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Love in high dosage

One of the things I experience the most with my clients, when they first sit across from me, is their heartfelt wish of making a difference, of being a difference in the world, their commitment to going the distance.

If you breathe deeply for a moment and notice, then you most likely know what I’m talking about. That silent vibration inside you, like a sonar feeling an echo.

The “Love with Love” principle

What we usually work a lot with, is the principle I call “love with love”. That is to add love to everything. Because very, very, veeery often we say “Yes! That’s a great idea – let’s add love”.

We do that because we not only sense and feel it’s the completely right thing, but also because we KNOW it’s the right thing without being able to really define it in words.

And then, the next thing that happens is:

“Well, duh YEAH, that’s certainly also about time”


“What a schmuck I’ve been”


“f**k, why did it take me THIS long”


“boy, you’re an a**, why don’t you just do it”


“coooome on, SERIOUSLY, how hard can it be!”


“I’m just completely silly for feeling this way.”


“duuuh, well yeah! Crazy that you didn’t know anything that simple.”


“arrghhh, if only just!”

….and I could keep going on – and I’m sure you have your own pile.

Completely subconsciously the Ego and fear sneaks up on you, with love as their disguise, and thus keep you stuck in unloving, in fear, in ego.

What you focus upon, is what you send out, and that’s what you get back.

This is where “love with love” comes into focus. Because once you’e made the decision of living from your heart out, really moulding love into all the corners of your life and business, you gotta do it with love on top.

Loving service check

My invitation to you, is to do a service check on yourself and your business.

Are you where you want to be? If not, what areas are out of tune. If more than one pops up, then breathe deeply, feel the answer and start with that one.

Make time and space for yourself, sit with it, light a candle, pray for gentle guidance, be honest and move through the area with a fine-tooth comb – lovingly and caring, without violence and force. Smooth out the roughness, dissolve them and send love to the area.

I would love to hear about your discoveries. You can share them in the comments below.


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