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Hello, Radiant One, and a very big and a very warm welcome into today’s episode of The Golden Frequency. I am super excited and thrilled to be sharing this with you.

There seems to be this theme that’s coming up for me ever since I have begun started this podcast is that whenever there’s a theme or an episode or topic that’s coming in, it starts to just stir within. And then Queenie, my cat, will wake me up really early in the morning and I can’t fall back to sleep because it’s just bubbling within me.

So I don’t know if that’s going to be the way forward, but I’m digging it. So I’m absolutely receiving it and loving it that way.

Inspired By Client

So today is going to be about today is inspired by a client as well as my own personal journey, as well as transformations that I’ve made and support that I give my clients and also a shift that I see in general that is, quote unquote necessary or occurring for a lot of people.
And if it hasn’t occurred, for those of us who are souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneurs, Magdalenes Rising, the Golden Grid Keepers, then at some point it will.

Business & Personal

Before we dive in, I want to highlight that this – while it may seem that it’s for quote unquote Spiritual Business, it’s really both for of course, for your business, for your marketing, your promotion, your social media, the way that you – I don’t wanna say.. conduct yourself – but the way that you can communicate. But it’s also about… It’s just as much about your personal private way of communicating.
So if you’re someone who either doesn’t have a business or have just started or may never be someone who’s… You’re only here because you dig me and you dig what I share and you don’t necessarily want our business or have a business, then know that this is absolutely something that is valuable for you as well, just in general.
The topic is love based marketing and communication.
It is I’ve mentioned before the seven initiations and I will do an episode on them at some point and going deeper into them. But it’s one of the things that I see in terms of, well, it actually it overlaps a lot of the different initiations, but it goes into the like I said, the way that we communicate and how we sell, how we serve. And also it also go it goes into the whole, you know, sacred agreements and boundaries and such.
So it’s really a core pillar in a lot of different things when it comes to both business and communication. So this was… and when I say the thing that I want to share or talk about, like I said, is love based marketing and communication. And one of the things that happen when you… You may be living, being and doing from a space of love and and you may have shifted your way of being in the world.

There comes a time…

However, at least for me, this was one of the steps I came further down along the road when I became more aware or more conscious. Is that your… The way that we speak our words. The way that we write our newsletters or blog posts or sales pages, our launching communication, all of these ways of marketing ourselves. And also, although the ways of communicating our communicating can be based either in fear or love. And when it comes, it can also be both. When you’re on the path, there can be tweaks that still need to happen. But it happens. You know, you’ve most likely done the work.
You’ve shifted your perspective from a place from fear to love. However, as we have been, quote unquote, conditioned in the old paradigm, patriarchal way of doing things, especially the old paradigm way, then there is a lot of pushing and forcing and coercing.
There’s a lot of I need to have in order to… And doing from that space of what I see is ultimately at its core fear. And I remember this, this was I’m going to go back at probably 2016 or… Somewhere around that where I began having that conscious shift and it was based in that I knew that I had… I know that I had awoken to love is the way and love was the way that I wanted to do things and is the way that I’m doing things.

Something felt “off”

Yet there was something that felt like there was something that was off and the old way of… The old principles… And I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until quote unquote, a veil was lifted. Again whenever I’m sharing stuff, it’s not about something that you’re not. It’s about something that you already are, but opening your eyes to be able to see it.
One of my everyday prayers is it’s one of those parts is open my eyes so that I might see and allowing yourself to be in that space of surrender sort of, but also willingness to be able to see things from a different perspective.
And like I said, for me, I think this was back in 2016 where I began seeing how I was being from a space of love. However, the way that I was communicating, especially through emails and my my website wasn’t fully aligned. There was something… There was a dissonance. It wasn’t fully aligned with that. And there’s no shame or blame or guilt. Please don’t judge or anything. It’s just a matter of you know, as we awaken, we dissolve more fear moving into that space of love.
And so this was… Like I said, this is inspired… Like, it’s something that I’ve… It’s interesting how something that you’ve now incorporated and have been working with for a very long time becomes so second nature that you don’t really notice it until it’s contrasted.

