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By Maria Saraphina


Human Design Inner Authority

When it comes to intuition and Human Design there is one particular and very empowering aspect I always share with my clients: knowing what your Inner Authority is.

We have been conditioned to think decisions are to be made through logical thinking aka using your Head Center in Human Design.

While your logical mind is a brilliant tool that can help you structure, organize and process in the most magnificent of ways – ultimately it is not the decision maker – your Inner Authority is.

Which in today’s world takes unlearning, deconditioning and healing and when you do, the rewards you will reap in terms of expanded levels of joy, satisfaction and pleasure, are beyond this world.

7 Types of Human Design Inner Authority

Your inner authority informs both how you process the intuitive information you receive and subsequently make decisions based upon. It also informs the time it might take you to process any given information.

In Human Design there are 7 types of Inner Authority:

  • Emotional
  • Sacral
  • Splenic
  • Ego
  • Self-projected
  • Environment/No Inner Authority
  • Lunar Cycle

Emotional Authority

With Emotional Authority you surf the waves of emotions and feelings in shorter or longer cycles.

To make the most aligned decisions it is best for you to do them when you are feeling emotionally neutral or clear, which may require you to wait until your feelings or emotions about the particular thing have run its cycle through.

This might take a day, week or longer.

Letting go of and releasing  whatever (thoughts, feelings, patterns, beliefs) is coming up for you while you’re in the process of making a decision can be tremendously helpful as it will support you in letting the cycles run their course till you are ready to make your decision without feeling or being forced prematurely.

Note that you most likely have several cycles running at the same time.

Thus you might feel crystal clear about one thing one moment and the next be absorbed emotionally in a different decision.

Sacral Authority

With Sacral Authority you make your most aligned decisions with simple yes or no questions.

However one of the most recurring and prevalent challenges with Sacral Authority is often saying yes when really it is a no.

You override the information you are receiving from your Sacral Authority because you either might not be able to hear/feel/sense it clearly or out of preconceived notions or conditioning be it generational or collective.

Releasing and letting go of any preconceived notions and conditioning while aligning your energy to following your internal authority can ground you in your true yes’es and no’s.

Over time, the more aligned with your sacral authority you are, the more no-brainer and unequivocal your true yes’es and no’s become.

You may never know why it’s a yes or no, you just know it’s right and true for you.

Splenic Authority

With Splenic Authority your most aligned decisions come from deep intuition.

Whether a feeling or quiet voice and possibly not making logical sense, there is an unmistakable sense of rightness or truth to it for you.

It may arrive instantly, or it may require you to withdraw yourself from the situation before you are able to fully sense/feel or know the answer.

If you find yourself pressured to make decisions take a step back and reconnect with your authority.

Give yourself space and grace. The more you do the more you strengthen your resolve and determination in following what you intuitively know to be true no matter what anyone else says, does or wants.

Ego Authority

With Ego Authority you are designed to follow your heart’s desires come hell or high water.

Making decisions with Ego Authority might initially seem very selfish.

It will most likely involve leaving behind a lot of conditioned guilt, shame and outside expectations of who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do.

As you release and align you connect with the fierce fire that resides in your heart.

Allowing it to rule, thus learning to acknowledge and own its power no matter what the world thinks.

Knowing that being in alignment with your truth is ultimately in service to both yourself and our Collective whole.


With Self-projected Authority you are designed to base and make your most aligned decisions from a space of who your best self is, not what you (or others) think it is supposed to be.

There is a whole lot of self-identification and self-worth involved.

The question I always give my clients, that is particularly helpful for you with Self-projected Authority is: Is this based in fear or is it based in love?

Removing all of the “shoulds” and “supposed to be’s” connecting deeply with who you are in truth.

It is time to release whatever false notions the world has given you about yourself and what you are supposed to be.

Letting your true self emerge claiming your place in the world as the brilliant self you are.

Environment/No Inner Authority

With the Environmental Authority being in the right environment is crucial to you making the most aligned decisions.

You most likely thrive being able to verbally process aka using other people as sounding boards.

HOWEVER it is important it is with people who are able to simply actively listen and ask questions to help you process, without interjecting their own opinions or try to sway you in any direction.

Your verbal processing is not a sign that you are indecisive or unsure, it is simply the way for you to arrive at the most aligned conclusion and decision for you.

Begin to unravel previous experiences having, most likely, caused a lot of confusion.

Align yourself with your authority and give yourself permission to set clear boundaries and create the most optimal environment for you.

Lunar Cycle

The Lunar Cycle Authority belongs to the rarest of Human Design types; the Reflectors.

With just 1% of our population it is important to emphasize that there is currently not a whole lot of feedback or data to draw upon.

If you are a Reflector I encourage you to be very discerning with the current information available and see/sense/feel/intuit what’s right for you.

As a Reflector all of your centers are open, and you are constantly reflecting your environment which is why making aligned decisions for you takes a longer time – and possibly a full lunar cycle, giving you time to truly process and reflect.

In our modern world that is rarely rewarded – my invitation is for you to get to a place of giving as little of a flying fudge about that as possible and surround yourself with those who will support you in being as aligned and true to yourself as possible.

