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…that it’s complicated.

Love in business


“Fear complicates, Love simplifies.”

We humans, you and I or rather our Ego has a tendency to complicate things way more than they really are.

To actively choose a business and a life based in love is not a carnival ticket to more clients and greater insight. It’s continued work, that at times a can seem unbearably demanding.

In fact it requires something we humans (at least in the beginning) are the most hesitant and least willing to give; namely trust and surrendering.

Trusting the plan we cannot see the full picture of and surrender of the control, we believe, we have.

It’s not you sitting down on a meditation pillow 24-7 chanting mantras and saying prayers in the hopes of a better ranking on Google, someone who magically does your website or instantly makes you a recognized expert within your field.

Become ready

It is you becoming crystalclear about your wishes, feeling them completely and fully from your heart and out, and start acting upon them. That’s what manifestation is. A divine combination of intention and action. And so what does action really mean then?

It means that you:

You know what you’re meant to do

Here’s the thing… deep down inside you already well know what you’re set on this earth to accomplish. If you immediately hear a voice yelling “No!, Mariaestela actually I don’t!” then breathe, be patient and know you’re on the right track. The voice you hear screaming is your Ego trying to pull you in a different direction.

How do I know that? That you certainly well know what you’re here to do?

Very simple – you’re right here, right now and you’re reading this.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a gnawing feeling of something missing. Like a piece of a puzzle you’ve misplaced.

You’ve heard the “Call” and know there’s something you want to be different. Maybe you just know yet what or how.

In a crystalclear nanosecond you’ve felt the completion of everything you are, the recognition, the coming home to your true self, you true essence, love.

But the feeling is fleeting and quickly disappears again.

The choice between fear or love

The feeling is fleeting because you’re untrained.

Since you where born into this world, created by the Ego you’ve been practising fear.

You’re probably or most likely, like me, world champion in hiding, in neglecting yourself, belittling yourself, creating trip wires for yourself to fall over, procastinating instead of staying laser focused on your business, your life and your wishes. You’re most likely also afraid of what others will say, do or think about you if they discover the real “truth” about you. Wanna know the worst part? It’s how everyone feels! But everyone’s afraid to say it aloud!

– as long as you feed your Ego it will control you.

A Course in Miracles

There’s an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to training love as a choice. The method I’ve chosen is “A Course in Miracles, which you can read more about here her.

In short it’s a mindtraining tool. Very specifically on how to move from fear to love.

Everytime you do, it’s a miracle with wider reaching consequences than you’ll might ever know.

Love as a guidepost

In my work with clients love is the constant guidepost. Whether we’re talking about their websites, products, content, clients, strategy or their personal lives and their results speak for themselves.

Fear would like to make things way more complicated than they really are. So when you’ve had the crystalclear moment the Ego will cover it with fear, frustration, worry and anxiety. Questions like:

Ok, listen… it’s absolutely not your job to figure it all out, only to let love lead. To take the very first step trusting it will end exactly as it’s supposed to. Start with that, the first step. And maybe it’s something you have absolutely no clue on how to do, what to do or bring to life, then start there.

So, what’s your first step? Share it with me in the comments below.


Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, (ACIM) Student & Teacher

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