Words Matter

And this was recently contrasted by a beautiful, beautiful client of mine who was sharing a Facebook post that they had put up. And this was in this was in French, because we communicate in usually in English, but they’re they’re French or they communicate in French. And I have a past in Paris many, many, many years ago. And so I am able to still read and speak a little bit of French. And so I’m able to to read what she was sending me.
She usually sends me stuff in French so I can read it and then I can I’ll come back to her in English. And I could see that some of the words were the words that I used to use and also worse than I do still see, unfortunately, in a lot of marketing. Luckily, it’s less and less in Souldriven, heartbased, spiritual businesses. But it’s still there because you well, you may have been waiting for this very moment to be able to recognize it.
And its words like… fighting or combating or pushing through, or my favorite is “faking it until you make it”, which is not something that I like and it’s words that… And be aware. So, for example, I am “bi or tri…” – like I speak different languages, and so I may be able to see that in different languages.
And so if you’re bilingual, trilingual, whatever. Be aware of it that you can see it. You may be able to see it in one language, but maybe not in another language. So I want you to be on the outlook for this.
But it’s literally words that are, for example, if you have a healing business, do you want to promote yourself or your services through fighting?
My “favorite” is “fighting cancer”. And in that is fear based communication. The way that I see it again, as always, take what serves you and leave the rest. My purpose here is to lift the veil so that you might be able to see how that is in your business.

Alignment & Psychological triggers

Because if we have a love based souldriven, heartbased, spiritual business, but our communication, whether it be on our website or through our emails or Facebook posts, social media, all of this, if that is based in fear, there is a dissonance and then people might be able to understand what you’re doing, but what you’re communicating is off. So there is a misalignment. And so it’s important to bring that back into alignment.
Something else is in within the marketing world there is what’s called the psychological triggers. And there I think that there are 18 in total. I can’t remember I’m not exactly sure how many there actually are, but some of them has to do with they has to do with a deadline.
I’m not sure if these are the right words for them, but it’s like a deadline. There is quantity. There are these… quote unquote, psychological buttons that we can, quote unquote, push in order for someone to want to invest in us or to buy. And I am not necessarily against using psychological triggers in terms of a deadline if that deadline is… Doors are closing and if you want to come on board, now’s the time.
You can do that coming from a space of love and being in service.
I remember I did this a few years back when I had a program that was putting out I send an email on the morning when the doors were closing, said literally the doors will now close in one hour. I’m going into session if you want to come, you know, if not, don’t worry.
And I, in my communication, always, always, always leave it up to people to check with themselves to listen within to… Because there is another way that people are doing this, and that is by literally pushing buttons such as not only are they fear based, but they can be trauma triggering. They could be… They can be… What was the word…. Yeah, they can be like wounding.
They can be… And so if if that is like you will literally die unless you buy this program or purchase this service or this app or this book or whatever it is… If you’re promoting that from that space of fear in terms of pushing, pushing… And the product that you’re selling is a love based product, can you see how that is out of resonance?

Good Example

One of the people that I’ve seen do this to… Do the love based marketing really, really well done. Is Marianne Williamson the way that she is promoting her stuff? I want to say used to. I haven’t followed her promotions in a while, but I have seen examples from her where it has been clear that it has come from a space of love and not from a “if you don’t buy this” then you know you’re cats going to die or your head will explode or your life’s going to be miserable forever. That’s not that’s not what I’ve seen.
And and again, if you’re if you’re souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneur and you’re promoting from that space and you’re promoting a love based product from that space, can you see the misalignment?
And also that might ultimately bringing people that you may not necessarily resonate with in your services because you’ve been triggering all of their wounds. And so if if you’re coming from a space of if you’re using a deadline, again, if you’re using the deadline as a as a an uplifting tool like this is true.
There is going to be this deadline. I do not know when it’s coming back, then that that’s totally fine. Just notice the rest. How are you are you amping it up to the point where there’s such a frenzy, which I know is a buzz, but. I just don’t like it if it’s not coming from a space of love and I’ve seen people do this from a space of love, so it is possible to come from a space of love.
Another psychological trigger is the amount of seats… Like if you have a program, there’s only a certain amount available. That’s totally fine. And it’s OK to be telling people like there is this amount of the spots in this program. And if you want to, again, look out for the words and I’m just going to see…

Personal Communication

So also in terms of like if we look at this from a personal communication standpoint, think about the people that you’re having relationships with, whether it be your family, your coworkers, your colleagues, your partner, whoever it is. Notice how you’re… How are you wording things? Are they coming from a space of love or are they coming from a space of fear? And I understand that in closer relationships, triggers are bound to happen and things are bound to come up.
I have recently opened the free guide The Energy Alignment Method®, which is the method that I use to release emotions, feelings, triggers. I use that to look at things and you can go to MariaSaraphina.com/eam to get it.
It’s a free… There’s a video, there’s the transcription and there is a there’s a guide that will take you through the five steps of EAM® to release that – so you can use that as a tool.

