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Mastery through Love

– Ancient Gateways for Healing & Transformation

Have you ever had everything you ever thought you wanted but still felt completely and utterly unfulfilled and unhappy?

Craving something… more… although having no clue what that “more” is?

Knowing, without knowing how you know, that there’s is another way? Something else? Something you seem unable to quite grasp?

Being filled at times with shame and guilt for having seemingly everything (much more than many) and still feeling unhappy?
Crying yourself to sleep at night in despair of yet another seemingly wasted day.

This was me back in 2011.

Until one night…

On the bathroom floor, pleading, screaming and begging with God or whatever deity would listen to be taken out of my misery I had a moment of complete clarity. A moment when I realised that there was an “I” on the bathroom floor crying but there also was an “I” watching.

And that no matter how distraught that woman on the floor seemed to be that other observing I remained still and in complete peace with nothing but deep compassion and love to share.

Another Way

In that moment I knew that there was another way. Another way of living and being. A way of that I set out to explore, experience and fully adapt.

No walk in the park

Now, I would love to tell you that in that moment the heavens opened, angels descended strewing rose petals and clearing all obstacles and blocks but that would be a grave lie and of complete disservice to you.

Initiations, revelations and aha moments

Instead, over the past 7 years I have had one initiation after the next, enough revelations and aha moments to fill a lifetime of deep conversations and experienced a deeper healing and transformation than I ever thought possible (and quite honestly feared gravely before).

Mastery through Love

What I have discovered are powerful Ancient Gateways supporting you in the Mastery through Love and in this article I am sharing some of these so that you too, may experience the power of coming home. Of finding your place in this world. Of powerful healing, unveiling, awakening and transformation.

The list of tools and practices is ever expanding as I deepen my internal and external work, but for now this is it…https://mariasaraphina.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Mariaestela-About2.pnghttps://mariasaraphina.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/MTL-AG-Workbook2.png

The Ancient Gateways

Love at the core

The choice to live a life based in, guided by and led by Love is easy…

It is all of the the decisions you have got to make, the choices you will have to take coming after that initial choice that are the difficult ones…

Those choices are the choices that heal you, that awaken you to the truth of what you really are, the choices that makes you remember who you’ve always been.

Because that first choice for Love is one anyone can and will make faced with truth, everything else would be insane. Choosing to repeat that choice when the shit hits the fan, when everything inside and outside of you is falling apart, that requires more than willingness.

It requires your dedication, your consistent effort and your blood, sweat and tears and while every human being eventually will, in this lifetime or another, make that choice, not everyone is ready now.

You would not be here now, reading this had you not been ready.

Love may go by many names and appear in many different forms whether it be on the internal or external plane. You may recognise it as:

No matter the name its source is Love and the effect is one of Healing and Unity. Of Remembrance. Of Peace and Happiness.

No rose petals

Choosing to live a life led by love does not mean that the heavens will open, angels descend, your path be cleared free of blocks and obstacles and rose petals be strewn wherever you go. Instead it is the conscious act of knowing that while you won’t ever be able to control what happens, you will always be able to choose how you deal with it. It is also understanding that there are no tests, only training.

A strengthening so that you may create a better and more loving, caring and just world, for not only yourself, but in time, when you are ready, for all.

Love is the basic premise

As you move through these Ancient Gateways know that love is the basic premise for them all. That does not mean that you cower, stay inactive or spiritually bypass.

It means that you heal what comes up. Within yourself and the world.

If you want to dive deeper into these Ancient Gateways for Healing & Transformation I invite you to purchase the accompanying workbook here.


Meditation is a deep prayer connecting you with your Source.

It is your direct communication and link to God, the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother, The Universe, Sophia Christ, Mother of All.

Meditation, communion, contemplation, prayer, stillness within – while you may call it by many names, meditation is a time where you sit in silence and allow the Kingdom of Heaven within you to permeate your entire being.

A time where you move into the space where nothing and everything exists, into the realm of non-duality, the space of I AM, the space of complete and utter silence and peace where everything can be heard.

Within you always

That space lives within you always, however if you have filled your life with noise and clutter it can be very difficult to hear it. Like a muscle it may have atrophied however it is not lost but can be re-built through dedicated training.

Meditation works.

It’s that simple.

Meditation works.

The benefits of a regular meditation practice has been thorougly researched only to underscore what mediators have know for centuries and probably millenia. Its benefits cannot be understated.

Everything on the level of form, of physical matter begins in the mind. Stilling your mind and being able to have that stillness with you always is the basis, the foundation, the premise for everything else that you are about to learn in this workbook.

While there are many forms of meditation, in the Mastery through Love, Ancient Gateways – Workbook I introduce you to the one which can be performed anywhere, by anyone, under any circumstance.

As you deepen your practice and strengthen your muscle you will be able to bring the peace and joy found in this space into any moment or situation in your life.

Like a strong, still core of light you carry it with you where ever you go. A Source you can draw from and plug into at any given moment.


