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How to stay anchored in love when things are falling apart.

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You know how there are times in your life when a huge internal storm gathers? When things simply have to be torn up by the root, fall apart in order for you shed your old skin, plant new seeds and step out into the new you?

Deep within you know it’s necessary, but it’s still hard to welcome with open arms…

So you hold on.
You tighten our grip.

all to no use.

Because Spirit knows.

Soul Contract

Spirit knows what we need, what we want and most importantly what will serve our soul destiny the most and so staying in your comfort zone, playing it safe is to no use.

You made a contract before you came.

To come into this world to transmute fear to love.
To light up the darkness.
To rise, lead and serve.

– and so all of your resistance is futile.

Not because you are a victim, but because you are not.

You were born a leader.

– and so things must go.

Must fall apart.

For you to let go of what is no longer serving you.

When the storm gathers and things fall apart it is easy to think that you are losing when in fact you are winning. Everything falling apart reveals your true strengths. Strengths that are beyond this world.

Strengths that transcends your human form.

I wish to God sometimes that it wasn’t necessary, because it can be such a dark place to be, but I understand the necessity.

When everything you thought was it, is crumbling, your true self emerges. You return to who you always were, always has been and always will be.

The God and Goddess rises within you.
Flows through you.
Creates with you.

– and so, things falling apart is only a bad thing if that is how you choose to see it.

No joyride

Now, I know from personal experience, that when things truly falls apart it is no joy ride. There are no pretty bows or land of milk and honey, but there is a way for you to let rage what must rage on in order to transmute and transform on a human level while still staying anchored in the truth of who you are on a soul level.

It’s important to note that there is no judgment of what is good or bad. It simply is.

You bearing witness to the fire purifying everything.

Anchors to keep you grounded

When the big storms of life threatens to pull you under, having your anchors in place allows for the storms to rage while you stay grounded and connected.

For seamen and sailors the anchor represented hope. They threw them overboard in times of turmoil to stay anchored while riding out the storm.

The anchor didn’t remove the storm, but ensured that they stayed in place until the storm was over. Until dawn broke and light came.

Such a beautiful and relevant metaphor for life.

Storms will gather and rage throughout your life, but when you have your anchors in place, you can let everything fall apart without losing yourself or getting completely lost.

My 5 Anchors

These are the 5 “MAGIC” ANCHORS I recently used when life threw me a storm:

How to stay anchored in love when things are falling apart, Mariaestela, Coach, Coaching, Spiritual

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BONUS TIP: These 5 anchors are not only great when things are falling apart, they are actually amazing in plain every day life assuming you want to live a life lead by love.

Work them regularly and they will keep you grounded and safe throughout the storms of your life.

Meditation, Prayer & Spiritual Practice

If you already have a regular practice I recommend holding on to it. Even if you have to abandon your regular practice and only do 5-10 minutes then do what you can.

If you do not meditate, then it’s time to make space for silence and inner stillness. Do it first thing in the morning. Make it a habit, like brushing your teeth.

If you have busy mornings with kids, get up before them or lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes. Get it done!

When things are falling apart it’s easy to get rushed down the stream with it and forget that the Kingdom of Heaven resides within you. It’s your private palace of silence where you can rest in peace and quiet, a sacred space to allow and observe from.

BONUS FACT: The more you work that stillness core muscle the stronger it gets and so does your ability to carry it with you where ever you go and no matter what goes on.


To me meditation IS my prayer. It’s the time where I go and be with God. Where I connect. Where I plug myself into the Universe and know my true self as it is beyond time and space.

I do not go a day without no matter what happens or how early I have to get up.

I invoke Spirit using these words:

“Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Angels Above and Below, to my left and to my right, in front of me and behind me, I ask that you join me in this meditation and that you help me heal what ever needs to be healed, free what ever needs to be freed and surrender what ever needs to be surrendered.”

But use what ever you feel called to. You are the only one who knows what is right for you.

Spiritual Practice

At the core of my spiritual practice is A Course in Miracles which I’ve studied for quite a while now. So everyday I also incorporate a piece of wisdom from The Course.

– together with these 5 anchors it forms the core of my spiritual practice. A practice I’m continuously exploring.

Allowing & Observing

The ability to allow and observe without attachment or judgement is a key element for healing and releasing.

Things are falling apart for a reason. A reason that you may not know about until much later. If you’re a spiritually aware person you probably already know that things happen for a reason, but do you try to find it straight away or do you simply allow what is to be?

Too often we go chasing down the rabbit hole trying to “figure things out” rather than allow ourselves to be guided intuitively by what I like to call “The Universal Database”.

That which we are all a part of. What created us in loving expansion.

Gratitude & Acknowledgement

Every night before going to bed I will write out 5 things that I am grateful for and 5 things I acknowledge about myself – and phew let me tell you, that last one was the hardest one to get into a habit of doing.

BONUS TIP: Get a calendar and use the daily pages for your writing. The one I got has smaller pages for Saturday & Sunday so on weekends I only do 3 of each.

I am’s & positive self talk

When things are falling apart and you want to stay anchored in love, actively choose love by writing out “I am” statements about yourself (I do this in connection with my Gratitude & Acknowledgement practice at night). Mine will look something like this:

I am Enough
I am Bliss
I am Worthy
I am Divine
I am Eternal
I am Love
I am Loved
I am Lovable
I am Abundance
I am Infinite
I am Timeless
I am Enough
I am
I am.

Something else could be looking yourself in the eyes every time you pass a mirror, smiling at your self while saying “I Love You”. In the beginning I had to whisper it to get it over my lips. Do what works for you. You will be amazed at the happiness you feel when your soul starts to smile back at you from within.

Connection, Reminders & Notifications

This is probably one of my favourite tips and I use it every single day, not only when things are falling apart.

To continually connect with Spirit in you set reminders on your phone or notifications on you computer with something as simple as “I Love You” on it. On the iPhone the thing you need to change is called the “label” and make sure to pick a soft, soothing ringtone.

I’m heavily into this stuff, so I’ve got gentle bells going off every 30 min. You don’t have to go crazy like me, you can start out with 4-5 reminders a day.

BONUS FACT: I use this with ALL of my clients in some form or another and the results are astounding. One client was particular stubborn in her refusal to use it, but once she started she could not stop raving about it. Incredulous that something SO simple worked.

Something I also like to include as a reminder is crystals. Every day I ask within and receive an answer about which crystal or crystals to carry with me throughout the day. I’m absolutely no expert on crystals, don’t think I’ll ever be or that you even have to be in order to benefit from the incredible powers crystals carry. I cannot being to tell you the amount of times I have been mind blown when I’ve been guided to pick up a certain crystal and later google it and find out that it pertains EXACTLY to whatever I’m going through.

Lead with Love

Beautiful One, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with these 5 Anchors. Above all the most important thing is to stay kind, caring and compassionate – especially with yourself. If you’re starting from scratch just start with the first one work on implementing it truly into your life. Add the next when you feel called to do so, NOT when you think you should. Screw the “shoulds”. Practice your inner knowing instead.

Get your own 21-page MAGIC Workbook right here

I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

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