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How To Clear Your Centers; My Journey With Human Design & The Gene Keys w. Maria Saraphina



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Hello Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome into today’s episode in which I am going to be diving into how to clear your filters when it comes to human design and The Gene Keys and also throughout that share my journey of walking with these modalities or these methodologies.

I first discovered the system… I had to go back and see when was the first time it came into my life. And I think I discovered it about. Oh, I don’t think – I checked my emails and I can see that I signed up for to get my first free chart done about three years ago in 2018.

However, it it wasn’t something that was… It wasn’t something that I explored further. It was just something that apparently came across my whatever day. And then I did a profile and then that was it. I wasn’t really called towards it a deeper way.

I can’t see the dates for the Gene Key profile that I did. But it… I thought… That would have been somewhere around the same time for some reason. And then and then it wasn’t till. When was it… Over Solstice of 2020, where I go further and deeper into it.

No Expert

However, I just want to do a quick disclaimer. I’m no expert. I’m not a reader. I’ve left links to all of the different resources where you might check out more above.

And also, Google is your friend, because there is now today a plethora of content when it comes to all of the design and all the gates and the keys and also all of the the deeper aspects. And so it’s about finding what resonates for you because… Yeah, so so I’m going to leave links for you for that.

Human Design & Cultural Appropriation

To just give you a brief overview of the system or the methodology is comprised by a variety of other resources. So it’s comprised of astrology, Kabbalah, quantum physics, Iching and the chakras.

Knowing that it’s interesting because I’ve had friends… I’ve sat with friends where they don’t realize that human design, they’ve loved human design, and they don’t realize it’s actually comprised of other different systems that have been I don’t want to say “put together”, because the way that the man who downloaded it or was “penetrated by a voice” who gave him the system explains it.

He explains it in the way that he was penetrated by a voice. However, it is comprised of other ancient systems. And so and like I said, I’ve had people who didn’t realize that. And so we can’t not talk about cultural appropriation in terms of human design. And I have sat with it for a while. And I’m… it’s a journey that I’m still walking.

In the show notes I’m going to leave some some links for you as well so that you can discern what’s right for you and make up your own mind in terms of it. And yes, I’m going to do that.

So I just wanted to add… That is I know that that’s something that’s ongoing in the community in the way that we’re using it and how we’re using it and where it actually comes from.

Honor the Origins

For me, it’s always very, very important to point out the origins of things. And so whenever I’m talking about human design or The Gene Keys, I’m always making a reference back to the original systems as well. So just you know that.

5 Types, 9 Centers, 64 Gates/Keys

Again, to give you a brief overview… Human design is based on your birth data. And there are five different types. There are – you have nine centers of which can some can be opened and others can be defined. And within these centers, you have gates and you have channels, and these channels and gates can be activated also or “inactive” and that, again, depends on the time of your birth. It’s both time of your birth and also excuse me, prior to your birth.


Then you have within… Each type has a… There is a strategy and there is also your authority. One of the things that I’ve noticed in terms of the authority is, for example, I have sacral authority, which means that I instinctually I know straight away. Whereas I can see I have clients, for example, who have emotional strategy and based on the cycle of their emotional strategy, they have to have longer times in terms of making decisions.

And they also have to like go through a full cycle. But they have to… not take them longer… That’s just because I am who I am, that for me, it takes longer. I don’t want to make that judgment, but it takes more time for them to to make decisions in order for them to discern what is right for them or not.

And so the system is really powerful in the way that I know that a lot of people have Aha. Moments when they do go through these. But like I said, I will leave you a lot of links and a lot of resources – to resources that you can check out so that you can either pull your own chart or you can dive in deeper into the to the method of it.

The Gates of Human Design aka The Gene Keys

Now. The gates of Human Design, of which there is a total of 64. There is I think it’s a maximum of 26 that can be activated in one chart. Those gates is actually originated in I Ching. And Richard Rudd has developed or expanded on the work of I Ching through his book, The Gene Keys.

If you’re listening to this via podcast just know that I’m holding up a book where I’m showing the book. I did initially get it on Kindle, but then because it was so there’s so much wisdom in it, I had to have had a real copy of it so that I could sit with it as well so I do that.

Now, for me personally, like I said, me, I had had knowledge of the system for yeah, at the time, I guess at… my… when I drove in about two years and it was a friend of mine, a dear friend of mine, who’s actually also she does do Human Design readings. And I’ll leave her link as well. Shout out to Violetta.

Solstice Submersion and Blessed by Friends

She was the one who brought it back into my world. And so I completely submerged myself in it over the solstice of 2020. And I was really fortunate that I had friends and clients and family who was willing to give me their birth data.

So I was able to pull a lot of different charts so that I could… I was able to see what different things meant, because sometimes, you know, when we hold a mirror to ourselves, it can be difficult to see things. But I do, of course, recognize myself in my chart. But it’s also really… Not important… But it was really valuable for me to be able to see, oh, this is where and they have this strategy or they have this authority or they… So it made sense to me.

