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Law & Spirituality; a Sacred Conversation w. Attorney Lisa Fraley, JD



MASTERY w. Maria Saraphina | Guest; Attorney Lisa Fraley, JD

In this Sacred Conversation I am joined by the Radiant Soul that is Attorney Lisa Fraley, JD.

We discuss the intersection of law and spirituality in business, exploring how legal documents and energetic boundaries can impact a person’s confidence and security. Sharing our perspectives on integrating spirituality and law in business, emphasizing the importance of reconciling spiritual and physical evidence, recognizing interconnectedness, and embracing a more holistic approach to legal practice. We also highlight the need for clarity in legal agreements, adherence to ethical standards, and the value of fusing love and spirituality into legal documents.

You’ll hear Lisa share and us talk about:
  • Legal coaching, spirituality, and energy.
  • The energetic benefits of legal protection for business owners.
  • The speaker discovered a connection between legal steps and the body’s chakras, leading to a spiritual awakening.
  • How Lisa merged her legal background with spiritual beliefs to help clients understand the energetic and spiritual components of their businesses.
  • How to apply spiritual and ethical principles in conflict with legal requirements, and the challenges of finding alignment between these different perspectives.
  • Legal guidelines and spiritual practices in business.
  • Balancing ethical guidelines with spiritual beliefs when working with clients.
  • The importance of clear legal agreements to avoid confusion and conflict in business collaborations.
  • The benefits of having a clear legal framework in place to protect both parties’ interests.
  • Lisa’s concern about being seen as less credible as a lawyer after aligning her legal work with the seven chakras and how she ultimately found that it made her more approachable within the spiritual and health community.
  • Journey with fear, realizing it’s normal and designed to keep us safe, and how imagined fear can be sorted with help from professionals.
  • Journey of incorporating spirituality into Lisa’s work, starting with private calls and podcast interviews, and emphasizes the importance of feeling safe to share.
  • Spirituality, energy healing, and personal practices.
  • Leaving a law firm and finding purpose.
  • Personalized morning routines and spiritual practices.
  • The importance of finding what works best for each individual.
  • The need for trial and error to discover one’s own personal preferences and what supports you best
  • Spirituality and health journey in a relationship.
  • How Lisa’s spiritual journey has been closely entwined with her health and wellness journey.
  • Partners being supportive of their individual journeys, even though they are moving at different paces.
  • Prioritizing spirituality in work, focusing on intention-setting and energy release, as well as incorporating spirituality in client work with a more practical approach.
  • Finding spirituality in everyday activities, such as opening blinds and greeting the world.
  • Importance of intention and joy in spiritual practices, even in the gray season.
  • How Lisa’s journey with spirituality and how it affects her relationship with her husband.

Such a gorgeous, uplifting conversation about what can often be a heavy, dreaded topic. 

Enjoy Radiant One. In the comments let me know what you what your biggest takeaway is…

Big hug and loads of love.

xo, Maria Saraphina

TEACHER | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel

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More about Lisa Fraley…

Lisa Fraley, JD is an Attorney, Legal Coach®, and Holistic Lawyer®.

She takes a holistic approach to law and business by blending her expertise as a former health care attorney in a large corporate law firm with the care and support as a Health & Life Coach.

Her goal is to make law easy to understand, accessible and affordable, with lots of “Legal Love™”.

With a Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School Online, she’s the author of Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul*, an #1 Amazon best seller in both Corporate Law and Ethics, and the host of the ”Legally Enlightened Podcast” on iTunes which offers bite-sized, digestible legal tips in 20-minutes or less.

*this is an affiliate link.

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