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Decisions, Decisions

A simple, yet effective way to decide what content goes or stays in your newest program, book, service, product or app.

This is a proven method that I often use with clients to help them know where to begin and what to do first. It’s simple yet highly effective. It’s a slightly modified version of the prioritising part of my free guide Divine Clarity & Inspired Action.

You’ll need:

Deeply connected, always

Know this… As a Soulful Entrepreneur and Magdalene Rising being deeply connected with Source you have a continued stream of inspiration flowing not only to and through you, but all around you.

Like a fish swimming you are constantly surrounded by water, enveloped in the warm, compassionate embrace of all that is.

Some of the inspiration will surface within your consciousness, some within others. It’s an abundant plane where all that is meant for you will make itself known so that you may manifest and materialise it in this world. Give birth and breathe it into life.

Heart full of magnificent ideas

However, as you walk this world of duality, having a heart full of magnificent ideas it’s super easy for your ego to latch itself onto any tiny little doubt or hesitation and not only stop you dead in your tracks but make your head spin with endless opportunities.

Because, how do you decide what goes into your program/product/app/book/service etc. and what does not when you have access to the field of infinite options and possibilities?

First of all – let’s stop for a moment and acknowledge the awesomeness of that statement!

Frustration based in Source

While I understand that you may be experiencing frustration, that frustration is in fact based in your connection with Source and All that is.

It stems from the years of internal work that you have done.

Clearing out the gunk and the muck.

Healing what needed to be healed.

Bringing light into the darkest corners of your mind – which is not only amazing and wonderful but something to be revered and honoured.

With that out of the way, you are ready to begin…

While this method can be used to decide the content of any program, product, service, book or app, in this example I’m using it for a signature program. The “problem” is, that no matter what length of program you’ve chosen, you’re bound to have content for way more modules than might be best for your clients.

Again remember – this is a GOOD thing.

It means that you have content for updates, other programs, bonuses, free gifts, blogposts and newsletters. Which is amazing!

Now, onto the work.
  1. Put every idea for a module, content, exercise etc. onto a post-it each. For the purposes of this example, lets say you wanna do an 8-week program. You may end up with 15-20 post-it notes.
  2. Before prioritising see if some are to be coupled.
  3. Once coupled look over your notes and pick THE ONE thing you absolutely must have in your program. That’s your number one.
  4. Pick another post-it and ask yourself “is this one more or less important than number one?”. If it’s not, place it underneath number one, if it is, swap them.
  5. Continue doing this until you’ve gone through all of the post-it. With each one ask yourself, is this more or less important than the one before it.

What you will be left with is an order that is done both with heart and mind. All you now have to do is pick the top 8 representing the 8 modules and start the work of bringing them to life.

Now, I would LOVE to hear from you.

In the comments below, tell me how did this simple method serve you?

xo, Mariaestela

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