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Heart singing


Recently I returned to my yoga mat for the first time in nearly 2 1/2 yrs.

Ever since my beloved Flex Yoga shut its doors, I wandered the streets yogaless. I scoured and searched without finding. Tried other places without them being the right fit, for me. You see, I loooove the monotony in the kind of Sivananda Yoga, Christina taught.

Yoga – DIY

It’s not because I haven’t had the thought countless times. About pulling out my mat. Because after almost a decade of yoga, and quite a few of them with Sivananda, I did suspect that something had to be stuck somewhere.

My heart sang

And as I stood there, on the mat, it felt like my heart was filled with butterflies, my whole being was smiling, chuckling, wholeheartedly laughing. Vibrating like the wings of a hummingbird.

My worries of whether or not I’d remember the different asanas melted like dug before the sun. For every pose I did, the next one came floating into my consciousness and I floated through every asana.

Place, time and space ceased existing – do you recognise that feeling?

The Connection

That feeling of being connected to all that is, stemming from not only listening to your heart’s calling, but actually following it and doing it. Whether it’s personal or businesswise.

It’s your soul, that like a sonar pings back with a vibration of the highest frequency.

The ability to experience, see and feel that feeling comes with practice. Because I do admit that there’s been times in my life, where I felt A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. nothing at all.

Sessions with Heart & Soul

That’s why my Sessions contains plenty of Heart & Soul. Because we’re soooo extremely well-trained in anything having to do with the head and our logical sense. You don’t need anymore of that – you’re already the champ.

My work entails, for the most part, supporting you in gaining the confidence and trust in you, in your core, in your part of this universal intelligence. And in opening your eyes to the fact that love is everywhere, in everything you are and do.

Because when you live in that space you can feel the connection without cease.

I experience that feeling in sessions with clients (bring out the kleenex! it’s so intense and beautiful), when I’m buried in work, when I bike, when I meditate, when I teach, when I do CrossFit, when I enjoy my morning coffee, when I’m with friends, when I am. Always, as a huge inner pillar of energy, stemming from me, through me, connecting me to all that is.

It is my deep wish that you get to that point.

The road goes through intention, dedicated focus, planning and execution. I could tell you it’s easy; however, the truth is that it’s highly unlikely you’ll experience it as easy.

“Simplicity is very difficult for twisted minds.”
– A Course in Miracles

We, you and I, with everything we carry around in this world have the tendency to complicate even the most obvious. To start analysing, interpret, perceive, deny and reject what we know in deep down inside to be true.

So my invitation to you is:

Do what makes your heart sing
– and do it over and over and over again.

Because it is from that magical place miracles occur. It’s where your inner contact is strengthened. It’s where all the light bulb moments pop up, it’s where all of a sudden you see the light in regards to a certain customer, client, task or project that’s been causing you trouble. It’s where all the bright ideas live, it’s where easy lives, where lightness is, where flow swoops over you like soft waves on a warm beach.

It’s where you send out heaps of joy, happiness and delight into the Universe. You spread it, give it away and have it returned by the tenfolds.

It does not magically appear

You have to allow it to arrive, create space, focus, plan and execute. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Returning to your commitment again and again. Reminding yourself of the gift you are and are giving to the world. This is when you use your brain, the logic – constructively, in bringing your message to the world.

Let me know what makes your heart sing, share it in the comments below – maybe you’ll inspire others and thus pass on the gift.


Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, (ACIM) Student & Teacher

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