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Healing the wound of separation

Years ago when I first picked up a copy of A Course in Miracles and had begun going through it I realised that what it really said and meant was that all of your misery, all of your fears, all of your troubles, any unrest, unhappiness or depression stems from the idea of separation, from thinking you are separate from God.

to which my initial reaction was “what.a.load.of.BULL!”

Through religion we’ve been taught the idea that “God” is an old white man. Filled with thoughts of revenge and hate coming to judge us on our final days. This idea has been deeply ingrained into the human psyche whether you grew up religious or not.

But what if it’s not true?

What if God is not a person?

What if God is Love in its most literal sense of the word.


An ever-expanding source of Love.

And what if you, you my Radiant One came from that source? Then what?

There are many different spiritual paths to take, A Course in Miracles being just one of many, but what I’ve learned over the years is that they all seem to have two things in common…

The first being:

Only love is real.

That what you are, what I am, what we all are is infinite, ever-expanding, abundant love.

The second being:

That while we may feel separate we never can be.

Healing this sense of separation is what brings you home.

You never left your Source

In short, you never left your Source, but simply thinking you did is enough for you to experience it because you are, by birthright, the most magnificent creator, created as an extension of your Source. As an extension of that Source nothing you ever make or create is without power. Not even the lie of separation, because you are born with free will and love, being love could not ever force itself upon you, even when you choose to hurt yourself.

The story of separation is one we play out and enforce over and over again in multiple arenas over the course of our lives, using it unconsciously to not only hold ourselves back, but to feel hurt, alone and scared. Today I invite you to walk with me for a while as we dive deeper into this lie. This wound in need of healing.

Because when you realise that it’s all really a lie, something you yourself is making up and enforcing you give yourself the opportunity to heal it. To set yourself free of chains of the past and can soar beyond your wildest imagination.

“Only that which you bring to light can be healed.”

Seeing yourself as the outsider, the weird or crazy one, the black sheep is something every human being experiences. Whether you choose to do something about is up to you.

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream…

In the dream I had I was at a family gathering, although there was also people I didn’t know. We were going to be seated at a huge table and I’d found a place to sit but had left my spot for some reason. When I came back it’d been taken by a little girl, who must’ve been 5-6 years old. And so I went around the table to find another seat, but all was taken.

When I finally found a free seat I was told it was taken and frustrated I proclaimed “there’s no seat for me!” right before someone waved at me, called me over and there was a seat between people I didn’t know, but by that time everyone had eaten and so there was no food left at all for me. Frustrated I went outside. Out there, some further things happened that I do not remember, all I know is that they were simply enforcing what had happened inside, that I was alone and separated.

When I woke from my dream my first thought was “this is not true, I can never be alone or separated, I can never miss out.” – I was in complete bliss realising this when I woke. Pretty awesome. The lie of the separation is just like a nightmare. One you can wake up from.

In choosing to see yourself as different, as weird or crazy, as an outsider, a black sheep you get to not deal with the wound of separation but can instead enforce several things over and over again:

* I am not good enough, although you are.
* I am not worthy, although you are.
* I am never going to make it, although you are.
* I am not loved, although you are.

It is important to understand that it is not about healing the separation. You simply cannot as there is none. The separation is an illusion, a veil blocking your sight and trying to heal it will become a futile and frustrating descend into hell.

Instead it is about healing your experience or perception of being separated.

About seeing all of the ways you are connected, loved, guided.

Separation is the easy choice

Let me be very clear. Choosing to see yourself as separated and alone is the easy choice. It is way easier to be offended than to know you can never be hurt. Way easier to see lack than total abundance. Easier to see devastation than hope. Easier to find reasons to be bitter than grateful.

Believing ourselves to be separate we inflict so much pain, hurt and sorrow not only upon ourselves internally, we also project that hurt onto those we chose to wage wars against. Furthermore believing ourselves separate, distant and removed we also see ourselves as being superior to the animal and plant kingdom thus enabling and allowing for incredible disregard and violence, something that would not be possible did we know that we are all one. All connected. All cut from the same cloth.

You may see:

* Everyone as being against you.
* Yourself as unloved or unwanted.
* Separation in space and time.
* Something outside of yourself holding you back from doing or being what you truly want.

But the truth is that you are complete, whole and perfect. Right this very moment. Whether you see it or not.

Choosing to feel loved, united, connected and uplifted requires a dedicated, conscious effort simply because it is something you have not been taught or learned, yet.

Love is The Way

Just as you wouldn’t violently wake someone who was sleeping, you do it gently. By gently applying love, compassion, kindness and patience as you slowly open your eyes to a new world. As you would hold the hands of a baby taking it’s first steps. It may take many attempts, but eventually you will walk.

You focus on proof of unity rather than division. By asking for or choosing to see examples of being connected rather than separated. Examples of abundance rather than lack, examples of completeness rather than loss, of compassion rather than hate, of peace rather than war.

In doing so your mind will be blown by the infinite presence of love in every one and in everything.

– and know this… as you heal, I heal, as I heal, you heal, because we are One.

We are United.
We are One.
Love is.

Love is the answer.

Maria Saraphina

In the comments below, tell me:

How do you feel separated and how do you enable, play out or enforce this separation?

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  1. I was meant to read this beautifully articulated article. I feel separated by the ability to tell myself “I am worthy, I am deserving…” but I am enforcing that separation because I do not feel that worthiness or that I deserve the very best. I enable that sentiment by being critical of myself, not extending myself grace & compassion. So thank you for this divine appointment. It served me and resonated. May it reach many others…

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