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Have you ever considered that what you fear most others might find out about you, or the thing that you’re actually a bit ashamed of might in reality be you’re biggest asset?

The thing that makes you unique?

For example… A physiotherapist I know mentioned very timidly that his passion was working with young, well moving clients, as if he wasn’t really allowed to say that… As if he “probably also should” like working with elders or children or handicapped or rehabilitation or or or… but here’s the thing… there’s for certain other people for whom working with those groups are their passion!

I also spoke to a woman who owns a yarn store “well, I guess we’re kinda disorganised” she said without a hint of shame in her voice. Because she very well knows that being a bit disorganised and all over the place is what separates her from the yarn store just around the corner.

Or the extremely talented MasterCoach & teacher who was worried that what she was writing for her new website was too sugary and sweet. She IS both sugary and sweet! But don’t be mistaken, she’s also a total badass at what she does. One thing does not exclude the other.

What you fear might be your biggest asset

I experience it quite often with clients, that what they think is the most weird or fear the most others will discover is in fact precisely what lights a fire in others and exactly the reason they pick you and not the next in line.

Owning fully and completely who you are is the essence of my coming Heart & Soul Business Mastery.

When you liberate yourself from the fear of showing who you truly are, what you stand for and not the least say it out aloud – then you experience profound joy, happiness and amazing freedom by not having to guard your words and worry all the time about what others will feel, think, do or say.

The crazy amazing part is that when you transform on the inside, your world “out there” transforms too.

So stop for a moment, take a deep breath and consider what you have going on that’s stopping you? It most likely will only take a split second before a thought surfaces…

What would life and business be like, if that thought was fully loved, accepted and integrated?

Don’t make the mistake of trying to deny it, cover it up or mentally hit yourself in the head for it. Throw instead a big bowl of love into the mix. LOVE yourself fully and completely for who you are, in exactly this moment.

All of this is something that you’ll be working on when you participate in my coming Heart & Soul Business Mastery. Stay tuned, I cannot wait to share all the details with you soon.

Take the first step right now

Ok, so that thought that crossed your mind just before. Consider in a loving way how you can take the very first small step right now. It could be something like:

Love and Light,

Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, (ACIM) Student & Teacher

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