTERY through Love w. Maria Saraphina | Guest CPA Deepa Ramachandran

In this Sacred Conversation I am joined by the wise soul that is CPA Deepa Ramachandran.

You’ll hear Deepa share and us talk about:

  • Spirituality, business, and personal growth as a CPA.
  • Spirituality and energy with a Hindu upbringing.
  • Mantras as play
  • Hinduism, spirituality, and tax preparation.
  • Identity, connection, and ownership in Hinduism.
  • Personal growth and spirituality in the 20s.
  • Leaving a job with integrity and respect.
  • Spirituality and business growth.
  • Building trust and connections with clients through empathy and understanding.
  • Personal growth and burnout prevention.
  • Spirituality, purpose, and devotion.
  • Self-worth, support, and truth-telling.
  • Women’s rights and gratitude for progress.
  • Self-care, personal growth, and spirituality.


You might wanna grab a blanket, a cup of tea and curl up as you receive the wisdom of this gorgeous soul.

Enjoy Radiant One. In the comments let me know what you what your biggest takeaway is…

Big hug and loads of love.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Teacher | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel

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More about Deepa Ramachandran…

Deepa Ramachandran is a Certified Public Accountant and financial coach.
She owns her own CPA firm, which offers tax preparation, accounting and payroll services, she also owns a financial coaching business, which serves primarily female owned businesses.
Deepa started her CPA practice 13 years ago in the Chicago suburbs with 2 clients and a big dream.
Today her practice serves over 700 clients across multiple industries and multiple states. They work primarily with businesses, assisting with accounting and tax preparation and with planning ahead for the upcoming year. They also work with those individuals who have more complex tax situations.
She also works with female owned businesses who are in high growth mode and who are looking to spend wisely, save smart and grow their wealth. She helps female entrepreneurs take charge of their finances so they can create and live their dream lives.
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Find Deepa’s business ACUMEN CPA here & her financial coaching business here.

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