Spelling and Spellcasting

Then I wanted to mention that how in the end… I don’t get I don’t know how this is in other languages, but in English, which is not my native language, Danish is my native language, but English is not my native language… But in English, like it’s literally in the words spelling, spelling, like creating a spell, you can create a spell with your words.
And my invitation to you is… Through this episode to have you do a review of “is my spelling”“is my spellcasting”“is the way that I am putting things out into the world coming from a space of fear or is it coming from a space of love”?
And again, no judgment if you’re recognizing yourself in this and you’re saying, oh, boy, and you’re coming from that space of fear, great. You have the opportunity and the ability to transform that.

Do The Work

It will require some work. There is brilliant copy writers and people out there who are doing… Who are teaching from that space in terms of what words to use and how to shift it. And there are more and more coming out, more and more who are seeing that, how this is… It doesn’t serve people to be constantly triggering their wounds and keeping them stuck in some sort of victim cycle that’s then causing them to purchase with you. Yeah.


I’m just checking my notes to see if there’s anything that I have left out… As always, there’s probably more that’s going to come up, but really, like I want to leave you with this… I have an assignment for you. Whenever I… My clients know this, we come and they come into my sessions and they have – they get assignments. And it’s always from the space of should you choose to accept it, some who are just as old as I am, will know that that’s a nod to old TV series.

So the assignment is I want you to take a moment and to reflect upon your communication, whether it be in your business or in your personal life, and see how whether or not that’s coming from a space of fear or from a space of love. Now, the thing is that you, as you do that this might be really vulnerable and might bring up stuff for you.

Again, that’s where I invite you to download the free guide that I’ve created for you, The Energy Alignment Method®. I take you through the five steps to releasing that.
So you’re able to release if there is guilt or shame or embarrassment or whatever it is that comes up for you in that process, you can go ahead and download that.

Other than that, I would love to hear what is the greatest insight that you’ve had through this?

And also where do you see… And this is not like a not to be a shame, like a blaming game, but where do you see that you may have not done this?
Like where have you followed the old paradigm of communication?

What About Sales?

Oh, there’s one final thing that’s coming up for me. And that is I remember that when I began this, one of my fears were that then nobody would buy for me, that nobody would would buy what I was selling and that I would need to to push them into that sell. And yes, I do… Well, just in the beginning, I did find that it seemed it, quote, more difficult. On the other hand, those who came in were far more aligned and far more in resonance with me and what I do from that… when they were buying from that space of… When I was communicating because I was communicating truly what was in me.
And it’s also… I see this as a limiting belief… Had I had The Energy Alignment Method® back then, that’s something that I definitely would have released in terms of that. And as I have aligned my business in every area of my business, what I now see is that clients are flowing in, inspiration is flowing in, and communication is flowing far easier and with less involvement from my side.
I work less now than I did five years ago, and I make a lot more money than I did. And I understand that there is a period in any business where we are busting our butts with love to get things into the world. I’m in that process myself. I don’t think it ever stops.
We will have I see it as, you know, birthing contractions and then releases. There is these moments where we’re in the… I don’t want to call it the grind, but we’re in that creation, which can be really, really all encompassing. And then there is those moments when we’re not. And I’m personally… at the time of this recording, I have a list of things. So I know that I’m going to be in that for a while. But at the same time, I always, always, always take my selfcare very seriously.
And furthermore, having done that work, especially the energetic work with The Energy Alignment Method®, the things seem to quote unquote happen easier.
And that’s also to do with all of the dissolving fear, expanding… You know, moving through through fear and into love as well.
So it’s it’s a combination of those two things that makes it… Things come to life far easier now than they used to, so there.
So like I said. Assignment, make a review. Go back and look at some of your emails or on your website, is it based in fear or is it based on love and number two share your insight with us in the comment, I would love to hear from you because that can inspire more people and it can make it ripple out even further.
Love based marketing and communication.

Oh, I wanted to say, if you have a question, you’re welcome to also ask it in the comments. And I will look at those and see if there are things that I can answer. And I’ll do this to the best of my ability.


That is what I have for you today. I love you so much. Have a wonderful day wherever in the world you might be.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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