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let’s talk about resistance


Resistance towards seeing yourself as a pure vessel of love. (oh, hells no – running for the exit button!)

In the work with my clients, this is where I usually meet the hardest resistance and why I always work on a weekly basis with my clients for the first 12 weeks, to dissolve the blocks.https://mariasaraphina.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/MZG-Lets-talk-about-resistance.pngYou have noooo trouble finding all of your flaws and errors, but seeing yourself in the highest light, as the most beautiful, divine and innocent creature … oh boy – bring out the guns!

I see it in my 1:1 sessions, my group program, and workshops and yes, also within myself.

Our Ego squirm and does its very best to avoid it by pulling out all of its reasons as to why you’re the biggest sinner, why YOU are the only one not deserving of love.

This is why you usually experience a shit ton of resistance once you’ve decided you want to live a life led by love.

Everything and all things crap will surface as the Ego unravels everything it has in it’s arsenal to keep you stuck. Let it. Your only job is to love and let go.

You cannot fight fear with fear, or resistance with resistance.

It only fuels it. The way to let go is to love yourself through it.

To let it rage, to “re-mind” yourself of the pure love that is you. To shift your focus continually from fear to love.

That is all you’ve got to do – and this, might be the very very hardest. Because we’re SO conditioned to looks for external validation and having to “do do do” things – that letting go and just be, is the.hardest.task.ever.

But it is possible.


Deep within you the place you thought you abandoned is still there. Your source is still there, waiting for the moment you call upon it.

If you feel rage building up as you read this, then breathe for a moment. Maybe there’s nothing you’d rather want than to just let go, and even though you scream at the heavens nothing seems to happen. You cannot make it happen.

I get it.

Because I’ve been there. Kneeling on my bathroom floor pleading with whatever force “out there” to take me out of my misery.

But Love never will.

Take you, that is.

Love is a choice you make.

Over and over and over again.

– and here’s how…

You breathe.

Fear and anxiety cannot live in a body that breathes deeply.

So you breathe deeply and evenly.

Then you train your mind. You re-mind yourself of your true divine nature, you reprogram your mind from fear to love.

Like with anything else you’d like to master, you train.

Why is it so hard?

In reality it’s not.

But our experience of it is, for some reason.

Your Ego has had years and decades to cover up your essence. In your mind it takes “time” to unravel it.

But again – in reality it’s not… why?

Because time’s an illusion. Nothing ever happens outside of this very now.

Which is why you can start right this very second…


– and this is very big BUT(T)

This only works if you do…

You can read all the books and teachings you want. Attend workshops and webinars till the cows come home. Keep plowing through the self-help/development section at Barnes and Noble.

The only thing that’ll ever work, is the thing that you decide to DO. To implement, to practice, to fail at and get back on the horse again.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with expansion and development, but stop for a moment to consider whether what you’re doing is a non-stop “hunt” for the thing “out there” that’ll fix you forever (fear based) or is it a deep, heartfelt wish to heal and expand on a soul level? (love based).

If it’s the first – stop. There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing you need. Nothing to fix.

If it’s the second, by all means continue. Heal, expand and let the light you are shine even brighter.

You know the difference.

If you are ready to deeply transform your life a journey with me can help. Read more about them here.

xo, Mariaestela

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