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When I first started out on my spiritual journey, I, without realising at the time created a structure, a practice returning me to love and peace over and over every single day.

Without having a clue at the time I simply molded structure into my life into because I WANTED to live a life based in love.

Read on, I want to give you the trick behind the structure…

My teacher was and is, A Course in Miracles. Now, yours might be different, but whatever your path, this trick will help you open up more and allow more.

When I started out, living from space of love became non-negotiable to me, and so the practical structures followed.

Little did I know at the time, that this, this was dedication, passion and will like I’d never known it before.

No clue did I have that I was being guided from within, because I was allowing. I was simply doing the workbook lessons.

And then I added inspired action to my internal guidance.

All I knew was that there WAS another way of living than the shitty, desperate, fearful, disconnected one I was currently living, and I was unwavering in my commitment to walking that way, living it – even through all of frustration and fear I was experiencing.

Now, it’s important that you understand that committing yourself to living your life from a space of love does not mean that the heavens above open up, angels come floating down and you start to feel like your walking only on rose petals – I’m sure you get the picture! Honestly, that’s NOT what happens. At least not for me, or in my experience from my many sessions with clients.


Instead everything you ever wanted to avoid comes rolling into your life.

I know that sounds scary.

– and irritating.
– frustrating.
– depressing.
…and makes you wanna turn around, never go back and wish you hadn’t had this awakening – even though you know you can’t…

Here’s why..

It doesn’t work unless you do… It doesn't work unless you do, Mariaestela, Coach, transformation, From fear to love

Love will never ever force itself into your life. You gotta choose it actively over and over again.

The Universe will give your situations, problems, challenges, issues and obstacles where you are presented very strongly with the choice between fear or love, Ego or Essence. Where you get to see that situation either as the perfect opportunities for growth with you as the powerful center, or by choice, as something that happens completely out of your control leaving you fearful, weak and victimised.

If you wanna get good at something, really good – what do you do?

Go sit in corner and think your way till mastery?


You do the work!

And in the beginning you’ll be fumbling your way through it, feeling like the worst mistake ever, but you keep going because you KNOW it’s what you gotta do, so you practice.

This is what I did, without knowing it. I practised over and over again. And now, now I still do, but on a completely different level. A higher level than ever before, giving me insights I never dreamed off.

If you’ve gone with me this far, hang on, the trick is coming up shortly…

This trick is so extremely simple, which is why I honestly believe it’s so effective. It’s so quick and dirty that your Ego never realises what’s going on before you’ve already continued with your day. You can do this any time, anywhere. There are no excuses.

Now, being simple doesn’t mean it’s not extremely effective, so do not underestimate it because of it’s simplicity. And let me repeat – this only works if you do. Meaning if you put in the lower than low effort, the results will be beyond this world quite literally.


What you’ve got to implement into your life is actively choosing love repeatedly during your waking hours.

You do that consciously by simply saying to yourself “I choose love”. There’s no reflection, thought or judgement on your behalf.

Just simply say “I choose love” either out aloud or silently in you mind if you’re with people and don’t want them to know, then continue with your day.

Too simple or easy?

If you’ve got voices flaring up inside telling you how easy, simple, trivial, naive this sounds – perfect! It’s your Ego reacting.

The Ego is a sneaky piece of work. It won’t start throwing wrenches into the wheel just yet. It’ll most likely be supportive knowing that resistance will make you question why you wouldn’t just try.

Ensure your succes with this next tip

Now, 9 out of 10 people won’t do this next step, which the one single step that’ll ensure your succes.

– and thus this exercise will slide into oblivion. Same place all of those self-help/development books have gone that you’ve purchased. All of those online courses you’ve signed up for but have never reaped the rewards from.

It is my deep wish that you do – because you and I, we’re the ones who lift the vibration of this planet right this very moment, we light up the world and allow others to do the same.

Here goes…

Pull out your phone.

Set (at least) 4 alarms to go off randomly during the day. Don’t think too much about the time, if you do thoughts about meetings and breakfast and showers or transportation of dinners will come rushing in, confusing you, frustrating you.

What you do instead is pick a nice soft alarmtone. That way, whenever it goes off, no matter where you are it doesn’t draw extreme amounts of attention. You’ll know why, say “I choose love” and go on with what ever you’re doing.

Remember; You don’t even have to say it out aloud.

As far as I can remember, I started out with 4 alarms. Now, today, this simple tool has been my go to for anything and all things I want to create and manifest in my life.

I’m always consciously creating and so my alarm goes off every waking hour. Just ask my clients! Sometimes the alarm will start chiming beautifully during a session. However it’s so gentle that it doesn’t disturb, but more importantly it also serves as evidence that you can do it, anytime anywhere.

It’s time for you to reconnect with the powerful Source that you are and I hope you will – the Divine, God, Love and your Soul is waiting. I’d love to hear about your results, come back and let me know how you fare in the comments below.

Much love & light,

Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, (ACIM) Student & Teacher

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