Tracking your energy and emotions can be powerful for you. Giving you an opportunity to start to recognising patterns that can help you make the most aligned decisions, on a potentially shorter timeline if that is what’s right for you.

Relieve the pressure of thinking or feeling as though you have to make decisions more quickly, release past conditioning and experiences as well as process the massive amounts of energy stemming from all of your centers being open.

How to Work With Your Human Design Inner Authority – Start Small

When you first begin to access and work with your inner authority my suggestion is always to start small, “build muscle” and strengthen it in the process.

I see your Inner Authority as a muscle. It might be weak however with training you can strengthen it. 

As you begin to notice what comes up for you, working your way through it you will be expanding, strengthening and amplifying your energy and ability to follow your inner authority in the process.

Deep Relief

With clients, as well as family and friends, I have found that knowing your Inner Authority, especially if you do not have instant knowing that comes from Sacral or Splenic Authority, can be such a relief.

Realizing that, you taking your time, however much or little, before you respond, move forward or do anything, is literally the way your design works.

Fast Paced World Rewarding Quick Action

We live in a fast paced world that often rewards quick action.

Adding fear based, capitalistic marketing, illusions of overnight success and quick steps to solve all of your woes as well as a patriarchal religion essentially cutting us off from our Source, you have the “perfect” combination to ensure you run around like a headless chicken with no sense of direction or purpose or become a lazy duck completely succumbed by overwhelm.

Feeling ever more lost and confused.

Powerful Coaching

In which case I invite you to check out my coaching services. Coaching like mine are powerful.

It will bring you back in connection with the Self you never left so that you may fully engage and use your intuition. Feeling strong, grounded and connected. Able to make clear decisions, however difficult they might be.

Clients Light Up Like Christmas Trees

I have seen clients light up like Christmas trees when I tell them there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

All they have is a specific type of Inner Authority taking longer time before they are able to respond – and no one, absolutely NO ONE, outside of themselves can tell them what they should or should not be doing or how long it should take for them to arrive at the right conclusion for you.

Inner Work is Powerful

This is why all of your personal development work; be it energetic alignment, mindset, emotional, mental, body work – whatever the form might be – is so important. It helps you clear the path, become clear, solid, grounded and most of all deeply satisfied, nourished and happy.

Some examples…

For example: if you have Sacral or Splenic Authority but struggle or find it very difficult to discern or have an instant yes/no response to questions, opportunities or requests it might be that a learned conditioning has severely cluttered the connection. In which case using energetic alignment to clear, transform, release and align the energy can help.

If you’ve got Emotional Authority or no inner authority at all, your system and energy might be in constant stress, overwhelm or overload from thinking or feeling that you should be able to respond in a faster, quicker or different way.

In either case I invite you to have a look at energetic alignment and begin unraveling the entanglement causing flow, alignment and access to a very powerful part of your design, bringing with it deep relief, joy and satisfaction.

The Outcome

Imagine, if you’ve got Emotional Authority, being able to not give a flying fudge about how long or short of a period of time you need in order to make a decision and inform others about it? Whoop!

Or as someone with Sacral Authority not only being able to instantly say yes or not but also delivering your decision with unwavering confidence knowing you’re delivering the decision/response that is right for you – whether it makes logical sense, to you or others and also not giving flying fudge about whether it does because you’re responsible for no one but yourself. Can I get an #amenandhallelujah!


If you want my support check out the coaching I offer here or my monthly membership The Elevation with weekly activations and alignment sent straight to your phone.

xo, Maria Saraphina

TEACHER | Spiritual Business Coach | Radical Love Rebel

About The Author

The author aka moi, Maria Saraphina am a 2/4 Sacral Generator and is conveying the other authorities from a non-lived experience as well as observed perspective through sessions with clients and environment.

My invitation is therefore, as with anything, to play with it using your own lived experience and discernment.

How did this article serve you? Let me know in the comments below.
Spiritual Business Coach, Radical Love Rebel, Maria Saraphina

2 Responses

  1. You introduced me to Human Design a few years ago, and it’s been a game-changer!

    And as a reflector, I used to thing waiting a lunar cycle was impractical BS. Like really?!

    But lately I’ve come to embrace the wisdom in it. I’ve been tracking the process of some decision-making over the course of a lunar cycle, and what I absolutely know in my gut to be true for me one day often ends up not being so aligned a few days later.

    One question I’ve found myself asking now is whose energy am I around when I get an idea that I want to run with? MG energy…especially when the transits activate the right gates and channels…will leave me thinking I have the energy and capacity to do anything. But this ALWAYS fades.

    Reflectors aren’t designed to be consistent. Once I really accepted this, the whole waiting a lunar cycle thing became a gift to myself.✨

    1. Radiant Kristi – how did I miss your comment

      It’s SO wonderful to hear Kristi how it’s supported you! What a beautiful (and probably difficult) journey you’ve had with the “waiting a lunar cycle” suggestion. I’m so glad it’s landed for you. Our world (unfortunately) seems to be designed for Sacral Generators like myself constantly rewarding fast action

      I think we gain so much more when every type follows their authority, albeit landing with it, is not an easy journey

      Thank you for sharing the Reflector perspective! With such a small percentage each and everyone of you sharing your voice amplifies the wisdom of reflectors

      Big hugs and lots love.

      xo, Maria Saraphina

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