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Hello Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome into this episode of the Golden Frequency. Today I’m going to be touching upon a subject that I know that a lot of people have a lot of interest in.

And it’s something that I speak about very often, both with my clients, literally. It’s something that I work with, with my clients. But it’s also that things that are in my network and from people that they want to know, how do you do this? And so today’s topic is going to be about how to create flow in every area of your business. And just by saying that there’s also the AND in your life, because what I’m about to share with you can be easily transferred both to your business but also to your life.

As we’re moving through this episode, I encourage you to have that in mind as well. If you’re not at the place where your business is not necessarily your biggest focus, maybe your business is running, it’s flowing everything as well.
Maybe it’s actually something in your there’s an area in your life that you want her to have be more in flow, have that in mind. So as we move through this also, I want to share that as we move through this, there’s going to be some some resources and I’m going to leave links and everything in the show notes.
And you can also see the transcription of this episode on my website. I’ll leave a link to that in the show notes so that you easily can access that. I am going to be demonstrating something through this episode. So maybe if you’re listening to this via podcast, you want to go ahead and jump over to the episode on my website to check that out.

Flow in Business

It’s going to be flow in business, so it’s going to be Mariasaraphina.com/FlowInBusiness. And that’s where you can see the video. So the things that I’m going to demonstrate, you will be able to you’ll be able to see that they’re for the video, but it shouldn’t stop you from listening.
If you’re listening to this, via the podcasts get it twice, will only elevate the or the downloads, I suppose.

What Is Flow?

OK, so the first thing I want to start out by defining is what is flow. And when I talk about flow, I talk about flow from an energetic perspective.
You may have heard that everything is energy and maybe you’re like me a few years ago, that you understand that on an intellectual level, but you’ve never really experienced it or had noticed that that was what it was in your life.

Three States of Energy

And so I’m going to walk you through because energy has three states. There is the resistant state, there was the reverse state and there is the flow state.
Resistant State
The resistant state is a state where let’s say that. There are something in an area of your business where you’re there, something that you’re wanting to achieve, something you’re wanting to change, and you can do it, but it requires a bit of effort.
It’s it’s it’s like you’re you’re going uphill, but you can actually get there and it would be way more fun and way more enjoyable if it was just something that was quote unquote easy. If it was in flow.
Reversed State
And then there is the reverse state that the reverse state is often caused by when it comes to energy is caused by either a shock or trauma that has happened at some point. And whether when I say shock or trauma, it doesn’t have to be like necessarily a bad thing.
But it’s something that is being perceived by your energy as something where you’re like stunted or you’re shocked. And that lingers. Both the resistant state and the reverse state lingers in your energy and the reverse state causes you, then it’s like a Push-Pull effect.
It’s no matter, you know, what you want to do. And I remember this when I won when I first started out with my business, I knew what I wanted to do. But no matter how many times it was like I was pushing this ball like Sisyphus, I was pushing this ball up the hill. And right before I reached the top, it will just roll all the way back down.
I actually remember I was doing six years ago, I was having a Reiki session energy session, and they said that they said that they could see that. And it was just so annoying that I wasn’t able to shift it or change it. So so know that the the reversed energy state is like it’s a frozen state. It’s like you can’t seem to either budge or you’re like you’re literally going in circles. No matter what you’re doing, you’re ending up in that same space where you were you started out. So those.
Flow State
Oh, and then of course, there is the flow state and the flow state is where everything is flowing. It’s what we call the orgasmic state is like everything is just like, well, and while you may have challenges in an area, the solutions show up themselves.
You get the download at the right time. It’s about, you know, being at the right time, at the right place. It’s what we call divine timing. And synchronicities these are all the things that are coming up.
That is the flow state. And again, it’s it’s it’s not like you want it’s not that everything is just like the heavens will open and angels descend and rose petals be strewn there. There may be issues or challenges that you’re going to have to deal with, but they’ll be dealt with in a very flow’y state, easy manner.
You’re going to be able to move through them. You’re not moving into victim mode or there’s no limiting beliefs that’s holding you back and all of these things that can be standing in our way. So those are the three energy states, the resistant state, the reverse state and the flow state.