Finding What Works For You

And I did have times, especially with former clients, where there are things that I now know that I would have done differently in my work with them, or at least I would have tried doing differently and see the… if it would have given us a different result.

So today, that’s how I use it with my my clients. I don’t… I’m not a reader or not… Nor an expert. I don’t. But I use especially the types to know or to have an idea of their… Not I don’t want to say reaction pattern… But the way that they structure things and systemize things and the flow of things when like when when it comes to launching or programs or to completion of work or tasks at hand, how much rest they need, how much restitution.

Finding the rhythms and the structures that work for you… It’s something that I’ve always done in my work previously even. But now it’s just it’s found… It’s interesting to have a tool where you can kind of tweak it because you have a deeper understanding… When you know they’re their type. And so that’s what I did over the Solstice. I dove into the charts and very quickly, because everyone was saying that you need to clear your filters and you need to clear your centers and you need to clear…

And no one was saying, how do you do that… And me being very practical and very grounded, I suppose I’m very like, but how do I do that and where do I go for that information? And I couldn’t find anything.

And so me being an accredited Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, I, of course, has my I have my own method that I use in releasing energy in other different areas. And so it was, I guess, both natural, although it did… It wasn’t like I made a conscious choice that this is what I’m going to do.

It’s sort of just happened when I realized that the gates were actually The Gene Keys or was told that the gates were actually The Gene Keys. And then I began reading this book. Then questions started coming in for me, like questions of… That allow for me to either reflect upon something or actually be what I call releasing statements or releasement statements where you can check whether or not something is present in your energy, which EAM® is brilliant for. And if it’s present in your energy, you can then go ahead and release it.

And so if you’re someone who’s working with human design or studying human design or doing that and you haven’t found a method, I highly recommend that you go ahead and download my free EAM® guide. You can go to MariaSaraphina.com/eam and you can download it, and then you can start using that tool to releasing whatever’s present in your energy.

Unreal Experiences

For me, like I said, I then started having questions coming, which is very normal for me now whenever I read something, study something, I begin to… It’s like… Questions just start like text and things just start… Questions to start coming in, in terms of what could be released and what I did was I would write them down and I have these very almost unreal experiences where it was like I could physically, literally feel energy shifting when I was working with a gate or a key like they’re both called.

And these questions were… way deeper than I would normally be able to formulate. For some reason, at least for myself, it’s different when I’m in a session with a client as if you’re someone who’s has sessions with clients or hold space for groups you probably know this already. That very often when you when you’re the space holder, like I am amazed at the things that pour out of me both in sessions and when I do my activations or the step 5’s, I’m like it’s…

You know, you open the channel and stuff comes through. It’s different when you’re doing it for yourself. That’s why I also like to write down, because that way I can channel or download the things that are coming through. And so that’s what I did. And I wanted to share with you just a couple of questions so you that you can see some of the things that I’m talking about.

Releasing Statements

So, for example, in the the 1st Gene Key, which is From Entropy to Syntropy, which is the first one, which is really the… In I ching, it’s the ultimate Divine Masculine or the ultimate masculine. And one of the… Just a couple of questions. One of them is.. “Is the secret dynamic of duality locked in my DNA?”

For example, that’s like, well, “Do I have resistance to male or masculine presence or energy in my life, business or energy?”

And then when you know The Energy Alignment Method®, you then sway on these questions. You use your muscle testing tool to sway on these questions, and then you can release them.

The 2nd.Gene Key is the Divine Feminine, or I see it as the Divine Feminine, the ultimate Divine Feminine, the ultimate feminine. And some of the questions in there were “Do I carry any ancient resistance to patriarchal systems?” Which I thought was so funny.

Also, “Am I out of alignment with my true universal destiny?”

They’re not surface level questions.

They go deep.

From Gene Key and Gate 38, The Warrior of Light. Let me just check. This is also because it’s also very physical. So “Is there anything to release from my adrenals?” You can check for resistance or reversed energy or any patterns that you may want to release.

Also, “Am I currently carrying any ancient genetic programming based on individual surviving?” And then you can ask, “Does this programming currently serve me or can I release it?” Which was like, yeah…

Confirmed by friends, clients and a beta test

Let me just keep going.. Gene Key 52… I did… So what I did was I, I received… Because I haven’t completed all of them. It’s a process… Like even just going through them… It’s just… It’s deep work for me and that’s the work that I see that you continue…

So what I did was… Initially I shared them with a couple of friends to just hear what they thought about it. And I had one client… This was a client I shared with who was like, what’s this… Her answer was, “what book is this from and where can I buy it?” And then I was like, okay…

And I had another friend who was like, OMG, this is these are unreal questions. And that kind of gave me the notion, okay, it’s not just me, it’s something that I can actually move forward with.

