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Love, practical application & easiness

– video transcript

Hi all you beautiful souls and welcome! In today’s video, I wanted to talk to you about the easiness with which things can get done when you choose a loving mindset.

What that means is that when we are based in the ego mindset, the lack mindset, the fear mindset, we believe that we need to get things done.

We create long lists of stuff to do and we start to – we stick to a strict schedule and we adhere to it and we tick off things and we just work our way through it. And we push ourselves to get things done.

A loving, kind, caring and compassionate mindset

What happens when you choose to come from a loving, serving, kind, compassionate mindset is that you will experience things getting done for you. Now that sounds crazy and I know that it sounds crazy because I used to be in that place where it sounded crazy. However, today I live in an experience of things getting done.

Love – Practical application

So let me share an example. A while back, I was traveling to the U.S. and because of the way that my visa situation was at that time, I was not allowed to do work while I was in the country.

Before wanting to leave, I wanted to make sure I had set up everything for you so that you would still get e-mail messages and the Divine Love Notes that I send out on a daily basis.

I wanted to make sure that all that was set up so that I would adhere to the rules of my visa. As I was thinking about it, I was starting to freak out because what happened was I had to do 4 or 5 different newsletters and probably a ton and ton of Divine Love Notes.

However, I saw myself starting – I saw my train of thought starting to go off. What I did was, “Okay, hold on.”

I became aware.

I became aware that I was starting a train of thought that would lead me anywhere good. I decided to just breathe my way through it and rely on my inner knowledge and my inner knowing that this was going to get done.


What happened was, as I did that, as I went within, as I got quiet, I had a voice telling me, “Look into your Evernote.” I could’ve just discarded that message and said, “Okay, whatever.”

Instead, I followed it and said, “Okay, I’ll go in Evernote.” And what I discovered in my Evernote was a series of writings that I had done probably last summer. I don’t recall doing those but in my Evernote there was probably about 4 or 5 almost ready-to-go blog posts or newsletters. And this was stuff I had forgotten about.

Choosing Love

Instead of staying stuck in and freaking out and getting into the lack mindset that, “Oh, I gotta’ do this” and being freaked out about it, I chose to say, “Okay, this is going to get done. I don’t know how. I don’t know when but I know that it will be done by the time that I leave.” And that allowed for spirit to enter me or inspiration to come, intuition, whatever you want to call it.

That allowed for that voice within me, the voice of love, saying, “Look here” and me discovering that I had almost already done everything that needed to be done.

That is what I want to leave you with today. When you choose love as a mindset, as the basis of your life, that is what happens. Things start to get done without you having a say or an influence into them. You will be helped. You will be guided. You will be led to the path of least resistance, the path of most flow.


If you have experiences like this, please go ahead and share them with us in the comments so that others can see that this is a possible way of life.

I love you. Take care. Namasté.


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