Pull out the pen & paper

If you’re in a place where you can take notes, please go ahead and grab a piece of pen and paper and then just jot down a few notes about each state.

Where in your business are you or have you been experiencing resistance? Where in your business are you or have you been experiencing the reverse state? And where in your business have you or are you experiencing the flow state?

And like I said, if you want to do this with your life, you can also do that.

Powerful tool – The Sway

But I will be focusing on the business because that’s what I love. And you see things also flow into each other as well. So go ahead and do that now. I’m going to be sharing in order for us to be able to identify whether or not we are in a resistant, reversed or flow state in any area of our businesses where I’m using a tool called The Sway, I’m using a tool called the The Energy Alignment Method®.
That is a five step process that will take you through identifying what’s going on in your energy, whether or not you’re in resistance or reverse state, then releasing that and then also aligning you with that which you do want.
If you want to go ahead, you can go ahead and download. I have a free guide that will take you through the five steps of EAM® and you can you can click here Mariasaraphina.com/eam to get that free guide and that will really help you. So but what I’m just going to briefly demonstrate is I’m going to be demonstrating the tool that we use.

The Sway

We use a muscle testing tool to recognize what’s in your energy. And and when we use them, it’s called The Sway. When we use this tool, you you tap into what is currently held in my energy and you’re able to it bypasses your mind and it goes straight to what is actually going on in my energy.
I want to say that once we first start using this way, it can be usually it’s there are some triggering in terms of, first of all, what’s going on.
And once you do it, the thing is, I love being a fly on the wall. Whenever people do this way for the first time when it’s here, what happens is like once you recognize that, you hold that power in yourself and there’s nothing outside of yourself that can give you, quote unquote those answers.
That’s why I love EAM® and that’s why I love this way, is because nothing outside of yourself can give you those answers.
They’re already within you. They’re in your energy. But let me go ahead and demonstrate in this. If you’re listening to this via the podcast, just know that I’m going to I’m standing sideways and I have my feet hip width apart and I have loose knees, not bended knees, but I have loose knees and my hands are down by my side.
And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to what will happen and make sure that you’re in a safe space where you won’t be falling over or hitting your head on the wall or anything else. Make sure that you’re safe because your energy will react responsibly to the questions. You will ask it. And so that’s what you’ll do, is you’ll ask simple yes or no questions.
The only thing that the energy can or your your energy can respond to is yes or no questions.


So what we start by doing is called calibrating. I call it calibrating The Sway. And you literally check in and see, OK, is my name. And then you say some name that you’re not is my name Marianne? And you’ll see that I’m swaying backwards and is my name Maria Saraphina and I’ll be swaying forwards and you can do that a few times.
And I know that if this is the first time you’re seeing this and you’re like, oh, I just have it and she’s just swinging backwards and forwards because that’s what she wants to do.
You know what? I’m not here to convince you of anything.

Try it

I invite you to try it out and try it for yourself and then be like mind blowing when it starts to start, when you start swaying.
If this is the first time you’ve worked with energy, you may in the beginning not have a very big sway. You may not have big swings. Maybe it’s just a sensation that you’re feeling pulled in your chest or it’s in your in your back. You could feel the the push or the pole kind of thing.
And in terms of recognizing this way, so be aware of the slight nudges or things that are happening. So, so that’s the sway.

7 Areas Of Your Business

Next we will what I want to do is I want to walk you through the areas of your business that I see relevant to this. These are these are areas like these are areas like, quote unquote, normal areas of your business.
You may have more or you may find that you define your business with less. That’s fine. And what I’ll do is I’ll define these seven areas. And what I’ve just recently discovered is not that The 7 Initiations that I will be talking about have had has been with me for a while.
But what I’m realizing is how they’re actually correlating with every area of your business. I was seeing previously, I was seeing The 7 Initiations as these. Initiations that we were going through in terms of the more internal, but now I’m also seeing how they actually correlate to the external.
And what I mean by that is that, you know, how we have our senses. You have your ears and your eyes and your smell, all these different senses. We also have that as an intuitive sense. So we have it as both in the physical world, but we also have it as an intuitive sense. And it’s the same thing with these seven areas of your business.
The seven areas of your business also have a corresponding initiation or challenge or intuitive sense that once you align those to pulling magic happens. That’s the realm of magic and miracles, as I like to say. But let’s move through the seven areas.