Forgiveness means accepting what happened without attaching any form of judgement to it this releasing you from its chains.

It is one of the most powerful gateways to Mastery through Love I know or have ever worked with. Stepping through the gates of forgiveness quantum leaps you from a place of stagnant stale gridlock to a place of clear, clean opportunity. A fresh slate for you. It sets you free of past chains and opens you up to infinite possibilities in a way nothing else does.

the practice of forgiveness is not for those faint-at-heart.

It is an active choice of choosing to release yourself of darkness and despair, of fear, worry and concern requiring for you to be willing to give up what you have been holding onto for possibly a very very long time. It is deep, dark, slimy work cleansing yourself of everything that you’ve held onto or that has stuck to you for years.

Forgiveness brings about peace. A deep seated impenetrable peace permeating the Universe and your entire being. Freeing you.

In forgiveness lies the truth that you could never, can never and will never ever be hurt in any way, shape or form.

In the egos world of form and matter you have been brought up to believe that jealousy, resentment, bitterness and drama are part of a perfectly normal day, however all it does is bring about feelings of despair, sadness, depression and fear when in reality you could be happy. Could be at peace.

You can for sure argue that your unwillingness to forgive is completely justified. That there are certain and particular cases that could not or should not be forgiven and thus deny yourself the possibility of happiness, of joy, of peace.

Not only that, you will certainly be able to find plenty of people willing to acknowledge your choice of not forgiving. Plenty who would tell you not to. Plenty who would acknowledge your right to be upset, mad, angry and unforgiving. Plenty of people who have not yet heard the silent call of love within asking them to return home.

Do not allow inexcusable behaviour

While forgiveness means accepting what happened without attaching any form of judgement to it this releasing you from its chains, because that is the only way that you can change the past, it also does not mean that you should allow a destructive behaviour moving forward. This is how spiritual bypassing and injustices continues to happen. If you see something, say something. Stand for what is right.


There are a million and more things to be ungrateful for and it’s the very easiest to be. Being grateful however means choosing another/different way and dedicating yourself to peace and happiness in a way nothing else can.

While you may walk through dark nights of the soul where it may seem near impossible to be grateful, but take if from someone who’s walked through the fire and live to tell – there’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for and my claim, knowledge and experience is that the more you train and practice your ability to be grateful, the happier a life you have and the more at peace you will be.

Gratitude is a choice.

A conscious choice and not only that, but as you may have discovered from these gateways, it’s an inside job.

Sure getting a new pair of shoes or buying the latest iPhone may bring you delight, but nothing and I mean a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y nothing will ever bring you the internal, eternal, infinite sense of complete and utter bliss that gratitude does. Those moments require nothing of you and as you practice your ability they spring on you in unexpected moments for absolutely no apparent reason, other than you are. Because as you expand what you are that in turn returns to you.

All being grateful requires is your willingness. Your willingness to look for the things within your life that you can be grateful for.

You can be grateful for anything and everything at any given moment. Notice I say can be.

Because you don’t have to. It’s a choice. Your choice. Do you want happiness or not? That is the question…

Gratitude is also a muscle, one that you can strengthen and the Mastery through Love, Ancient Gateways – Workbook can support you in that.


It is far easier to condemn and judge than it is to acknowledge and honor, in the world as well as within – until you experience heaven within, that is.

If you have grown up in a somewhat safe and protected environment without having to deal with the daily injustices and institutionalised racism that people of color and minority experience on a daily basis. there is no harsher judge of you, than you.

You may be willing to acknowledge the greatness in those around you, but in yourself? Hells No!

You have noooo trouble finding all of your flaws and errors, but seing yourself in the highest light, as the most beautiful, divine and innocent creature oh boy – bring out the guns!

I have seen it in my 1:1 sessions, group program and workshops many times over the years.

Our Ego’s squirm and do it’s very best to avoid it by pulling out all of its reasons as to why you’re the biggest sinner, why YOU are the only one not deserving of acknowledgeement and love.

The bigger the resistance, the bigger the reward

What I have also seen, is that the bigger your resistance is, as you do the work of healing and transforming this unmet and unloving part of yourself, the bigger the reward you will experience.

A reward that comes in the form of a deep satisfaction and peace, that while in this world, is beyond this world.

YOUR SOURCE IS still there

In the world of form and with the past many thousand years of patriarchal reign with the ever increasing Shadow Masculine and Shadow Feminine Energies running the show, we have been so conditioned to look for external validation, having to do do do things in the most perfect and pristine way, never settling, always competing and never have anything ever been good enough.

It is exhausting and there comes a time when you are ready to surrender into the depths of your Divine Self. Your True Being. Your Source.

Deep within you the place you thought you abandoned is still there. Your source is still there, waiting for the moment you call upon it. For the moment that you are ready to rise from the ashes and reclaim your innate power and strength. The power and strength that comes from marrying your Divine Feminine Essence of Gnosis, Wisdom and Knowledge, with your Divine Masculine Essence of Inspired Action, Leadership and Empowerment.

