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Sacred Conversation w. Managing Partner Tinnamaria Marlou Larsson-Bertelsen



MASTERY w. Maria Saraphina | Guest Managing Partner Tinnamaria Marlou Larsson-Bertelsen

MASTERY Show & Podcast, Managing Partner Tinnamaria Marlou Larsson-Bertelsen, Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
In this Sacred Conversation I am joined by the brilliant soul that is Tinnamaria Marlou Larsson-Bertelsen, managing partner in Deloitte Risk Advisory in Denmark
You’ll hear Tinnamaria share and us talk about:
  • Work-life balance, breast cancer diagnosis and feeling lost and unfulfilled in your career.
  • Meditation and intuition in leadership development.
  • Energy management in a workplace.
  • Workplace culture and mindfulness.
  • Unexpected career growth and personal development after embracing intuition and holistic leadership.
  • Empowering employees with the right conversations; leading to increased job satisfaction and happiness.
  • Importance of creating mind space and taking breaks to avoid burnout and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Daily rituals and energy management for a successful work environment.
  • Embedding and implementing wellbeing practices in a corporate setting.
  • Personal spirituality and grounding practices.
  • Personal growth and self-care in a corporate setting.
  • Spirituality, resilience, and leadership.
  • Best performing department; KPI’s, outcomes and benefits.
  • – and so much more…
You’ll want to bring pen and paper for this one as Tinnamaria shares so much gold on implementation of spiritual practices in the corporate world.

Enjoy Radiant One. In the comments let me know what you what your biggest takeaway is…

Big hug and loads of love.

xo, Maria Saraphina

TEACHER | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel

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More about Tinnamaria Marlou Larsson-Bertelsen…

Tinnamaria is the managing partner in Deloitte Risk Advisory in Denmark.

Tinnamaria has been with Deloitte for more than 25 years and comes from a role as Industry Leader of Government & Public Services and leader of Finance and Performance, Public in Consulting.

As a partner in Deloitte, Tinnamaria has worked to create better solutions in the public sector through guidance and insight, through down-to-earth changes and through both a greater and deeper recognition of what the future offers opportunities for our fantastic public companies.

As a leader, Tinnamaria wants to help others find their own personal leadership and create a personal balance in their working life. The most profound changes are not created in chaos, but in calmness and presence. The best solutions are created when we are aware of each other and authentic in ourselves.

As a person, Tinnamaria hopes to appear brave and honest. Every single day, Tinnamaria is grateful for the positive energy that she encounters from her talents at Deloitte and from her diligent clients, whose drive, tenacity, willpower and humanity she admires.

Tinnamaria has a background as auditor with a degree in auditing and accounting and has broad experience as CFO/finance director. Tinnamaria has completed a coaching education and spiritual management training. Inspired by spiritual values, Tinnamaria is a pioneer within personal leadership. With a holistic view on leadership, Tinnamaria challenges the existing culture in Deloitte and bring diversity and personal leadership to top of the agenda.

Tinnamaria has been happily married to Erik for 31 years. Erik is Tinnamaria’s anchor – they help each other heal, grow and deal with life and together they bring each other to a better place in life. They have a loving and strong family with their three wonderful boys Anders (24), Christian (22) and Nicholas (17).

MASTERY Show & Podcast, Managing Partner Tinnamaria Marlou Larsson-Bertelsen, Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

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