Purpose & Mission; Realm of Divine Feminine

So the first area is your purpose and your mission.
And as I’m going through these, my invitation to you is that you take notes and you also use your sway to identify and that you’ll be doing that you’ll be identifying which of these areas do I have resistent or reverse or flow energy in so that you know where to release and what to release. I do recommend that you go through them sequentially, at least in the beginning, once you’ve gotten through it, because usually it starts with the core, which you’ll see as I go through these.
So the first area of your business is your purpose and your mission. And that to me is the realm of the divine feminine. It is your gnosis, your wisdom, your knowledge, your intuition.
It’s where your clarity, but also chaos exists. Usually in the beginning there’s going to be chaos because you’re receiving all these downloads and and and and and you’re receiving it through your divine feminine channel. And it’s it’s normal for that to be in, quote unquote, chaotic before a structure and order comes in, which is the second area.
But more about that in just a moment.
So are you aligned with your purpose in your mission? Are you aligned with your like is your Divine Feminine essence? Is she fulfilled as she nourished or is she depleted? So these are some of the things that you can use as a way to check in on with.
And you can also use this way to see do I have resistance in this area? Is there anything that is reversed in this area? And it’s really…
The thing is so I’ll have a program that’s coming out. Well, next round is starting in May where you’ll get like sheets of releasement statements that you can check in on.
But it’s also important that you listen for your own intuition and your own guidance and your own nudges.
So when I’m sharing about your purpose or mission, what’s coming up for you, write that down. That might be something that might be a clue for you to check in on. Am I resistant or reversed in this area of my business? So that’s number one.

Action & Structures; Realm of Divine Masculine

The second area is your it’s all of your structures. It’s also the action part. It’s the realm of the Divine Masculine Essence. Your Divine Feminine Essence has woken. She’s risen. She has her purpose and her mission. She knows what she wants to do.
He comes in and says, yes, babe, let’s create this thing. He comes in with the building, the foundation, the creation. It’s all of your processes. It’s all of your structures, your website, your email servers. It’s like all of the things, like all of the channels through which your Divine Feminine Essence is being channeled.
Again, I mentioned your website. Do you have a physical location and is there that in the in the know that those areas any resistant or reversed energy.
Then the third area is your marketing and your promotion. The fourth area is you’re in no sorry. The third area is your marketing and your promotion. I may switch up. I may switch these up a bit, depending on where I am feeling into it, because right now I’m actually feeling into, you know, your products and your services, which is has usually been the fifth.
But I’m going to share that instead of I’m going to share that here.

Products, Selling & Service

The area that I’m going to talk about is your products and your services. Are your products… Do you have any resistant or reversed energy in any of your products and your services?
You can check that with this way. And again, what we want to do is we want to release that energy to create that flow that you’re wanting. And like I said, you can download the free guide that I’ve created for you.
Go to MariaSaraphina.com/eam where you will get the guide, the free guide that will take you through the whole process of because it’s more than I can cover in this episode.
And also there’s a video and there’s downloads and all these things. So go ahead and download that so that you will then be able to release whatever and is resistant or reverse to create that flow that you’re desiring in whatever area it is of your business.
So there’s the products and the service, the price and the services. I was not expecting this. This is pure download because that’s the next thing.