In the Mastery through Love, Ancient Gateways – Workbook you have two methods for expanding your awareness and acknowledgement of yourself. I invite and encourage you to do both and implement them into your daily practice.


While decluttering may seem like a purely physical practice, everything being energy, it does in fact go far beyond what you can see, hear, touch, feel, smell and sense with your physical senses.

Decluttering may also be called letting go or releasing, however while those terms can be deemed purely spiritual, decluttering involves the actual practice of letting go of stuff and physical things.

You let go, not only to give space for new to arrive, but more because chances are that you, experiencing life in this 3rd dimension world of form and matter have amassed a wealth of “stuff”. Things that you have held on to for years without ever having looked at it since you put it where it currently is. Things you haven’t needed in a very long time and most likely won’t ever again. Collections that started out as fun but have since grown to a ridiculous size, taking up more and more space, but you don’t know how to stop.

You probably have that one room, or corner or perhaps a whole attict or garage filled with “stuff”. Not only that. Your electronic devices and various social media accounts are probably filled with surplus too.


While cleaning is involved, this is not the crux of decluttering. The release of energy is. You will be amazed at the lift of energy you will experience in the spaces you declutter, but moreso within yourself. While your things may be stored far from you and your house, energetically you still carry them with you.

Imagine that for a moment. That you, in this very moment, wherever you are sitting or standing are in fact carrying on your shoulders and within your energetic field every single piece of “stuff” that you own.


Mindblowing right?


It’s important to note that your decluttering won’t be done in a day, nor in a week, month or perhaps even year.

Personally it’s taken me years and years of simply digging deeper and being ready to let go of yet another layer. So I encourage you to do this with the utmost love, kindness, care and compassion. Give yourself the space and time to process with each new layer you reveal.

In the Mastery through Love, Ancient Gateways – Workbook you find all of the tools you need in order to both get started and keep going.


Surrendering anything and all things is knowing that you are part of a loving, kind and caring Universe, based in love, for love, by love and through love, understanding that everything always happens for you, not to you and that nothing ever happens out of order.

It is giving up the idea of a vengeful, wrathfilled god under who’s reign you are simply an enslaved, meaningless pawn for the realisation that God is Love. Not an old white man with a long beard who will judge you on your final day but the loving Source of All that is.

The loving Source that you are an expansion of. A creation of.

– and while you may believe that you have somehow abandoned your Source. Destroyed it by your many years of life in denial, your Source never abandoned you. It could not. You are as much a part of it today as you were eons ago when the loving thought of you brought you into creation.

Created you, as All that is.

The Sun. The Moon and all of the Stars.
The Rivers flowing, Oceans roaring, streams trickling.

The Wolves howling, the Birds chirping, the Cows muhing.
The Laks jumping, the Seals playing, the Starfish swiming.

The Seeds sprouting, the Trees growing, the Leaves wilting.
The Wind blowing, the Fire burning, the Earth Moving.

Every breath you take is a love affair with All that is. A joyous, harmonious union to be celebrated. In this world and those beyond.


We live in a world that is, currently, not just for all and surrendering does not mean that you get to throw your hands up in the air exclaiming your “littleness”, your “not enoughness”, your “what can I do’ness”.

Surrendering does not mean giving up or throwing in the towel.

You do not get to throw your hands up in the air, go all victim mode on me and decide that you have nothing to contribute, no part to play or things to do.
(you know which mode I am talking about right? We all have that one family member…)

I am suggesting the opposite.

I am encouraging you to allow your deep knowing to propel you into action. Letting your Divine Feminine Essence of Being and Wisdom fuel your Divine Masculine Essence of Creation and Action thus embodying the Divine Union while at the same time surrendering any outcome to God.

Surrendering it is not an excuse for your disregard or inactivity, nor to cower or go hide when there is work to do. Because there is work to do.

You have work to do.

As a souldriven, heartbased entrepreneur in this world your work here is two-fold, as it has been since before time began.

It is to fully embody and integrate the wholeheartedness of the Sacred Union of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essences and through that embodiment do the work that is required in this world, standing for love and truth for all.

It is your job to ensure that the work you do serves not only your own personal spiritual enlightenment but also a higher purpose.

A purpose that ensures truth, justice and love for all.

So hear this Radiant One as the call for you to rise, the call for you to act that it is meant as.

It is far easier to allow yourself to fall into the ego trap of “if only this… then that” rather than acknowledging not only your Union within but that you have, in this very moment, everything that you need to have in order to take your next step.

Far easier to see yourself as separate, isolated and without power rather than whole, complete and powerful beyond measure.

Which is what you are.
Always have been.
Always will be.

Each and every single day you are given the choice to surrender into the arms of love or fear. Each and every day you are continually given the opportunity to return to the home you never left, knowing that all you are seeking in the world is already within. Given opportunities to expand and unveil.

If you want more on Surrendering read my article “The Art of Surrender” or purchase my Mastery through Love, Ancient Gateways – Workbook.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & The Energy Alignment Method® Mentor

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