The Whole Universe in One Key

And so I went and did a beta test where I throughout a week took a small group of people through The Gene Key 52, which is called The Still Point. Which is just that… that… word I can’t even say it… Is just so… I feel like in every gate or every key there, like the whole universe is in it, and even just working with one of them would be transformational and could be transformational in terms of what you release and how they’re not what flow that then creates in your life, the energy that you transform from one state to another, because nothing ever… Like energy is energy.

So Gene Key 52… Let’s see… “Do I carry any unsupportive frequencies in my endocrine system?”, or “Is my auric field currently interlocked with billions of others?” “Can I release this?” “Is this serving me?”.

So and then there is… The final one I’m going to share. There’s more but the final one that I’m going to share is from Radiating Prosperity, which is Gate 14, Gene Key 14.

It says, “Is my spirit stopped and moved away from my true potential?”, and that’s where I invite you to journal or explore and release, also, “Has my spark of genius been suppressed or depleted or submerged under water?”

So those are some of the questions. And even just reading them out to you now, I’m like, ooh…

Channelling & Downloads

So what I did and I wanted to show you… So what happens is all of the like, all of the questions, like whenever I go through a key or a gate, I download and the questions afterwards, and I just sit there and I write them out because they just appear the questions coming to my based on on the amazing work of Richard Rudd, who wrote The Gene Keys and is doing The Gene Keys work.

Release & Align | Human Design Gates & The Gene Keys

And so that’s been that’s been coming through. And that’s what’s resulted in the program that I just released or recently released at the time of this recording called Release and Align – Human Design Gates and The Gene Keys.

Because I can see how powerful it is and how transformative the potential is for flow in your energy as you do this work. And I will have other programs coming out because I want to do the centers as well. I want to do the types as well. I want to use it for you to… So that you can really so it’s not just surface level.

So it’s not just the understanding of this is who I am, but it’s actually becomes a tool for you to use it to transform energy and bring you into a higher state of alignment and flow essentially in life.

I have completely gone off the notes because of those because of those beautiful statements. I will share a link. So if you want to check out the program, you can go to mariasaraphina.com/programs. That’s where it’s at.

Activated or Not

What else? Hold on. Yeah, like I said, I’ve had unreal experiences. Oh, and I also want to share that. So and in my experience, at least where I’m at so far, it doesn’t matter whether.

Well. It’s not that it doesn’t matter, but I haven’t seen a huge difference, and that’s not completely true, have I? It’s it’s like the different keys finds you at the right times and so you can work with a key that’s not necessarily activated in your chart.

So if you have a chart where gate 14, for example, is activated or not activated, you might still find deep releasing and transformation in that one key. Because like I said, for me, I find that each and every one of them are universal and they are…

There’s so much wisdom in just one key. Yeah. I’ve had other people come back to me and be like, even if it hasn’t been activated, like there is so much in this, just one one key. And I mentioned how I now use it with… As guidance.

No More Guesswork

One of the things I really like about the method is that it is based on astrology, so it’s based on your birth data is not something where you have to take a test to find out who you are.

Like it’s I don’t want to say set in stone, but it kind of is like it’s based on on your birth chart. So, again, it takes the guesswork out of it. Am I answering these? I’m sure you’ve gone through all those 50 questions and you were like, oh, am I this type? And so that’s one of the things I really enjoy about it as well.

Ever expanding Journey

Right now, where I’m at with it is that, like I said, there’s other there’s going to be other programs coming out to support you in releasing and transforming energy. But I’m also exploring different trainings and different teachers to… And different trainings to just get, quote unquote, better educated, not because I want to be a human design reader, because I don’t see myself as that.

I always incorporate it into my work. So I have a better understanding of the people that I’m here to serve. So it’s ultimately about being of more and better service and for me when I do these types of things.

How To Clear your Filters

So just to answer the main question, “how to clear your filters” or “how to like release energy”, what you can do is, like I said, download my free EAM® guide and you can then move through it yourself and use whenever you go through that guide I’ll show you what the different steps of the method is.

Take that and apply it into human design or The Gene Keys in whichever way that you find resonates the most for you. You can see whether or not is it right for me to be working with this key or gate? Is it right for me to be working in this center or and then you can move through that in that way.

I would love to know two things…

Number one, do you know your human design type? If you do, I would love for you to share it with me in that in the comments!

I have been blessed in the way that I have been blessed to work with all of the different types, which is rare because one of the types is a unicorn. And shout out to you, who’s the unicorn? Because you know who you are.

So I’ve been blessed to sit in a session with all of the different types. And there is like, oh, probably thousands of different designs. So that’s that’s not what I’m talking about, having sat with thousands of people in different designs.

I sat with the different types of which there are five. And to be able to see the differences is just beautiful.

So I would love to know what’s your type? And also, what has been your experience (with Human Design)?

That is what I had to share with you today. I am sending you lots of love. I hope that you have a wonderful day or ever in the world you might be.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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