Marketing & Promotion; Speaking Your Truth

Then the next thing is the the marketing and the promotion of the next area is the marketing and the promotion of your services. This is typically where it’s I’m I’m if you’re watching this, you’ll see or if you’re not, you’ll see that I’m touching my throat.
It’s usually to do with our throat chakra. It’s usually to do with what I call the or not I call that what we call the which wound or the healers wound. It’s having been put in horrible situations for years and years and years and millennia, for speaking our truth, for sharing our wisdom, for sharing our medicine.
So very often whenever I work with a souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneur, there is something that comes up in that. And I even personally. I have this coming up from time to time as well. I would love to tell you that this is like a quick fix and everything will just go and you’ll be good forever. That’s not my experience. Maybe it’s the experience of others.
My experience of this is that it’s an ever expanding journey and so it may come up in a different area. But I recently had something where I was like, I wonder what that is.
And I realized that there was a fear in me that was about speaking my truth, about something that I was really passionate about. And so I identified with The Sway. And I used EAM® to release it. And here I am speaking about not it wasn’t this, but it was something different. And yeah. So that’s something that can be really, really helpful.
So that’s about it’s also about social media. It’s about showing up like in videos like this, or if you have a podcast or if you’re doing lives on Facebook or Instagram, if you’re doing clubhouse meetings, like all of these ways that you can be speaking your truth, sharing your wisdom, that is that is that area of marketing and promotion.

Clients & Customers; Boundaries, Sacred Agreements & Containers

Then there’s the area of your clients and your customers. And that to me, has to do with contracts, agreements and boundaries. What are the things that you have in place that are serving you as much as it’s serving your clients? What are creating the sacred containers?
One of the things that I for some reason very often bump into is with clients is that having a having a an agreement in place somehow is is scary or out of order when you have a soul driven, heartbased spiritual business. And it couldn’t be further from the truth.
Because what what happens when you create that really sacred container and when you create that really sacred boundary is that people then thrive within that you have the ability to expand within that and you can always go back and change it to give you to give you an example in terms of boundaries.

So, for example, for me personally, when I work with clients one on one, I work with clients one on one on Wednesdays and Thursdays, because that gives me the freedom, the and the ability to create free content, to show up for a podcast, to be on other people’s podcast, to do group work and all the things Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

It also gives me the possibility to go to a cafe whenever we’re not in the pandemic situation and hang out and sit down and just be on those days. It gives me the power to show up fully for my clients on those Wednesdays and Thursdays. And my clients are in so many different time zones all over the world that I work throughout the day.
But I know that it lights me up to do it that way, because I know that these are the days that are deeply committed to my clients. And also in between sessions, clients have access to me via WhatsApp or Telegram and I don’t respond to things during the weekend, which I let them know so they know that absolutely they can reach out, of course, to something that’s really horrible. That’s a whole other case. But that rarely happens. But they know that they can always reach out to me and then I’ll get back to them. So there’s that freedom of knowing.
So setting boundaries and having clear agreement to be clear about what the expectations are is wonderful and by now, I’m sure that things that has most likely come up for you, so go into that.

What is it that’s coming up for you and check? Is the energy resistant and or is it reversed?

Market – Comparison, Competition & Colleagues; Shadow Realm

Then we have, you know, the market that you’re in and that has to do with comparison, competition and colleagues. It’s what I also like to call the shadow realm, like it’s where we do the shadow work because we live in a world where we can see our fears and our limiting beliefs and our self sabotage reflected in like literally everywhere we go on to Instagram and we see all of these pretty beautiful lives or Facebook, it’s very, very easy for us to oh, and also clicks and likes and don’t even get me started on that.
But it’s so interesting how we have these beautiful windows into other people’s lives and very often we don’t come… It’s not something that’s uplifting, but it’s something it’s rather something that’s dragging us down.
So rather than seeing, oh my God, there’s this brilliant, brilliant Spiritual Business Coach. She’s absolutely amazing. I could go into. Oh, my God. Oh my God. Oh, my God. Like, I’m not enough. I don’t serve my clients enough and I don’t bla bla bla and I don’t.
For me, I am. I am. I love that there are quote unquote more people than when I first started doing this work. I don’t think there was any Spiritual Business Coaches is out there, or at least they weren’t identifying themselves as that which I’ve done from the beginning because I knew that that was what I was here to do.
The more of us that are that do do this, like, the better our world becomes. That’s how I see it.
And that’s not something it’s not something that just happened overnight. It’s taking me years to get to that place where I’m fully placed in my knowing of I serve and and so if you’re in a space or if you’re in a in a market where there’s a lot of what you ever is, that you do know that there’s no one who can do it just like you.
And so check in and see, do I have any resistant or reversed energy use? Whatever comes up for you on social media is that reverse or a resistant energy can also be other things. But but those are the things to check in with. And then, like I said, release them.

