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It’s all about love.

What would your business be like, if all of your decisions were based in love instead of fear?

If you insisted holding yourself in kind and loving regard always? How would that be?

It’s super easy to choose love, when you’re met by it. To smile when others smile. However it’s quite a different task when all you’re being met by it frustration, fear, irritation, bitterness and sour faces.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that only love is real.

“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.”

You are one giant energy field of love. Everything else is an illusion created by your Ego. Your job is to see through it all and return home. To find the love behind every situation, every encounter. That’s what you’re born to do. To shine when others shine, but in particular to also shine when others can’t.

and don’t make the easy mistake of hating your ego, it’s only a trap. Your Ego is serving the purpose you gave it. Forgive, shine a light, give it up and return to love.

We all experience periods filled with expectations, pressure and stress and it might seem a bit provoking for me to ask you to choose love. Periods with deadlines, huge projects, presentations, offers, demanding clients plus a partner and kids on top.

However those stressful periods are the ones with the most potential, where you can make the biggest gains. By doing so you not only reap the immediate benefit a miracle bring, you also sow seeds for you to reap from in the future.

“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.”

And it only requires a split second of willingness. Willingness to see things differently. In that moment you choose love, the miracle happen, and miracles are a natural part of everyday life.

Nelson Mandela chose love

Last year Nelson Mandela crossed over and if there’s someone who actively and repeatedly chose love it’s him. He shone extraordinarily bright in situations where most of us who have cursed and condemned everyone and everything. Instead he chose love.

Mandela was imprisoned for 27 yrs. – let me spell that out TWENTYSEVEN YEARS, that’s almost 10.000 days of prison…

How far would he have gotten, how many lives would he have touched if he’d let the hate and fear take him over? Something that you and I would easily have understood, probably even more so. I don’t think the world in large would have known Mandela, had he not chosen love. And he’s not the only one…

Malala Yousafzai

You don’t need to spend almost a lifetime in prison to realise the power of love. Malala Yousafzai is a bright and shining example of love. The young Pakistani girl who the Taliban shot basically because she wanted an education. If you haven’t seen the extraordinary interview by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, I can strongly recommend you doing so.

Especially at 04:25 where Malala voices that if she attacks Taliban then she’s no better or worse than them is so inspiring.

Having become the role model she is today, the inspiration she is and the incredible force she possesses I believe the terrorists are pretty bumped out – they gave her the world as a stage. Because she chooses love, even when it’s most difficult.

Here’s what you can learn from them

There are times, when it’s easier than others for you to choose love. You’ve probably figured out that the more pressured you are, the more stress you experience, the more it requires. But it’s all about daily training and as with any training, it only works if you do what you need to. So find a routine that works for you. Whether it’s setting a clock a few times a day, leaving post it notes around your house or something different to become conscious and aware of your thoughts, do what you need to.

AND when a man after 27 yrs of imprisonment can, then you can. When 15 year old girl can, you can. It’s not something I think or believe, it’s something I know. Mandela, Malala, you and I, we’re all connected, what they can we can, you can.

So yes, it requires you choosing it, but the seed is already in you. Breathe in deeply and know that’ll be there when you need it.

The only way you can teach anyone anything is by showing them. Be the love. Start with yourself and your business. Next time the urge to yell or degrade yourself, your business and results, stop! Consider instead how you can send it love. If it’s difficult, ask for help, even if you’re alone. Ask internally “How can I view this differently? How can I view this with love?” Your questions and prayers will be answered, all you need is your willingness.

It starts with you. Tell me in comments below, how do you choose love when you’re stressed out? What are your three tips for us to learn from?

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  1. When i get stressed out and it is getting very tense with my daughter- i say lets hug and break up this bad energy — it does work.

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