Money, Wealth & Abundance

Finally, we have the big one, or at least it’s the big one, because people tend to think that that’s the big one. It’s money, wealth and abundance. And it is. It’s the one where. I mean, I just recently saw someone had posted about how like whether or not it was OK to as a spiritual business to be making money off of whatever services or products that you’re providing. And I just couldn’t believe that in 2021, this is where we’re still at.
The notion that we have to go sit on a rock to me belongs to the patriarchy. I was recently in a group where I share a masterclass representation where a shared this, where I think that that’s part of the old paradigm. It’s part of the patriarchy.
If you want to demolish it or kill something, you kill it from within. And if we as spiritual souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneurs go at each other for like, is it OK, then we’re literally dimming, we’re killing ourselves from the inside rather than being like, no, it’s OK to be making money.
However, it’s also an area where there can be a shit ton of resistance. And this is looking at your bank accounts where you’re receiving your money from your wallet, your ability to receive your your energetic funnels and so forth. But that is an area. And as much as I’ve said this before, it’s really not about the money.
And I don’t mean that because I understand that we have a huge discrepancy in our world that needs to be addressed and is being addressed in terms of who gets what and exploitation and white supremacy and all of these things. So that is that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying when we talk about money, find the underlying issue, release that, and then the flow will arrive in some way, shape or form.
I’m just checking my notes. So those were the seven areas that I went through.

The 7 Areas

Let me just briefly say…

  • Purpose and mission; Realm of the Divine Feminine.
  • Action and Structures; Realm of the Divine Masculine.
  • Selling and service, which is your products and your services.
  • Marketing and promotion, which is you speaking your truth, the witch wound and social media.
  • Then we have the clients and the customers. That’s agreements, sacred contracts and boundaries.
  • We have the market, which is comparison, competition and your colleagues.
  • Money, wealth and abundance.

Those are the seven areas.

Where to Start?

Now I know I talk really fast and I know that I’ve gone through these and it might seem like a lot. And you’re like, oh my God, where do I start?
My recommendation is that you start with the first one with the Divine Feminine, the realm of your purpose and your mission. Check if there is any resistance or reversed energy. And like I said, then go ahead, use the The Energy Alignment Method® to release it and experience what happens as you do that.

The 7 Initiations

Then, like I said, my next round of this, it’s called Mastery Through Love – The 7 Initiations – How to create flow in every area of your business will start in May.
It’s going to be about, I think, eight weeks this time where we will together walk through every one of these areas. You’ll receive release, releasing statements, you will receive alignment statements. There will be journaling prompts, there’ll be audios, there will be videos like there will be there’s going to be a full thing, because for me, the more flow that you have in your business, the better our world becomes.
That’s how I see it. And so I would love to have you join us. And if that’s something that you’re interested in, you can go ahead and you can check MariaSaraphina.com/the7initiations.
It may not be ready at the time of this recording yet, but that is where it’s at. You can join my newsletter and I’ll make sure that you get notified as soon as it’s ready.

Let Me Hear From You

Now – I would love to hear from you, what is the what is the biggest challenge that as you move through is like what is the biggest challenge that you have seen throughout this? What is that that’s been coming up for you the most? Please do share it with me in the comments below

That is all I have for you today. I hope that you’ve had an idea of how to create flow in every area of your business.
First, identify what it’s like, what are the energetic structures? What state is it in the area that you’re focusing on? What’s what state is it in release and then align.

Without further ado, that was it for me for today. I love you, take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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